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Full of sound and fury, pt. 3

April 9 2012 at 8:08 AM

Stuart Milliken  (Login StuartMilliken)
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I've worked quite a bit on the Fury over the weekend, although it still doesn't look like an airplane. One issue was figuring out how to deal with the rigging. To me, the big challenge is the need to be able to pull the rigging taut. That's easily enough accomplished for the landing wires that can exit through holes going through the bottom of the lower wing, but I didn't want to have to patch over rigging holes on the top of the upper wing given the unforgiving silver paint job. Yet unfortunately the other ends of the flying wires go into the side of the fuselage--how to pull the lines taut from inside there?

Well, the Fury is a beautifully designed kit. One happy circumstance is that the top of the cowling is a separate piece:

[linked image]

This means that I can string the rigging wires (fine stainless steel beading wire) into the fuselage after the fuselage halves are together. Then another happy circumstance, the large radiator located beneath the fuselage being a separate piece, means that I can then run the wires out through holes drilled in the bottom of the fuselage:

[linked image]

Then, after everything is painted and assembled, I can insert and CA the outer ends of the flying wires into small holes drilled halfway through the underside of the top wing by the interplane struts, then pull the wires taut from under the fuselage and CA them there, and then finally cover the holes in the bottom of the fuselage with the radiator unit. At least that's the theory.

Note that I left the wires quite long so that I don't have to care about getting paint on the wires near the fuselage; I'll just pull the painted sections through the fuselage. This will also leave plenty of wire to allow me to pull the section I want showing straight with hemostats. Again, that's the theory.

I then attached the upper cowl piece, and went through three iterations of puttying, sanding and priming the fuselage. The seams on the bottom and upper rear of the fuselage were rather difficult to get rid of. It was as though there was a slight trough along the join. Anyway, I persisted until satisfied, gave a final shot of Mr. Surfacer 1200 followed by a base coat of gloss white in preparation for the yellow:

[linked image]

You can see here that in a moment of wild boldness I also scribed the pilot's entrance door. Came out rather well--scribing is losing its terror for me in small amounts such as this. Also note the small hole behind the cockpit for the radio aerial.

I then sprayed the yellow, the shade of which I rather like, accurate or not. This is 2 parts Gunze "Orange-Yellow" with one part "Primary Yellow":

[linked image]

I'll next mask the yellow of the upper rear fuselage and prime the rest of the fuselage with gloss black in preparation for some Alclad.

I've also gotten all of the other bits ready to go:

[linked image]

including the wheels with their spiffy yellow hubs, masked with a thin stainless steel circle template:

[linked image]

I'm really enjoying this delightful little kit--my first Matchbox kit ever (though boxed by Revell). And I'm quite eager to see if I'll end up with my first ever successful rigging job.

Thanks for looking!


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