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Poseidon-Jim... The dark side...

February 18 2012 at 7:29 PM
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Zoodles95  (Login Zoodles95)
from IP address

Some days I regret getting into this hobby; I really do. Then I just have to remember the many people who have helped me over the past several years and the online and in-person friendships I have made in this hobby. However, the dark side of this hobby seems to be the handful of people who are just mentally unbalanced, socially inept, or just sociopaths who seem to go out of their way to ruin this hobby for others. These actions are sometimes expressed in out-and-out trolling, denial of service attacks (which this forum has suffered from at times), nasty login names, name calling, and crooked watch deals.

What has become increasingly frustrating for me has been the personal and professional attacks on myself over the past 4 years or so. I do not know how this all came about but it seems to have started primarily after I left the OSWF and started the AWF. This was bad enough. However, what has really taken things over the top has been my decision to allow negative posts about Poseidon-Jim to remain up on the Cafe. I was aware of Jimmy's posts getting deleted and modified from time to time on the SCWF (including the mirror/archive) and on the OSWF. I never really thought much of it or why all of this revisionism took place. Then a big thing happened on the SCWF and OSWF when Jimmy posted about getting scammed on a Zodiac he sold. Trouble was that the picture became very different than what Jimmy was saying and also surprisingly (to me at the time anyways) people came out of the woodwork left and right complaining about Jimmy's trading practices.

In short order the posts vanished from the SCWF. Todd thought that Jimmy deserved a chance to clear the air so he hosted an "Open Jimmy Night" on the OWSF. To this day I do not know if Todd was trying to help Jimmy or if he knew that this would blow up, Jimmy would come out worse, and the entire purpose was a perverted, hidden attack on Jimmy. At any rate this totally backfired on Jimmy as more buyers came out of the woodword who were unhappy and unlike the SCWF a lot more was said before Todd locked the thread and ultimately deleted everything as per Jimmy's wishes.

After this enter a "Rick Alan" who started a forum which opened all sorts of wounds. Mud was thrown between several long time SCWF members and also, more stuff about Jimmy came out (again). When things got really bad for both Jimmy and Todd on this forum the forum suddenly vanished. Then another "Rick Pit" would materialize to get Todd and Jimmy posting their nonsense and then the forum would disappear. One was around right before Christmas which subsequently disappeared. Then another appeared which is spouting all sorts of nonsense. What is interesting though is that Jimmy became a moderator of all things on this forum and has been attacking myself, the AWF, Peter Horne, Isthmus and others. Then, suddenly even though the forum is still up there and attacking myself and others Jimmy has totally disappeared from this forum and in his latest threat to me he says that he has nothing to do with Todd and/or Rick. This is complete nonsense and I am going to prove this.

To give some perspective, the OSWF "Open Jimmy Night" is inside this thread as is some of the original thread about the Zodiac which Jimmy subsequently was able to have removed by the SCWF. This is where Jimmy's dark side started to get shown:

Now, this is where my frustration comes in. I made a conscious choice to leave the various threads about Jimmy on the Cafe and in choosing to do so I have opened myself up to an incredible amount of harrassment and frustration. My previous employer started to get weird calls about me, my Photobucket account was nuked due to Jimmy's complaints, I have received numerous harrassing and bizarre phone calls, e-mails and other unwanted communications. All for what? For allowing people to post their experiences with Poseidon-Jim. Here is a threatening call from several weeks ago:

So, if you listen to that message there is no doubt that Jimmy has connected himself to Todd and Rick. After this message was left and I did not remove the threads as per Jimmy's wishes he started to post more and more trolling posts (of which many are still on here unapproved or you would see them). Then, when the posts were not approved and time went on then Jimmy got more and more involved in Rick's latest troll forum. Jimmy got so involved in fact that he became a mod and made some bizarre posts. Now, he has disappeared from there and all of his recent posts are gone. I guess he wants to claim that he is being unduly harrassed and conveniently forgets that he has been more than harrassing on his end with his posts on the AWF and also on Rick's forum. Thankfully I saved them before he had Rick delete them and I will use them if necessary to defend myself. Defend myself from what you may ask? Well, from this latest goody Jimmy left on my answering machine today:

I do not appreciate being threatened and I have a couple of things to say to Jimmy...

1. These are not false claims. Many of these posts are from aggrieved parties who had bad business dealings with Jimmy. Free speech would allow them to post their feelings about what happened. If I get investigated, then presumably these claims will have to be as well. Could this subsequent investigation possibly lead to some sort of fraud charges for some of the dealings? I would be very curious to see and hear what people such as Dean and Russell would have to say to the police in such an instance.

2. Jimmy is saying that he has nothing to do with Todd or Rick. Well, this has nothing to do with those guys anyways. These posts are a place for aggrieved parties to show how their dealings with Jimmy transpired. It is the factual history which Jimmy had deleted from the SCWF, OSWF and elsewhere. However, this claim by Jimmy is complete Bull excrement... Here is ample proof of Jimmy's association with two known troublemakers who have hurt the enjoyment of this hobby for many, myself included:

--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2010 21:15:34 -0400
Subject: Fwd: turkeys

Ya know, there are quite a few holes in Mark's forum right now. AWF Resources Page, The Flea Market, Chinese Watches Info page, Watch Reviews, and some others. They all have the same hole. Mark is also away for a while.

It would be a good time to utilize those weaknesses.


