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Brothers watching sisters spankings

July 5 2009 at 2:13 PM
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Re: Brothers watching sisters spankings

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July 5 2009, 2:57 PM 

James posted 1/6/09 12:54 AM

I noted in the discussion about sisters watching
their mothers spanking their brothers, that the girls
in question were not themselves spanked while
their brothers watched. I felt the need to enquire
whether my family was unusual in this respect. I
had two older sisters, a younger sister and younger
brother and saw all my sisters getting their school
knickers pulled down for a bare bum smacking by
mum. If anything it was far more common for mum
to bare my sisters in front of me and my brother
than the other way around

Nick posted 1/6/09 7:55 PM

James, it seems you were a lucky boy - my stepmother always allowed my two stepsisters (her daughters)to watch me getting my bare bottom spanked - but I NEVER got to see them getting it. A fact that, in later life, both my stepsisters have declared to be unfair. It has had an unexpected benefit though, because both my stepsisters have frequently allowed me to watch when they were giving their own daughters bare bottom spankings.

Karina posted 1/6/09 10:05 PM

I had no brothers who could watch me getting a spanking when I was a child but I got spanked always stark naked. Regardless if friends of my father, neighbors or what other males where visiting when I was spanked. If I would had brothers I am sure they could have seen me in all my naked glory all the time.
Nick, at least your step sisters realized to be unfair and compensate you by letting you watch their own daughters getting their bare bum spanked. How old are these girls and how do they react when you watch?
I have only a daughter of 6 years and now my nephew of 13 years in custody. Of course he can watch her naked spankings at any time.

Stuart posted 1/12/09 10:37 PM

James how old was you and your sisters when you last saw their knickers down and bare bottoms smacked? What erea was this?

James posted 1/13/09 12:43 AM

The last time I saw any of of my sisters getting their knickers pulled down by mum and having their bare
bottom smacked, it was my youngest sister and she
was about 16 at the time... and I would have been
I still enjoy replaying my memories of the times my
mum smacked my sisters bare bums- does that
make me a perv?

Karina posted 1/13/09 8:55 PM

James, you are not perv at all. It is in the nature of most people to take some interest when somebody of the opposite gender gets spanked bare bottomed or even naked. I saw a few times a neighbor boy getting spanked in the nude. I was always intrigued. Unfortunately he was allowed to see my naked spankings pretty often and he did not look away either.

Michael posted 1/13/09 9:19 PM

Hi, James -- No, you are not a pervert! I had witnessed my cousins getting spanked many times growing up - 2 girls and one boy. I always found it to be very exciting. For weeks afterwards I would close my eyes and try to picture them getting spanked. Like me, they had to be naked for their punishments too, and that helped to make my excitement even more intense. Don't get me wrong, I liked my cousins very much, but I could never turn down an opportunity to watch as they got punished. Of course, they watched as I got it many times, too. But that is another story... So, don't worry, you are perfectly normal. - Michael

Andy posted 1/13/09 10:44 PM

Hello Michael, it's natural, you are no pervert. I was in my youth intrigued myself to see naked girls spanked (although I felt sorry to see them in pain) and I must admit there is something about my own daughters when they get spanked. Even my nephew, who is 13, takes a lot interest and is always faszinated when he has the opportunity to see his nude cousins (9 + 11 yo) spanked.

Andy posted 1/13/09 10:48 PM

Sorry Michael, the post was directed to James of course. Picked your name by mistake, my fault.

Nick posted 1/14/09 7:14 PM

I agree with the other here, you are not a pervert.
Also, like Andy, I have to admit something - watching my two step sisters smacking their daughters bare bottoms does have a certain 'fascination', even though I'm an adult.

Michael posted 1/14/09 8:14 PM

Hi, Andy -- No problem. Anyway, I agree that there is a good deal of facination and interest in seeing others spanked - boys or girls. - Michael

Andy posted 1/14/09 9:19 PM

Hi Michael, thanks, you are right that there is quite a fascination to see somebody spanked. And like James I often ask myself if I did not take to much enjoyment spanking my daughters. If the corporal punishment of the is really motivated by discipline and not by some other perv urges. I also taking some joy when I have the chance to have my nephew witness their spanking and stripping them in front of him to add some more humiliation to increase the punishment.

Michael posted 1/14/09 9:43 PM

Hi, Andy -- As I said earlier, I witnessed my 3 cousins getting spanked a lot growing up, and they all watched when I got stripped and spanked, too. I would guess that as a parent you spank your kids because you love them and want them to improve their behavior. Although you may not like to have to punish them, I cannot fault you for taking some measure of personal enjoyment from the spankings. I know that both my Aunt and Uncle spanked us when we needed it, and it became very clear that they both hated to punish us and also that they rather enjoyed it. I know that they took a lot of time lecturing us as we stood there naked. They also took time to put us into position and kept us there and took their time administering our punishments. We also always had to do corner time, and they were never far away so that they could observe us as we stood there bare. Those of us who were not being punished, witnessed the entire process and I have to tell you - I know that we loved watching as the punishment was given. From the minute the clothes started coming off until the one who was in trouble was let free from the corner - we, too, were always there to watch it all. Even on really nice summer days - it was always better to be inside watching! - Michael

Andy posted 1/15/09 9:57 PM

Yes, I find myself extending time of lecturing my girls and corner time more and more the older they become. I don't like to hurt them at all but I love to see their naked beauty.

