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Re: Wetting during spankings

July 5 2009 at 3:18 PM
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Response to Wetting during spankings

Natalie posted 5/16/09 10:55 PM

My husband and I have a son who's 5,he is spanked when he steps out of bounds.
When a spanking is warranted,our son's jeans are unbuttoned and pulled down to his ankles,but his briefs are left up,we use only our hand to spank him with.
The problem we are having is,while our son is being spanked, his urine squirts out into his briefs in time with the spanking,this starts on the first spank and continues until the spanking is done.
He has this happen during every spanking he's had,but it mainly happens when my husband is spanking him.
Is this normal,why is he doing this,is there any way to prevent our son from doing this while he's getting spanked?

Billy posted 5/16/09 11:33 PM

Make him pee before you spank him.
This problem seems to be more common with girls.
It probably has to do with reflexes and fear. Maybe that's why he does it only when his dad spanks him because he is more afraid of him. But please try to convince him to behave before you resort to spanking, five years is too young and delicate to be spanked, maybe a few smacks but certainly not often.

Natalie posted 5/16/09 11:41 PM

Billy,thanks for the advice.
One thing I'm wondering,I have told a couple of my friends about my son's problem,they said to remove his briefs before he is spanked,because he will try harder to keep from urinating with them removed,do you know if this is true?

Dawn posted 5/17/09 0:46 AM

As Billy says, this problem is seen far more often with young girls.
But on the subject of removing underwear to prevent the peeing - I'm not sure why your friends should make such a wild claim, I know of no evidence that that would have any effect on a boy peeing during a spanking - it certainly makes no difference for girls, who during a spanking will pee with their knickers up or with knickers down.
Try it if you like, but I doubt it will make a difference

Natalie posted 5/17/09 1:43 AM

Dawn,thanks for the reply,i think perhaps my friends were kidding or feeding me a line of nonsense.
I never realized this happened more frequently with young girls during spankings,although I had this happen to me everytime daddy would spank me,I figured it was because I was so scared at the time.
How common is it for this to happen with younger boys?

Many Moon posted 5/18/09 10:08 PM

Two solutions. For girls especially. Have them potty before spanking. Having them lie on a folded towel for the actual spanking.

Brian posted 5/31/09 2:36 AM

Natalie, my parents spanked me till about 16. I wetted Dad's trousers a few times during spanking, when I was 6-7, as I can recall. Later, before spanking, I had to urinate in bathroom under any from parents checking. It was very embarrassed for me, especially, when I was older 12, but it was part of usual spanking ritual. Lecture, order take off everything down waist, trip with Dad or Mom to bathroom for peeing, then spanking and corner-time.

Natalie posted 6/1/09 12:51 AM

Brian,when you wet your dad's trousers while he was spanking you,were you wearing your briefs at that time,or were you bare bottom?
If you can recall,did you squirt urine in time with the spanking like my son does while my husband is spanking him?
Sorry if my last question is a bit too personal.
Thanks again.

Brian posted 6/1/09 6:04 PM

Natalee, I always got naked below waist, and, when I wetted Dad's trousers, I had no any underwears too.

Virginia posted 6/10/09 3:54 AM

When my 14-year-old son son deserves punishment, I spank him over my knee on the towell, because he had accident a few times.

Margarita posted 6/15/09 1:58 PM

Without doubt, any child before spanking ought to be send in toilet for peeing. It's usual part of spanking.

Derek posted 6/26/09 2:22 PM

Interesting topic this!
My wife's take on this is that our daughters wetting
themselves during a spanking forms part of the
girl's punishment. She will not only refuse the girl
permission to visit the toilet before the spanking,
she actually makes the girls do corner time to make
sure they 'need'.

Paul posted 6/27/09 6:52 AM

Derek, you have to have potty near for your children during spanking.

liz posted 6/28/09 0:17 AM

im 17 and before im spanked daddy makes me go to the bathroom and pee, I get spanked on my bare botton and I peed on dad before, I got spanked this morning, I was being grounded and I tried to sneck out.

Rachelle posted 6/28/09 7:50 PM

When we get spanked, we are made to go potty first and under supervision to make sure we go so there will be no accidents.

Stephen C posted 6/29/09 1:27 PM

My kids were always given the option of going to the bathroom before getting a spanking. This allowed me time to calm down. They knew that wetting themselves while getting spanked was grounds for me to upgrade to the belt.

Marta posted 6/29/09 4:26 PM

Stephen, are your kids boys or girls, and how old are they?

Helena posted 6/29/09 5:04 PM

If your child had, at least, one accident during spanking, parents have to have potty near, when they spank child.

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