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Corner Time

July 5 2009 at 2:12 PM
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Roy posted 8/23/06 4:24 PM

Was not corner time not originally a time when after a spanking was given so one could not go out and play and not to show your red bottom to all for a time?

Jonathan posted 9/7/07 6:48 PM

I can't quite parse your question with the doubel negative. At my house growing up, corner time was stated to be a time to reflect on your misdeed and resulting punishment. Likely I think it was also a time for Mom to get a bit of peace and quiet.
As for showing a red bottom, I'm not sure. I did have to stand in the corner bare bottom after a spanking so it certainly did increase my chance of showing it off to family or possibly someone who came to the kitchen door, since I was usually in he corner there.
If I'd gone outside right away, I'd think my red face would have been much more of a giveaway than a bottom virtually or entirely covered even by my shortest shorts.

Margaret posted 11/30/08 6:56 PM

Both my boys, 13 and 15, have corner time after spanking. It is important part of punishment for boys.

lucy posted 12/31/08 11:46 PM

I think serving corner time is meant to give the
offender a chance to reflect on her misbehavior. It
also acts a deterrent for any other young people
who can see what will happen if they engage in
such conduct. It is very embarrassing to be bare-
bottomed or nude in the living room showing off a
well-striped bottom that has just been spanked and
caned. You never know who will "happen" to come
by and see you. I have always been told that the
humiliation is an important part of the punishment
and for me it is! We have to stand with our hands
on our head. This prevents any attempt to hide
parts you would rather cover, and it also keeps
your own fingers away from those parts where you
might be tempted to comfort yourself. (*Blush!)

AuntieSusan posted 1/1/09 2:08 AM

Hi Lucy,
I'm sorry we lost contact from the old MrPoll days. I suspect you've been stood in the corner quite a lot since then, eh?
I quite agree (as you know) that embarrassment is a very important part of the punishment. There is no better way to induce embarrassment than to stand the naughty one in the corner, butt naked, on display for all to see, especially if the naughty one is visibly aroused.
The stories we could tell ...

Bryan posted 1/7/09 1:09 AM

Oh please aunti susan, please do tell, at least some of those stories.

Michael posted 1/9/09 4:02 PM

Hi - When I got punished, I also had to remove all of my clothing. After the punishment, I had to stand in the corner naked. In most instances, I was also required to remain naked until the following morning. Did anyone else have to remain naked after their spankings? - Michael
Karina posted 1/9/09 8:03 PM Click here to send email to Karina When I was spanked I had to remain naked for a long time. At corner time I had to face the wall with hands behind my head. presenting my freshly spanked hot and glowing bottom. The other half of corner time I had to face the room presenting my tear stained face. With hands behind my head I had to present my front. You can imagine how prominent my upper torso was presented and with legs spread shoulder wide my privates were on display. This humiliating part was important to increase the effect of my corporal punishments.
Michael posted 1/10/09 2:15 PM Katrina -- Your corner time sounds much like mine was. Half the time, facing the corner, then I would have to turn and face the room. I also had to keep my hands on my head. -- Michael

AuntieSusan posted 2/10/09 11:37 AM

Brian asks for some stories.
My mother had three simple rules:
1) Spanking is on the bare butt, with the naughty child bare from waist to knees
2) Naughty children lose all rights to modesty, embarrassment is an important part of the punishment.
3) There is no such thing as 'too old to be spanked', the rules will be the same as long as you live in my house.

Spanking took place in the Family Room, with anyone who happened to be around allowed and encouraged to watch. This usually included only the immediate family, but sometimes cousins, aunts, uncles, Grandparents, and even neighbors.

I had a brother and a sister. As very young children, modesty wasn't a factor, but sometime around 8 or so, I started noticing my brothers naughty bits. He almost always got a stiffy when he was getting spanked, and afterwards in the corner, it stuck out like a funny little finger. My sister and I were fascinated with that.

I didn't really start being embarrassed until I started puberty, and when I would get spanked, my pervert brother always seemed overly interested in seeing my pubes. That embarrassed me quite a bit, but I took some solace in the fact that my boobies remained hidden.

After my younger sister started getting boobies, Mother decided the embarrassment factor was diminishing, so she amended rule # 1, to be "completely bare naked", and suddenly all my secrets would be revealed.

