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My 4 year old granddaughter recently told her mother (who is divorced) that her daddy told her to stick her finger in her rectum but not to tell her mommy. This happened about 2 years ago but she has just recently disclosed. My grandson, who is 7, was walking by when she told and he said yes, that it was true. I was there when this conversation took place. My granddaughter also told my daughter that her daddy showed her how to stick her finger in her vagina. My daughter told the counselor, but my granddaughter did not disclose to her counselor. The counselor said that children's services had to be contacted and she helped my daughter report it. The children's services agent said that this was not considered abuse since her dad was not touching her. Is this true, or was the agent wrong? This is Butler County, OH.

I know in my gut that her dad did something very inappropriate to the kids.

My daughter's stepson had genital warts when my daughter first married her ex-husband. This child also peed in the floor on purpose whenever he was at their house. (He was probably 7 at the time.) He tried to get his sister's friend (about 5) in a room and show her what grown-ups do, but my daughter caught him before anything happened. Of course, the doctor who treated my step-grandson for genital warts did not report it.

Once, when I had taken the kids to visit their father, he told me to look at him kiss my granddaughter goodbye. He and my granddaughter then kissed with their tongues. If he tongued kissed her while he told me to look, what did he do in private? Another time my granddaughter had worn a dress for a visit. She got her legs up over her head, like little girls sometimes do, and her butt-cheek showed. My son-in law immediately went behind a half wall, facing the wall, and stayed there for the rest of the visit. (This was not normal.)

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about feelings with my granddaughter. (Her counselor said that she was having trouble with feelings.) Almost every feeling which I mentioned she denied ever feeling. But when I asked her if she ever felt worried, she said that she was worried that her daddy would take mommy. I asked her again what she said and she said that she was worried that her daddy would take mommy.

I took the 2 kids on vacation last summer. We had about a 6 hour drive. On the way down my grandson told me about naked women which he saw on the computer. I didn't think too much about it since naked pictures do pop-up. In fact, one time when we were looking up back ho (the digging machine), I remember naked pictures popping up on our computer, which I immediately closed out. But right after he told me about the "hot women" on the computer, he told me that his Dad showed him pictures of his step brother's naked butt on U-tube. I asked him if Matthew was a baby, as sometimes people do take pictures of their naked babies, but my grandson said no, he wasn't. (I know that U-tube doesn't let you post naked pictures, but my grandson would not have known the difference between U-tube and another site as he was only 6.)

Another time my granddaughter was playing with herself (she was 3). I didn't ask her to stop as I have been told that it is probably best to ignore that type of thing. When my grandson got home from school, he immediately said something that sounded like "I smell tudy." (Tudy is what they call a vagina.) I wasn't sure that I heard him right so I asked him again and he said "I smell penis". (I didn't smell anything, so it shocked me that he would be able to smell that and know what it was.)

There are a lot more things which have been said and done that make me believe that their dad is a pedophile. I really do believe that he has done inappropriate things with all four of his children. He also is a sex addict and has admitted having sex with at least 200 women to a friend of his. (He probably was exaggerating.) He looks at porn constantly. I know that several of his girlfriends had young children and suspect that he touched them, too, but have no way of knowing.

My question is what can be done to protect my grandkids?

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