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  • A conversation on this topic from an old Voy forum
    • Davis (no login)
      Posted Mar 22, 2017 11:57 AM

      There was a very interesting exchange of posts back in 2004/2005 on a now defunct Voy forum called "Daughters Spanked at Home" which is preserved on the Wayback Machine at>. Voy forums and Mister Poll both seem to attract a large number of fake posts, as well as a large number of younger posters who seem to be earnest. That forum was one of the earlier spanking forums on Voy, and seemed to attract some real conversation from girls who didn't like being spanked and were sharing their frustrations.

      I believe the initial poster in the thread here, Lisa, was a troll. The same e-mail address also posted on car engine forums as a man. But the discussion among the girls that followed was very believable. Most of the links to e-mail addresses were fake. That forum evidently did not allow posts to be made without an e-mail address, so posters would put in something like I do remember finding that the girl named Kerri's e-mail address was also connected to a Myspace account of a Pennsylvania girl whose last name corresponded to a local insurance agent. The girls going by Misty Lynn C. and Kat both posted elsewhere on that forum fairly often for a period of time and seemed to be actual young girls. There are many more interesting posts from that forum archived, and a few are tantalizingly not.


      Subject: naked punishment

      Date Posted: 07:27:14 07/05/04 Mon
      Hello my name is Lisa i am 17 and after i am spanked i have to stay naked all day no covering no crossing legs it is so humilating does anyone else have to do this or does anyone have to wear a punishemnt outfit if so let me know



      Subject: Re: naked punishment

      Misty Lynn C.
      Date Posted: 09:12:47 07/06/04 Tue
      In reply to: Lisa 's message, "naked punishment" on 07:27:14 07/05/04 Mon
      Hi, Lisa. I'm only 12 and I'm not allowed to just send people e-mail or give my e-mail address out to anybody at all! I even have to have my dad give it to my friends like if I meet somebody. On the being naked though I kind of know how you feel, but not really.

      When you get spanked by my best friend's dad, which is pretty common, you have to keep all your clothes off for half an hour afer it and write an apology, and it's in the dining room usually and she has older brothers who will see stuff, and sometimes if they have friends over they will all tease me. But it isn't as bad as having to stay that way all day would be. That must really suck.

      My dad always spanks me naked too, but he lets me get dressed right away unless it is just a break and he is going to spank me some more. I know I'm not very old but I do already have modesty about my body and my breasts have started to grow and everything so it IS embarrassing even if nobody thinks so. My best friend doesn't even understand because she is used to her brothers and other boys seeing her bare and everything and like after a spanking or a shower she will just walk around the house, even at my house or if we are at one of our other friends. I only have a little sister.


      Subject: Re: naked punishment

      Lori to Misty
      Date Posted: 13:23:12 11/20/04 Sat
      In reply to: Misty Lynn C. 's message, "Re: naked punishment" on 09:12:47 07/06/04 Tue
      Did you also see your freinds brothers spanked at the house sometimes and did her brothers see the actual spankings you and her got? Did the boys get it bare as well at the house and how old were they?


      Subject: answers to Lori from Misty Lynn

      Misty Lynn C.
      Date Posted: 11:19:47 11/29/04 Mon
      In reply to: Lori to Misty 's message, "Re: naked punishment" on 13:23:12 11/20/04 Sat
      Hi, Lori!

      No, I never saw Jessica's brothers get spankings. She says she did when she was little sometimes. They are 15 and 17 and stopped getting spanked when they were younger than we are now, Jessica thinks 10 but she doesn't remember for sure, but she thinks they were all the way bare though.

      I don't want to ask them about how it was because I get really embarrassed whenever I talk about spankings with them. One of the ways they like to tease me is just to have a regular conversation about spanking with me and ask me questions about how much different things hurt to be spanked with or about spankings from different girl's parents.

      They do see the actual spankings of me or Jessica from their and her dad if they are around, and sometimes they will hear the spanks and me squealing and come in in the middle of an actual spanking to watch the rest of it.