Bryan posted 1/18/09 9:01 PM

Andy, if you're staring at there genitals, then you probably need to take a step back, and think about what you're doing, if you're simply adoring them, and the beauty of there youth, then there is nothing wrong with what you're doing.

Andy posted 1/18/09 9:12 PM

Bryan, do you think it would be ok to let my daughters walk around naked at home? I don't need to spank them but can adore their beauty.

Bryan posted 1/20/09 3:08 AM

Hi Andy, personaly, I have never felt it's wrong for family to as you put it, walk around naked, if it's the norm in the family, if they feel comfortable, I would not discourage it, or make it seem dirty, I never felt dirty or odd to walk around in my underwear around mom at any age, or for her to see me naked. As I said, if you're focusing on there genitals or breasts then it's in apropriat, if you're simply adoring there child beauty and innocence, then you're just a loving parent, only you can say what it is you're looking at, and if they feel comfortable

Kate posted 1/23/09 8:36 AM

I think all punishment has a certain sexual element, even if it is kept in the background and under control, as it should be where minors are involved. As a girl, I could get turned even seeing a fully girl getting scolded to the point of tears. I always became very wet when seeing my sisters being spanked or caned, always done in the nude in the living room followed by a good hour of nude corner time.
To tell the truth, even when I was the one being punished and on display, I could not help getting aroused, as my sisters loved to point out to our parents. Often I would get an additional caning as a reminder, Mom said, that I was there for punishment and not for my own enjoyment. My sisters were less prone to such visible arousal but I could not help it and they made sure I suffered for it, much to their own amusement. The arousal and nudity and being spanked all were part of my humiliation, which in turn was a major part of the punishment. As my parents always pointed out, if I wanted to avoid the embarrassment and shame, all I had to do was behave myself.
If I had had brothers, I am sure they would have been allowed to watch. When we got older it was not at all unusual to have a boyfriend of one of my sisters just happen to drop by when I was due for a caning!

Kate posted 1/23/09 7:08 PM

sorry about the typos. My mind must have been elsewhere! lol

Bryan posted 1/23/09 9:01 PM

Hi Kate, I really enjoyed your post, I was wondering, how old were you when one of your sisters boyfriends or friends were to pop in when you were due for a spanking or caning, I live in the US, and while I of course know about caning, I really have no first hand (so to speak) knowlage of caning, did any of the boys show any signs of arousal when you were spanked?

Renate posted 1/26/09 1:03 PM

In my family the rule was that we all (3 girls and 1 boy)almost always got spanked immediately and on the spot usually on the bare bottom and almost no matter who happened to be present. The spankings could also be by our grandparents and aunt.
From the age of 12 we were only spanked in private and then it was only mom who spanked us girls and only dad who spanked our brother. Only exception was that my older sister and I sometimes got in trouble together and then got spanked together

Kate posted 1/27/09 0:18 AM

Hi Bryan
I was spanked and caned like that all through my teen years until I got married at 20 (into a family where family discipline for wives and daughters-in-law, as well as kids, is very much the norm!)
We live in the U.S too, but there is a strong English side to the family. The cane is one of the more prominent features of English life to have been adopted! I mean it is prominent in our family. I don't know how prominent it is in England these days.

Bryan posted 1/27/09 10:33 PM

Hi Kate, are you saying that you're still caned from time to time by your husband, or by some one else? and would you please tell me what it's like, I've never talked to any one who has actually been caned,
Thanks so much,

Kate posted 1/28/09 10:54 PM

Hi Bryan
I was caned in front of whoever was around all through my teens until I married at 20. My Husband's family continued in the same way! But about the cane. I have been on both ends. The pain is like nothing else--a sharp, concentrated biting pain. It takes a moment to register, so if you watch a caning you will notice a very short pause between the moment of impact and the offender's reaction. I am the main family disciplinarian for major offenses now, since my Husband is not well. He always used to cane me too until a year ago. If He thinks I need it now, He sends me to an old family friend, a big, strong woman who canes harder than He ever did! Of course I have to show the evidence that I reported as instructed! I hope I answered all your questions.
Bryan posted 1/30/09 9:21 PM Click here to send email to Bryan Hi, yes, you sure did, would you just tell me if you're caned on your bare, or you cane bare, does it have the same effect through panties, or pants?
how many is common and how many is extreme, how many do you get?
Sorry so curious, it simply isn't done here.

Bryan posted 1/30/09 9:23 PM

I hate to be to personal, but is it ever one totally bare, for you or kids?

Tracy posted 2/27/09 9:25 PM

I have two older brothers that are 2 and 3 years older then me. I never get to see them spanked, it's always done in their bedroom with the door closed. But they and whoever else is around, strangers or even my friends or my brothers friends, gets to watch me get spanked. Almost always in the living room and it's either on my bare butt or completely bared, depending on what I'm wearing. With the person spanking me removing the clothing and being put in the corner the same way for everyone to see.

