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Re: Erection while being spanked

July 5 2009 at 3:13 PM
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Response to Erection while being spanked

Spencer posted 6/26/09 9:58 AM

I am 16 yr boy in England. I don't know whether under 18 can post here.
I would like advice. After Mum canes me she makes me stand pants down hands on head for a long time. I get an erection then. I feel guilty and Mum says it is disrespectful to her. I read on another forum that some parents spank the erection.
I know I need something like that. Does anybody know the best way?

Sharon posted 6/26/09 4:05 PM

Spencer, don't worry. Erection is normal and natural thing for boys teen age. Besides morning erection, boys have it very often in other circumstances, including spanking. Alas, spanking is the best method for improvement naughty teen's behavior. At least, both my lads, 15 and 17, are spanked by me still. They got bare down waist and, almost always, especially older, have erection, when I pull down their clothes. It isn't any disrespectful, but natural physiological reaction. Of course, boys are embarrassed, but shame is part of punishment. When boys were younger, I told them it's normal, but now I ignore it and, after lecture, culprit is bending over armchair and gets good spanking. I spank on bottom's cheecks only, and never (NEVER) spanked boys' penises or testicles!
Spencer, your mother may spank your bottom for any transgressions (without doubt, you aren't too old), but she has no to spank your genitals. You must speak with her about it

Spencer posted 6/26/09 4:20 PM

Sharon. Thank you for your advice. But Mum said that something needs to be done the next time she canes me. I think she meant spanking my front. Someone on another forum said it stings a lot for a few hours after.

Sharon posted 6/26/09 4:44 PM

Spencer, your mom ought no to spank your front! I'm mother of 2 boys and know it's harmful for boy's healthy. God created for punishment boy's bottom only. It's joke, but spanked must be your bottom only. Speak with anybody who has authority in your mom eyes. Family doctor, your teacher, or neighbor, who has own boys...

Spencer posted 6/26/09 4:54 PM

Thank you. I know my Mom would not do anything harmful. I will respect her decisions like I do when she canes me.
Does any one here have any experience of light punishment on a boy's frontal?

Zack posted 6/28/09 0:30 AM

Spencer, Boys should never be punished for erection. It is very natural for you boys and teens. I am older now but when young, I was always spanked bare bottom over my mothers knee and she used a hairbrush. I always got a very firm erection during the spanking and
after in corner time.

Christina posted 6/28/09 3:40 AM

My 16-year-old has erection even before begining of spanking almost always. It is not big deal, because erection is normal boy's reaction.

Spencer posted 6/28/09 6:54 AM

Zack, Ma'am (Christina)
Thank you for the answers. It is good to know it is normal. The erection starts when my pants come down, stops when Mum is caning me, but comes right back right through pants down corner time after.
Mum thinks it is disrespectful to her and she has now started spanking my penis in corner time with a wooden ruler, to punish me for the erection.
I respect my mother so I will always accept her punishments.
But so far no-one here seems to agree.
Christina to Spencer posted 6/28/09 4:08 PM Spencer, if your mother doesn't know that teen boy's erection it is't sighn of disrespectful but natural think, she ought to be inform about it. Ask your family physician or parents any of your friends (boy) to speak with your mom and explain to her it.
Without doubt, your mom has right to spank you for any violation of family rules (my own 16-year-old gets on the bare bottom from me often enough), but boy has no to be punished for erection. It's unfair.

Spencer posted 6/28/09 4:34 PM

Ma'am (Christina)
Well I'm not caned too often and I try to keep out of trouble. It was unexpected that I was caned last night. I deserved it, but it was for something when I was at Dad's house. I did not know that Mum was going to cane me for it.
And of course she had decided to ruler me after on the penis. I would find it difficult to talk to anyone else. And I do respect my Mum's decisions. I can say that it was not as painful as I expected, although Mum gauged my reactions and made sure it hurt. Afterwards I felt better that she had done it. I no longer felt guilty about having the erection. Well I don't want another caning soon, but I know now that the ruler across the penis is not so bad. Spencer.

Christina to Spencer posted 6/28/09 5:07 PM

OK, Spencer, it's your choice. However, I have my previous opinion
Zack posted 6/28/09 8:39 PM Spencer, Is your mother nuts??? She could severly harm you forever. No boy should be hit on the penis with a ruler. Talk to your Dad or someone before somthing serious happens.

