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April 26 2009 at 10:27 AM
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Walt Nicholson
(Login waltnich)

Up for grabs is my coin collection.

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April 25 2011, 5:42 PM 

Back in the 50's my mom and me were out to collect coins.
Pennies was where our pocketbooks were, but when a silver dollar showed up we would consider we got along just fine without the dollar up to that point, throw it in the box and pretend we never got it - and someday maybe this would all pay off.
Well, grew up moved away from home and my mom became custodian of the coins.
Over the years several of the things I'd collected as a boy became re-discovered and valuable.
I'd tell my mom go ahead and sell them. Use the cash for a pleasant time with friends, remembering the times the item carried a memory, and cherish the time with friends that the obsolete item bought.
Some times I might have actually said "go ahead and sell it. I don't want it anymore." But you know what I really meant.
The one thing that never got mention was that coin collection. We'd spent many hours going over those pennies.Many memories. By the 70’s my mom was throwing in the dimes quarters and halves too - while they still showed up in circulation.
And mom kept buying proof sets every year - kinda sentimental.
About 15 years ago she just said "here take these, I'm tired of keeping it up and do what you want. (kinda familiar as it was how I sometimes responded to her)
Heck, I had started taking over the proofs a few tears earlier -

But, lately I see $40 oz silver and I don’t know why I’m hanging on to these memories. I will never forget my unique childhood. My mom, dad, grandparents - my exploits. I don’t need this collection for that.
This collection has seen it’s time for me.
So I have these coins (remember, these are just coins we came across when they still were in circulation) and especially these silver dollars look pretty darn good.
Some have gotten patinas of various sorts.
I will not be polishing these but will sell them just as they have been in two shoe boxex for half a century and who knows before that.

I'll list them out here and if you are interested send me an offer.
One by one I will be listing these on ebay. So you'll still get a crack at them one last time.

For shipping I will let you be the boss. You will pay exactly what it cost.
Go to for shipping options.
I'll ship them exactly how you ask, but my responsibility ends when I get the receipts for same and hand over to USPS. In event of insurance claim I will do all I can to cooperate.

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