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Full of sound and fury, pt. 4

April 12 2012 at 7:36 PM

Stuart Milliken  (Login StuartMilliken)
HyperScale Forums
from IP address

More painting done on the Fury. After doing the yellow on the rear deck, I masked that and sprayed an undercoat of gloss black for the Alclad:

[linked image]

Then Alclad "Aluminum" for the rear (fabric covered) part of the fuselage:

[linked image]

And then Alclad "Duralumin" for the front (metal covered) part:

[linked image]

I would have preferred "Polished Aluminum", but don't have any. I at least wanted a contrast.

I then felt that the yellow rear deck looked too smooth since the stringer effect got sanded down during seam clean-up:

[linked image]

I came up with the "clever" idea of masking and spraying a lighter yellow to try and trompe the old oeil into imagining the stringers. I used small plastic rod as masks:

[linked image]

But it seems I didn't make the new yellow contrastive enough with the old, and it really didn't have much effect:

[linked image]

Oh well, nice try. Life's too short to keep whacking at it; I'll simply do better next time.

And then finally, on with the decals:

[linked image]

A few small decals are still needed on the front of the fuselage, but those will wait until I do a semi-matte clear coat over the fabric covered parts.

I also put on the wing and tail decals:

[linked image]

[linked image]

The wing decals were a bit scary from being so big, but worked out fine. The pronounced wing ribs really grabbed the decal so not much repositioning was possible, but fortunately I got them reasonably well placed right off the backing paper. I used MicroSet and MicroSol with the usual good results.

Next I need to put on the little telescopic gun sight and windshield and a few little decals, and then it will be time at last to put all the pieces together.

Thanks for looking!


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Dan Smith
(Login NinetyThirdLiberator)
HyperScale Forums

Nice, Stuart!

April 13 2012, 10:49 AM 

That looks REALLY sharp. Maybe you could re-mask the deck? Of course, I don't know how painful that was to do. Looks great regardless.

The yellow, silver, bright and colorful markings...a real winner!


Dan From Tacoma, Washington USA

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Ted Preston
(Login TeddieP)
HyperScale Forums

A Fine Fury Indeed!

April 13 2012, 2:36 PM 

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(Login AdrianMF)
HyperScale Forums

Looking good!

April 14 2012, 11:52 AM 

I like the contrast between the fabric silver and the metal silver, looks good.


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(no login)

looks amazing--

April 14 2012, 7:41 PM 

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William De Coster
(Login eazyprinz)
HyperScale Forums

I haven't slept much lately

April 15 2012, 6:41 AM 

And that first picture really had puzzling me for a second... I thought it was some kind of an insect (grasshopper?) happy.gif

But I sure was awake with the next pictures - wow - that is very nice work Stuart, looks nice and clean and sharp... I'm glad you're doing these oldies really justice and proove the old Matchbox kits (or at least some of them) are still great builds

Never mind about the rear decking - I think the stringer effect was only visible under certain angles... well that's my way out anyway

Looking forward to see this one finished

* * *
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