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Polikarpov I-3 - part II : AMS

June 8 2011 at 3:42 PM

William De Coster  (Login eazyprinz)
HyperScale Forums
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Hello again all

While Stuarts Polikarpov I-15 is quickly coming together, I spend some time flirting with AMS - oh the horrors sad.gif !

Last time we glued the fuselage together


AND we learned the cowling shape wasn't supposed to be flat

So we tried to add some curves in the right place


Naaa... this does not look good


Try again with plastic card


And some filler


And some sanding


We also learned the real thing had some guns

There were no guns on my poor, scarry I-3


Drill some cut outs


Plastic rods helped me to get symetric cut outs for the machine guns


Some filler (again) to blend things in


Tamiya Lacquer Thinner makes the filler more fluent, and easier to work with


Then I decided to fill and sand the deep panel lines as well


This is more like it

But AMS was slowing me down... and Stuart was quickly moving ahead


I better struggle along more quickly !

And these straight horizontal stabilizers were far from a perfect match for the curved fuselage


But glue works wonders on this soft plastic

Only a little bit of filler needed at the leading edge


Butt joining the lower wing - no allocation pins whatsoever - trying to keep everything straight


I spend too much time on AMS, making these cowling bulges and gun cut outs... but somehow I think this was really needed

I was stalling - trying to decide to thin down the cockpit walls, and create some new horizontal stabilizers because as per kit they are a little too small

But then Stuart posted - and I remembered Adrians words, to try to make this kit look good with what is in the box - so now it's a mix of OOB and AMS... but we have fun

* * *
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