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Race against the snow - part I

February 10 2012 at 4:53 PM

William De Coster  (Login eazyprinz)
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Hello everybody

A week ago I finished my Polikarpov I-3

At the same time we had our first snow this winter - which worked very well for outdoor pictures


While driving to work on Tuesday morning, I had the idea to build another winter subject


Back home in the evening, I took a deep breath - and went into the stash

I came out with a little Yak


And it had a winter scheme


But it looked a bit rough


It featured a lot of small details, and several parts had flash


It was certainly not basic


I thought this was the cockpit floor... but it is one of the skis


A lot of interior parts for such a small kit


First step :

I had some problems with the exhausts


I didn't want to enlarge the holes, so I decided to cut them off from the backing plate, and butt join them in the end


One hour later the interior was assembled


And painted - with my own mix of Vallejo Model Air 013 Yellow Olive and Model Air 71008 Pale Blue


The big radiator housing followed


And so did the wheel bay walls


A careful wash and some painted Tamiya tape seat belts followed


Finally we assemble the fuselage

First I glued the top


Then the bottom at the front


Which had some kind of air intake

Which looked pretty rough


But we managed to get it into place


The bottom at the rear followed


Here I made a mistake - having not moved the part too the back enough...


The guns were on a separate piece


With average fit


Fitting the underwing revealed a problem - because the rear bottom part was glued a little too much to the front


I had to trim the wing parts until I had a good fit


Then I glued the top wings first


Excellent fit


And then the bottom wing

With the assistance of some famous mouse traps


Once the glue on the underwing had settled in the middle - the outer wing halves were glued together


The worst gaps on the kit were in the wing leading edges, near the root

But this is an easy place to fill & sand


The trailing edges were rather thick


Thinning them down


To fill & sand this join, I decided to remove the rudder


The wing light was not a great fit


Fill and sand... and polish later on


Clear parts added while filling & sanding

Tamiya primer will follow later this evening...


And I hope to be painting soon because...

It's the end of the snow !


From Monday on temperatures will climb above 0 again... many people will be happy... but the snow will melt

If I can still finish the model on Sunday, I think I might still get some snow pictures

So it's a race against the snow now

Good thing is I don't have much planned this weekend - let's see how the Gods feel about this

* * *
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Puts me on a par with God

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