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Polikarpov I-3 - part I : introduction

June 5 2011 at 3:17 PM

William De Coster  (Login eazyprinz)
HyperScale Forums
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Greetings all

I have always had a deep fascination for interwar aircraft types, usually biplanes

So while I was finishing the Beaufighter, I was looking forward to my next build - and with a 1/72 GB now, I had many options

Maybe the Vildebeest...


Too complicated

I was looking for a quick build - as I still have some other projects to finish as well

Stuart was building his I-4, and I thought it would be smart of me to do an I-3


To be honest I hadn't heard of this type when I found it in a bargain box at a model show earlier this year

I had a QUICK peek at the contents : a lot of decals, some PE and seemingly several engine options

Only 6 euro, so I bought it


Back home I discovered the PE, decals and engine options belonged to another kit (Hitkit Breguet 19, I think)

One of the voices in my head : ... I should have known, a Polikarpov and French operational markings ?

But, all parts for the Polikarpov where accounted for


However, the decals were stuck to the plastic bag

Let's worry about them later


Kits with three clear parts are not basic


One single sprue - easy !


Close up of the wing struts - maybe not that delicate, but sturdy


Gentle wing rib detail - no sanding down required - love it !


One colour option, so we won't loose five nights of sleep thinking about which one


Some information on the history of the type - in Polish - no time wasted on reading this


All in all, it looked like a decent kit for a quick project, not too much detail, not too basic = perfect !

Let's start with the interior


The seat is rather heavy (looks more like a couch)

And some parts look quite familiar - from Stuarts I-4 build


Only 1 alignment pin - in the middle of the vertical stabilizer

I removed it, giving me more alignment freedom


Control column is too high...

Seat (couch) was too low...


Much better

Note I also had to sand away a small part of the instrument panel


And I had a weird feeling I had to scratch at least something

If I hadn't done this I would have felt very sick... I think


One evening of painting


Next evening some weathering to tone down the colours... maybe my interior was too bright


Glue interior in place

Add some painted Tamiya tape seatbelts


Close fuselage


So far I moved along very nicely

I become more involved with the type

I still didn't know anything about it, and I went googling for information... NEVER DO THIS IN A QUICK BUILD !!!

I found this sad.gif :

Picture and model : Eugeny Knupfer

And to make things worse : a build report on ARC - highlighting several inaccuracies in this model kit... and showing how to solve them...

The ASM beast in me woke up...

* * *
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