Spencer posted 6/28/09 9:02 PM

It's not as bad as you think. I thought it would be very bad. But a guy on another forum told me he used to get it and it just stings for a couple of hours, which is right. When I asked the question at the top of the topic, I wasn't sure I was due a caning because it was for something I did at Dad's house. But I thought Mum would cane me and I knew she'd got the wooden ruler idea. Well anyway she did it last night. I think everyone here disagrees with it so I won't describe exactly what happens with the ruler, unless it would be helpful to anyone facing something similar. SPENCER

Zack posted 6/29/09 0:49 AM

Spencer, I it hurts for several hours, she is hitting your penis way too hard!!! It should not be done at all. Perhaps telling us how she does it would be helpful.

Marta posted 6/29/09 2:36 AM

I can't imagine that any mother spanks erect penis of her son. She can spank your butt and, perhaps, strict enough, but spanking of penis is very dangerous for your sexual development and behavior.

Spencer posted 6/29/09 1:56 PM

ZACK. I saw the ruler, just a light 12" wooden one, on the coffee table while I was getting caned, and I guessed why it was there. After the cane Mum said stand up hands on head for pants down corner time as usual, which is when the erection always comes back. But this time she said turn around to face her. It went soft after two whacks on the erect underside which was facing forward, but then two more on the outer side when it was soft, which hurt a lot more for some reason.
It soon went hard again when she left the room so I got a repeat punishment when Mum came back in the room.
I could not help arching my genital area away when Mum was ready to strike with the ruler, but she told me to arch towards it, which was hard to do.
But it was not really painful like the cane on my behind, and I did masturbate in my room after, although it felt a little sore. That's all I can say. I would not be so scared of it again like I was when I first wrote here.
Mum is from an old family of lawyers and judges where they all got the cane. Maybe she saw my uncles getting it like that so she knew it's not so bad. But I don't know.

Zack posted 6/29/09 2:09 PM

Spencer, It sounds painful and above all, should not be done. Does she wack you on the head or shaft?
Amost all boys get erection before, during or after spanking.

Spencer posted 6/29/09 5:23 PM

ZACK. Only one caught the head, and I got eight altogether, which I thought was fair. But I respect that you think it should not be done.
Yes it was painful and I could tell that Mum was gauging my reaction and hit harder if I did not react.
But it was not so bad as I thought and in the end I was able to cooperate when Mum indicated for me to arc my pubic area forward for her. There was a temptation to back away but I realise you mustn't or the ruler will miss the penis. It wouldn't be fair to her if she had to hold the tip of my penis so she could do it.
It's like holding your hand out for the cane, you have to steel yourself and not move it aside.
I appreciate everybody's contrary advice but events overtook me, and it was done.

Violetta posted 6/30/09 3:03 PM

I don't see problem. Erection is absolutely normal thing for teens. My son has erection since his about 12, and now, when he is 16, he has erection almost always, if I bare him for spanking. Of course, he is embarrassed, but one of rules in our family guilty boy lost right on modesty.

Billy posted 7/2/09 2:12 PM

Everyone here seems to agree, especally the mums, that older boys nearly always get an erection before or after spanking, and many say that embarassment is part of punishment. But I wouldn't think it is so bad as long as it is done in front of mum only as it would be in front of other witnesses, especially girls or other women. So do any of the mums here ever do it in front of other females as added punishment? But I still think that 16 years is too old to spank a boy bare and certainly not on the genitals at any age. Maybe a few slaps or pulls on the erect penis with the bare hand at the most to show him his shame at the most, but certainly not with a wooden instrument or anything else.

Jonathan posted 7/3/09 2:38 AM

My mother spanked me bare bottom in front of my sister until age 10 and in front of other adults on occasion, but I don't think ever after age 9. I don't recall ever getting an erection

Ray posted 7/3/09 4:01 AM

Erections became a real embarassment for me when I was spanked by sitters from about 10 and 1/2 until just before I turned 12. Sitters were used to to having spanking authority and my Mom was actually unaware that I was developing regular erections when my pants were lowered by babysitters and sometimes in front of babysitters girl friends who were at the house. Just before I turned 12 I asked my Mom to allow me stay home alone without a sitter and I used as one of my arguments the embarassment felt by having an erection in front of my sitters. She was surprised that I was having erections that young and agreed to let me stay home alone on a trial basis. The trial became permanent because I had a strong incentive to behave.

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