One year down!

by Sam


It was one year ago today I caught my nephew abusing my daughter. Those first few weeks sure were tough. I knew the one year mark was creeping closer and closer. This morning I woke up, got the kids ready for school and got their clothes out for them. After I was done getting dressed, I went to my daughters room and she was not wearing what I had picked out for her. So I explained to her why she couldn't wear that dress to school and she goes to pick out another dress. She just so happened to pick out the dress, the same dress she wore one year ago today. But I will try not to let it get me down, and if it does, I will try harder to not let my little girl see that is has me down. I have come a long way in the past year. I still hate him. Hate his guts, and every time his name is mentioned I think back to that dreadful day. His legal guardian is my MIL, she still can't get it through her head, that I will never, ever let it happen again. We all went at Christmas time to see the family and spent the night, she said "the kids can all just sleep in the living room" No lady, they can't. She talks to us about the kids coming home with her and staying the weekened. Sorry not in this lifetime! My husband and I have tried to tell her time and time again, but you just have to be blunt and nasty and then she drops it. They won't dare make a scene or talk their crap to my face, because like I have said, I have come a long way this year, and if they tick me off, I will be sure to make sure everyone in the rooom knows exactly why my kids can't spend the night with their Grandma, or why my kids can't come visit without Mommy and Daddy! On that note, when your pain subsides parents, be strong, be adamant and stand your ground. Happy one year of moving forward to me. Cheers!

Posted on May 14, 2012, 1:27 PM
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