Again, I took some solace from the fact that my pervy brother got it about three times more often than I did, but there were still too many times that he and his friends got to see all my nakedness.

The absolute worst (at the time) was when I got spanked in front of my boyfriend after coming home a bit late from a walk in the park with him. He was astounded that my mother told me to prepare for a spanking. When I hesitated, mother yelled at me, "Bare Butt Naked, young lady, Right Now!" As my boyfriend turned to leave, Mother insisted he stay to "see how naughty children are dealt with in this house."

After she spanked and sent me to the corner, she told him "If you intend to date my daughter any more, you will be treated EXACTLY the same. Strip off now for a spanking from me, or you will NOT date her again!"

To my infinite surprise, he agreed ... I was warned to keep my nose facing the wall, but couldn't resist peeking a little. That was the first time I had ever seen a naked boy, other than my brother, and I was absolutely enthralled. I knew at that moment that I would continue my mother's three simple spanking rules in my family, without regard to sex, age, or potential witnesses ... Embarrassment is part of the punishment, becomes a bigger part as the child grows older and into puberty, and by the late teens becomes even more important than the pain of the spanking itself.

I married the boyfriend a few years later, and am still with him now more than 40 years later.

Kandy123 posted 3/2/09 1:32 PM

My boyfriend also spanks me. But i have
to face the corner atleast 30 mins
before the spanking. This is for me to
reflect that i have been bad and how i
would be punished. But it is not
over,after the spanking is over I am
not allowed to rub my bottom and am
made to face the corner with my hands
behind my head.

Debbie posted 4/10/09 3:18 AM

Oh Lucy... Comfort yourself in the corner....what could you be meaning.. Lol Oh I am blushing lol

Jane posted 4/18/09 6:32 AM

I've been spanked all my life -parents until my marriage at 27 and my husband till now- and while not so pleasant I believe that traditional roles are perfect for all of us.
Karina posted 4/18/09 11:41 AM Click here to send email to Karina Jane is absolutely right. This empty talk about modern education without spanking does not serve us any good. The traditional and strict discipline for girls and adult women is perfect for all of us. Experience in history over centuries proofs right. I don't want any other form of discipline for me and my daughter.

James posted 4/19/09 8:56 AM

You're so right!
I'm a father with 2 girls over 18 and one just below.
I love them as a Christian father should and so I know very well what's my duty as Bible and experience teach very clearly: good example, wise advice and all the spankings they need with no age limit. My wife supports me and when she starts their discipline I do the same.
We're a very happy family and certainly we'll not change because of disasters of so said modern upbringing.
I'll be happy to share with similar minded parents.

James posted 4/26/09 6:10 AM

No more corner time for naughty brats???
For adult women it's very very useful!

Virginia posted 4/30/09 11:13 PM

We have 3 boys - 12, 14, 16. All they are spanked still by me or husband. Corner-time after spanking is mandatory part of punishment. Boys have their corner-time in the living room whoever was present. Standing in the corner with bare red bottom on display is useful for boys' behavior.

Helen posted 5/2/09 6:08 AM

Maybe it's important to understand who's present, relatives, else...
I hope that your husband or you have been raised in a similar way, have you friends who discipline their children as you do?
George posted 5/9/09 8:08 AM Click here to send email to George I bet that in 'modern' western world there arent' here adult daughters, 28 years old or more, still spanked by Christian parents that shall continue fair domestic discipline till their marriage day.
Very glad to read the opposite (by such parents or by such young women) only if 100% true.
Here or privately as you like best.

Fridrih posted 5/14/09 9:48 PM

Daughter and 2 sons are in our family. All 3 were spanked in childhood and corner-time after spanking always was part of punishment. Really, daughter last times was spanked, when she was 18, but corner-time she had till about 15. Both boys were spanked till about 20 and had barebottomed corner-time without exceptions

Billy posted 5/16/09 11:49 PM

Virginia, considering your 3 boys ages, do they get stiffies during cornertime, and what do the guests who are present to watch react to these 'shows'?