      Subject: to Misty Lynn

      Date Posted: 05:58:26 04/19/05 Tue
      In reply to: Misty Lynn C. 's message, "answers to Lori from Misty Lynn" on 11:19:47 11/29/04 Mon
      I understand how you feel about having your spankings watched by teen boys. I'm 13 and I get my spankings watched by boys too sometimes and even though I am used to it and am a little bit like your friend about not caring THAT much if people see my body (like I will normally skinny dip in my aunt and uncle's pool with boys watching when we are there, but then I will get dressed after), it is still embarrassing to have them watch you being spanked, or to just have to strip when you are told to and not because you decide to. And some are just my age, not older like your friend's brothers. None of them ever get spanked.

      Also, I know EXACTLY what you mean about boys talking to you about your spankings. They do it ALL the time! My cousins are like, Katie, are you going to get spanked this visit? When was the last time you were spanked? Like when I first get there, that is the first thing they ask me. And they will swat you to see how tender your rump is. I SO hate it, not the spankings so much, although they really hurt, but just BEING spanked, having spankings like this major thing in my life that could happen any time. (And I do mean ANY time. I get NO warnings. The tiniest thing could have me naked and getting it, depending on my daddy's mood.)


      Subject: I could not imagine

      Date Posted: 18:39:21 04/23/05 Sat
      In reply to: Kat 's message, "to Misty Lynn" on 05:58:26 04/19/05 Tue
      I could not imagine having boys or anyone witness my spankings. I would just die. I know I would.

      My spankings are given while I am naked or almost.

      We live in an apartment above my dad's insurance and real estate offices and I live in fear that someone down in the offices will hear them yelling at me or hear me crying and begging.

      When I was about 10 mom had given me a spanking and had me standing in the corner. I was naked. One of daddys business partners walked in looking for daddy but he never said anything to me and I never turned around or said anything to him but he had to have seen my red butt. For like 2 years I did everything I could to avoid seeing him because I was that embarassed. Even now I'm not comfortable around him. I'm always afraid he will say something.


      Subject: Re: I could not imagine

      Date Posted: 06:20:33 04/26/05 Tue
      In reply to: Kerri 's message, "I could not imagine" on 18:39:21 04/23/05 Sat
      Hi, Kerri! Thanks for responding to my posts.

      I hope your mom or dad doesn't decide to spank you in front of any boys! If there was a boy (or anyone) over who was used to seeing you naked, like all your life, and you needed a spanking, do you think you would get it in front of him or would you get taken somewhere private to be spanked?

      Are you even at all commonly seen by boys or even by anyone when you are naked not for being spanked? Like except for the locker room or someplace when everyone is naked. And are you an only child?

      One of my friends who is an only child is WAY shy about her body. She doesn't even strip bare in front of me or other girls when we have sleepovers and gets uncomfortable when we undress in front of her. Her PARENTS don't even see her naked! She is too old for spankings in her family, and she like dries off and dresses in the bathroom, or wraps a towel around her after a bath. Even at school she tries not to be seen when we shower.

      Maybe I made it sound more embarrassing the way I get spanked than it really is. The only boys who ever see my spankings are my 2 step-brothers who are like 4 & 6 years older and my 3 cousins who are my age and a little older, who have seen me naked since I was out of diapers. VERY rarely one of their friends will see one of my spankings. Like that has happened maybe 6 times my whole life that I got spanked in front of a boy who wasn't a relative. I have NEVER got spanked in front of any of my parent's friends or any boys from school or anything.


      Subject: Re: I could not imagine

      Date Posted: 16:24:01 04/26/05 Tue
      In reply to: Kat 's message, "Re: I could not imagine" on 06:20:33 04/26/05 Tue
      I am not an only child. I have a brother. He's 22 and doesn't live here at home anymore. He has seen me naked many times and spanked a few times. Neither mom or dad has never seen fit to spank me in private when he lived here at home so I doubt they would if there was someone else accustomed to seeing me naked.

      I am not usually seen naked by others except for in the locker room and occassionally at a sleepover. I am not uncomfortable in the locker room like some are. Some do almost anything to keep from having to change or shower.

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