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Chipmunk Rides A Mustang To Harvard Pt3

April 26 2012 at 7:16 PM

Ted Preston  (Login TeddieP)
HyperScale Forums
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Hello again fellow plastic modelwrights! The Preston Aircraft Works Ltd. factory floor has been busy indeed. Three shifts are in full swing at the Winnipeg production facility on three post-war RCAF builds. The Airfix DH Chipmunk production team has installed the wing structure, which was a tight and slightly-skewed fit due to the extra detail bits added into the cockpit, requiring some improvisation in the production jigs:
[linked image]
Hyperscaler Phil Ludolph and others warned me of the sketchy nature of the kit prop, which appears to have blades too short and a propeller boss that is too stubby and rounded. In the spares bin was discovered a prop that originally (I think) came from a Heller Mureaux 117 kit and it seemed a good starting point as a replacement:
[linked image]
Another tip borrowed from Phil was to saw off the Chipmunk engine nacelle and replace the cut with a slice of .20 thou sheet plastic:
[linked image]
The idea here is that the reattached engine nacelle gives a better impression of the "stepped" look where the engine meets the fuselage on the real thing:
[linked image]
Over at the Heller Harvard production bay, the team was experiencing similar fuselage-to-wing fit problems, requiring some sheet styrene and plenty of putty to fill in the gaps:
[linked image]
[linked image]
Now that the sanders have had their way with these joints, you can readily see what's required to get the right shape in the forward fuselage area:
[linked image]
The crew working on the Hasagawa Mustang IV have achieved good results in fairing in the massive amount of putty and sheeting needed to fill in some grisly gaps in the underwing radiator area. A spritz of primer over the area should smooth things in very nicely:
[linked image]
The Mustang nose section needed some serious sanding to fair it in properly with the fuselage. Files and sanding sticks of various grits seemed to do the job:
[linked image]
Ages ago, when the Mustang first came out of the box, a hasty decision was made to hack off the flaps and pose them in a down position. After careful consideration, the production team decided to put them back in their original condition, using some sheet styrene to fill in those hacksaw cuts:
[linked image]
All three of the builds are inching close to the masking/primer/paint stage. Meantime, another project has swooped into the already busy factory. An Airfix Ford Trimotor, destined for the Multi-Engine Group Build over on the Airfix Forum:
[linked image]
The factory workers grumbled a bit at this extra work, but an increase in the daily lunchtime rum ration soon smoothed over their ruffled feathers!
'Till next time...

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