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Polikarpov I-3 - part V : Rescued by Claus

August 8 2011 at 3:32 PM

William De Coster  (Login eazyprinz)
HyperScale Forums
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Hello gang

Several years before the wheel was invented I started building this Polikarpov


After a few weeks I could already put the decals on it

Sadly the red stars were very translucent


My daily curses were answered

Claus from Denmark sent me a nice variety of replacement stars


The right stuff !


And my clumsy hands


Putting a better effort in my rubbing - a real star was born


Now for real


Going great


The curved fuselage was more of a challenge - but only a little touching up is needed


Back on track

The undercarriage was a little complex


But going step by step


And with some corrections


For better alignment


And adding some small attachment pins where needed


We managed to put the thing on its feet


The tail strut was a but join


Then I had some distractions from my real life

And I lost interest, because the next hurdle is a BIG ONE

Scratch building a new radiator - the kits part is rather clumsy


But I keep postponing this job... and I don't know why because in general I like to play with Evergreen strips

Lately I have been thinking of using the kits part - for the sake of progress

I still don't know sad.gif

Anyway - I owe a big thank you to Claus from Denmark for providing me with replacement stars and a postcard with a Danish build aircraft (a SAI KZ III), I didn't know they had any - it's looking great !

Thank you Claus !


* * *
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