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That aeroplane probably caused a lunar eclipse when it soared over London.

August 4 2012 at 9:48 PM

Larry Schmidt  (Select Login CSMO)
HyperScale Forums
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Response to Staaken R.IV Rigged and Lozenged

That is probably the biggest bi-plane model that I have ever seen built. I hope you are using soldered brass for the undercarriage. That is one big puppy. The homemade Gothic Grape Lozenge is just so cool. I can see why you want to put it on a stand with plastic discs for moving propellers. On its wheels, it would eat up most of a shelf. I stand in awe. Very few guys have the cojones to build and rig one this size. Me, I'm going to stick to the little fish and let you fool with the lunkers. Attaboy! Adios, Larry.

Field Artillery brings dignity to what otherwise might be merely a vulgar brawl.

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