--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 16:31:46 -0400
Subject: Re: i may return

Hey Rick, why don't you infiltrate the AWF with a fake Net54 login. Get their confidence and start to cause trouble. Of course you would have to let me and Jimmy know what you are doing so we can watch!


Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 20:45:24 -0700
Subject: Check this crap out

Hey Todd & Rick, what's up guys? I tried to sign-in and post on the OSWF, and I've been locked out and need to register it appears. Hey, you both know and understand that I was used/abused/kicked around and my reputation was trashed on the SCWF. All of that BS together with dealing with some very stressful important family matters. What's to wonder about me? Sure I'm depressed some and down in the dumps, and my brain went hay-wire over this poopie-head Isthmus putting a order in to ban me from the forum....who wouldn't be upset and mentally drained by all this you need to ask yourselves? (I'll fix & restore the threads I deleted Todd, I was upset & confused by it all man, so it's not a Ziggy they can be restored) Check this statement out by who ever this ARSEHOLE Moderator is:

I'm pissed off bigger & hotter than ever now & I want back in to raise some hell with these idiots and I need to get into the new SCWF to cause some havoc!!!!



Then you sent this one a few days later?

Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010

To: #$%^#^#%^

Hi *****,

Hey man I apologize to you for any issues that others caused on the SCWF where they brought my name out to troll it or trash it.

I'm really sorry that some of you guys feel I did wrong, that I somehow caused the trolling. I didn't have anything to do with the trolling Russ, the trolling had to do with other issues people had with the SCWF and members, and I was just a pawn that they all used to vent there anger and disgust.

Gabe is a mean spirited guy, I don't care what you think you know about him, as I do know him semi-personally and have seen his actions for years....he got upset with a disagreement we had off the forum, and used it to bend the truth in his post of why he wanted me banned.

Thanks for fixing and cleaning the post that the other mod verbally trashed me as (Insignificant), and I guess if a mod or owner feels that way, then it's maybe best I'm not there anylonger.

Cheers %$^$%^ and thanks for your help my friend!



This is well documented on this thread (one of several TRUTHFUL threads about you which you are desperatly trying to have removed):

You also go out of your way to suggest that this is all a witchhunt. It is an AWF issue and that this is a troll forum or something silly. The fact is that the most damning evidence in these threads are screenshots from the old SCWF and OSWF! These are from threads which you had deleted. Also, even Seikoholics had enough of you and you harrassed them as well when they would not deleted threads which you wished to have removed:

Whats that crap below Randy?....(Bump,Bump,Bump)...Thats BS & you know it!
May 19 2009 at 7:22 PM
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Poseidon-Jim (Login Poseidon-Jim)
Not a nice guy. Kinda a jerk. sad.gif
from IP address


what are the "bumps" supposed to represent?

A new Guy that says he wasn't pleased or something?

A bunch of BS, and most of it was blown out of the reality of truth.


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Author Reply

(Login DrSeiko)
Forum Owner Jimmy, dont become a TROLL my friend
No score for this post May 19 2009, 7:55 PM

I`ve been nice and left you pretty much alone, Right? All the while I`ve got examples of the crap you sold people sitting on my bench.

I asked you politely not to return to this forum, not to post, and not to poke your head in, due to your post below. Every time you have poked your head in I bump that post up, hoping that you will get the idea that you are truely personanongrata around. The last time I spoke to you on this subject I was kind enough to delete the post after I knew you had seen it, but this one will stay up as a permanent post now.

If you cant help yourself, I`ll turn it over to network 54 and they`ll delete your login. Simple.

Thank you,

Seikoholic #1
Dr.Seiko, Aka:2manywatches
Specializing in Seikology, Seikotherapy, and other Horological Dis-ease.
Made in the U.S.A.

There is one of the most esteemed Seiko experts and watchmakers taking issue with the "crap you sold people". So, it is not just the AWF. You have harrassed mods of the SCWF and elsewhere to have anything which showed you in anything less than a favourable light deleted.

Even if Jimmy gets legal representation or can raise enough gas money to borrow his Dad's truck and drive up here nothing is going to change. Even if he somehow gets these things forced off of the AWF this is all going to happen again. I am still hearing stories of wonky deals with this guy and I know that he harrasses others with weird phone calls and e-mails. Does he honestly think that nobody else is going to get frustrated and post about their issues with him somewhere else?

It is to the point where I am about to either shut down our home phone or change the number. My wife is furious about this harrassment and is talking about calling the police on our end. I have calmed her down for now but we are very, very frustrated here.

All of this for not deleting threads as per Jimmy's wishes? This is the kind of crap which drives good people and good posters away from this hobby. sad.gif

For the record Jimmy was involved in this forum and actively posted on it. This is no less "harrassing" than what he is claiming against the AWF:

For the record, you can made a good argument that Jimmy was practially criminally harrassing the SCWF and its staff. The mirror was taken down for goodness sakes because of his harrassment of Larry Biggs! sad.gif

...and I know for a fact that he was busy bugging the WUS mods to bend to his will as well. It led to his exit from that forum as well:

and this thread is nuts too. He even suggests that the police have already been to visit me! Everything in here is verifiable and truthful:

Please Jimmy... Stop with the threats... Stay on the WTF forum and leave the AWF, SCWF, WUS, and other forums alone... Please...

This message has been edited by Zoodles95 from IP address on Feb 18, 2012 7:48 PM

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