Emilio posted 5/18/09 4:05 PM

Do you use standing or kneeling for corner time? What's more effective according to your experience?
Pls only for adult daughters... (on both sides, parents or naughty young women)

Old Fashioned posted 5/18/09 10:40 PM

The oldest explanation for corner time said that it originated back when autoerotic stimulation (the forbidden M-word) was through to be harmful and the spanking of older girls was still quite common. After being punished, girls were made to stand where they could be watched and so that their hands were visible until the stinging had time to fade away without being converted to sexual pleasure. The position probably gave rise to the colloquialism of "a girl showing her tail" being a nice-nellyism for a girl either having been or needing to be punished for misbehaving.

Max posted 5/23/09 11:06 PM

In our family corner time was used regularly and to
good effect. Generally our daughter was required
to wait until we were ready to deal with her, usually
with her nose to the wall and in only her
underwear. We always preferred to delay discipline
rather than rush a spanking. When we came to her
we took down her panties (at first to her knees and
then removed them) before scolding and spanking
her. She was bared to ensure exposure and
humiliation. After the spanking she did corner time
which we referred to as "cooling off time". Then
she was required to display her redenned bottom
and thighs. Alternatively on occasion she faced the
room with hands on her head and showed.

Max posted 5/23/09 11:08 PM

In our family, corner time was used regularly and
to good effect. Generally our daughter was
required to wait until we were ready to deal with
her, usually with her nose to the wall and in only
her underwear. We always preferred to delay
discipline rather than rush a spanking. When we
came to her we took down her panties (at first to
her knees and then removed them) before scolding
and spanking her. She was bared to ensure
exposure and humiliation. After the spanking she
did corner time which we referred to as "cooling off
time". Then she was required to display her
redenned bottom and thighs. Alternatively on
occasion she faced the room with hands on her
head and showed herself.

Billy posted 5/23/09 11:43 PM

Max, up to what age was she spanked like that with nude cornertime?
And did anyone else besides parents see her get spanked and during cornertime?

Virginia posted 5/24/09 4:15 PM

Billy, of course, all my kids, especially the oldest, are embarrassed and stiffied, when they have corner time. They carefully cover their "fronts" by hands, but red behinds must be on display. Usually, corner time spends an hour, although, sometimes, boys have 2 hours, depend on culprit's transgressions. Except family, boys during corner time are seen, sometimes, by relatives, neighbors, and boys' friends. Husband and me are sure that shame is important part of punishment. Barebottomed standing in the corner is good medicine for behavior even for 16-year-old boy, when he is naughty enough.

Emilio posted 5/29/09 4:41 PM

Imho the best way to use cornertime is kneeling before the physical punishment and standing /certainly bare bottom) after to show the family what happens to those who don't behave!

Brian posted 5/31/09 2:23 AM

Barebottomed standing in the kitchen's corner was part of my punishment always. Even, when I was 16, parents stood me in the corner with red stripped behind on display for everyone, who was present. Once, my girlfriend saw me in corner. I can recall I was mortified then, but I had to stand my time.

Max posted 6/17/09 9:15 PM

Hello Billy, she was last spanked and given cooling off
time when she was 16. We deliberately did not change
the way we disciplined her as she got older. On one or
two occasions she was seen by others, but this was
unusual as an only child,

Danny posted 6/26/09 1:37 PM

im 28 and dad still spanks me and after im thru he makes me stand in he corner, dad will not let me cover my penis, the last time it happened my 30yr old cousin Sue came to see my parents and she saw my res ass and my erect penis it was embarrassing,till she told me she has to stand in the corner after a spanking too

Christina posted 6/27/09 11:15 PM

Once, I accidentally have seen my classmate, who was standing in the corner with red bare bottom. He was 14 then and, of course, he was mortified. Later, he told me that parents spank him still and he has corner time after any spanking. It was our togeter secret till high school graduation and I never teased him.

Danny posted 6/28/09 11:48 AM

When im in the corner after a spanking, when my parents are not their I sometimes masturbate if mom or dad catch me doing it they take me to the woodshed and whip me with the razor strap and boy does that hurt.

Spencer posted 6/28/09 12:10 AM

I have to stand with my hands on my head for maybe an hour after a caning. I get an erection right through, but I do not touch it. Mum has just started to punish me for the erection by spanking my penis with a ruler. It goes down and then comes back, but at least I'm being punished for it.
What are you spanked with normally? How does it compare with the razor strop? I get the cane. I'm 16. I did not know that twenty-eight year olds still get spanked until I read here. But at least it's your Dad not your Mum. My Dad moved out four years ago. SPENCER

Danny posted 6/28/09 12:23 AM

Spencer my mother also spanks me and at 28 its embarrassing for mother to see my penis,I have been spanked all my life, I don't know what the cane feels like but the razor strap hurts bad, most of the time I get spanked with a hairbrush, my parents still treat me like a teenager I have a bedtime ln work nights witch is 9pm and a curfew on the weekends 1am if im late foe either mom spanks me, I bet at 16 you have a later bedtime.

Spencer posted 6/28/09 1:19 PM

Well I have to be in the house by nine, but not in bed.
I am used to being caned by Mum. She says get my jeans down and bend over, and she means my underpants as well.
If I leave them up she yanks them down. I'm not embarrassed about bare bottom. But I'm ashamed about the erection. But I feel a lot better about it now that she's started punishing me for it. She just used to say it was disrespectful to her. But I think she realises that it is always going to happen so now she punishes me, and I think we both feel better.
It is not so painful on the penis as I expected. I could write about it but I don't know whether any one would be interested.
I have seen a razor strop in old-fashioned barbershops. I'll be honest. I think the cane is much worse! It does help me to read of someone like you who is still spanked by mother, because that is the way it has to be for me. SPENCER.

Marta posted 6/28/09 5:12 PM

Corner time with bare bottom on display for everyone who is present, is good punishment for naughty boys, at least, till 15-16.

Danny posted 6/28/09 7:23 PM

their is nothing to be embarrassed about getting an erection when spanked, I don't like to say a mother is wrong but its not right to spank a penis,my parents says an erection is normal, by the way I got spanked this morning for arguing with my dad about my curfew last night I got in 20min. late.

Spencer posted 6/28/09 8:20 PM

I thought sixteen is quite old to be spanked. I don't get caned so often now as I did a few years ago. It helps to know I'm not the oldest.
Arguing is something that can often lead to punishment. How many did you get? Was it the hairbrush? Did you get cornertime afterwards? Did you masturbate in the corner like you said before?
I masturbated in my room after my eight strokes of the cane last night. It always feels much better masturbating after a caning than other times. You can work off the pain. But last night my penis was sore from the ruler. But I did it anyway. SPENCER

Danny posted 6/28/09 9:33 PM

Spencer I got spanked 30 times with the hairbrush, yes I did get corner time dad was in the room all the time I was standing in the corner so I could not masturbate, I had a hugh boner and my rear was very sore, after my time in the corner dsad made me spend the rest of the day in bed, I masturbated then, dad keeps on checking on me to see that im still in bed.
Marta posted 6/29/09 2:32 AM Boys, why not? If members of your family see you, getting spanking on the bare butt, why they can't see you in corner after spanking?

Danny posted 6/29/09 11:14 AM

Marta, while your parent is spanking you don't seam to care the pain is so bad, but while you are standing in the corner you realize that they can see your erect penis esp. if it is a woman, they always ask dad arn't I to old to be spanked, dad says you are never to old to be spanked if you live at home, its embarrassing.

Marta posted 6/29/09 4:24 PM

Danny, how old are you, really, now?

Danny posted 6/29/09 5:40 PM

I am 28 and yes my paernts still spank me, im to obey all my parents rules or I get punished not alwsays a spanking sometimes I get grounded witch I hate.

Marta posted 6/29/09 6:32 PM

Danny, without any doubt, you are too old for parents' spanking, especially, for barebottomed spanking and naked corner time. I can't understand your parents. Teen may be punished by parents as they want, but 28-year-old man...

Danny posted 6/29/09 6:46 PM

Marta,I know im to old to be spanked but I like living were I do and if I want to stay living at home I have to obey my parents or take their punishment, I hate being spanked but thats the price for living at home.

Violetta posted 6/30/09 2:57 PM

My son is 16, nevertheless, he is spanked by me still for big transgressions. Corner-time after spanking is usual part of punishment in our family. Usually, he has corner-time in T-shirt, how he is spanked, but, if it's too old, he stands naked.

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Re: Corner Time

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June 10 2012, 9:51 AM 

i get corner time always, lecturers are done before and after spankings, corner time can be at anytime and i have to display when requested if im not already nude

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