Claudia posted 3/21/09 9:06 AM

I grew up with two brothers, one older than me, the other younger, and one twin sister. When younger, we'd often, but not always, see each other's spankings, though we were of course spanked differently, since me and sis got it on the bare from about age six on, which was also whe we were first introduced to the hairbrush, whereas our brothers only ever got handspanked, and only on the seats of their trousers.
We'd often get "Marched Upstairs" for the hairbrush, though, so our brothers didn't see our harder spankings very often, it was most often when we just got a quick handspanking that they saw us.
When we were all older, my brothers didn't get spanked at all, though me and sis were of course still on the receiving end of the hairbrush (And not just it!). By then, we were often required to fetch the implement mom or dad wished to use on us, and consequently were often receiving not just our handspankings, but also our "Real" spankings in the living room, with our brothers watching, which was made all the worse by us not just being bare, but naked, at least when we got it with something other than the hand.
Me and my husband are continuing this tradition with our own kids.

Rachelle posted 3/29/09 4:55 PM

Growing up, it was Father who disciplined. If it was mother or one of us three girls, it was done with everyone watching; knickers down, grab your ankles, then corner time. My brother was taken to my Father's den and the door was closed and while it was sometimes obvious that he'd been crying, we girls never saw our brother punished. We were subject to Father's discipline until we married and that responsibility was assumed by our husbands.

Lynne posted 3/30/09 10:51 PM

Oh I know perfectly well my stepbrother would have loved to seen me punished but he never did, nor did he ever see me unclothed. I caught him plenty looking at my bottom when I wore slacks or jeans which were always tight.

ER posted 4/14/09 4:06 PM

I don't like brothers watching sisters' spanking and as much sisters waching brothers' spanking.
Imho is much better if such discipline is only between parents and culprit. It may however be useful to spank a girl in front of her own sister.

Eileen posted 5/18/09 2:34 PM

I too grew up with brothers who got to watch my naked little butt get whipped by my stepdad from age 14 to 18,at least 1 to 2 times a month

Emilio posted 5/18/09 4:02 PM

Eileen, what happened after 18, no more spankings or no more piggy stepbrothers?
Btw, how old were they? And I do hope that even without such a shame your discipline didn't end so soon...

Emelie posted 5/24/09 3:43 PM

I'm a German girl.
I don't have any brothers or sisters, but my mother spanked me a few times in front of my younger cousins. The last time was when I was 16 and they were 12 (girl), 9 (girl) and 5 (boy). I was supposed to baby-sit them, but becuase of me mother and I arrived too late to their house causing my aunt to be to late to meet her husband and go to the theater. Mother and I were quarrelling when we met my cousins, and she threthened me with a spanking. This was most embarressing for me, because my cousins knew from before that I sometimes got spanked but I had told them that this didn't happen anymore. I said something defiant to mother and the result was that I was taken over her knee for a long hand-spanking then and there.
Even worse for me was a little over a year earlier, when a younger boy (2 years younger than me)who was a son of a friend of my mother's was helping with school math. He was very good at math and did help me good, but mother told him that she had spanked me because of my bad grade and that he should tell her if I didn't work properly and then I would get another spanking. I did get spanked in front of him, too (twice) but then I got to keep my panties up at least. I think there's both good and bad sides to spanking, but I should be in private, I think

Virginia posted 5/24/09 4:18 PM

Emelie, spanking in front opposite gender for both, boys and girls, is good method for improvement of behavior

Emelie posted 5/24/09 5:44 PM

Yes, maybe. Possibly this wouldn't be such a big thing were spanking is more common? But for me it was a big humilation (too big, I think) to be given spankings in front of these younger kids since they were never spanked themselves...

Emelie posted 6/6/09 10:43 AM

Saw two of my cousins yesterday and were talking childhood memories. They reminded me of the times they saw me being spanked. Very embarressing for me. I only hope my mother hasn't told her sister (their mother) that I still get spankings sometimes

Louise posted 6/26/09 8:53 PM

I don't have a brother, but I've got cousins that know that I sometimes get spanked. They've never seen it happen but they heard my parents tell me that I was going to get a spanking. It felt really bad because they are all younger than me (I'm 14 and they are one girl who is ten and two boys who are 13 and nine) and they don't get spanked, at least not anymore. I think the older boy did up to hi was about ten.

Emilie posted 7/3/09 9:51 PM

Did you get spaked with your bottom bare in front of your cousins? What comments did they make? Have you talked with your cousins since?

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I was spanked nude

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April 21 2012, 4:31 AM 

Yes my brothers watched me get spanked until I was 17. They were 12, 14 and 16. I saw them get it also.
What I hated was to get naked below the waist and they were always there when I was in agony with my Dad spanking my bare bum. When I was caught taking some money from mum's purse,at 16, my Dad made me take a everything off. My brother had a friend come over that night and they whispered excitedly and even bend over to have a better look. I nearly died of shame.But it made me a better girl I suppose.

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So Ashamed

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April 23 2012, 1:47 AM 

My brother of 11 and my cousin of 12 watched as I had to strip to my bra,exposing everything waist down when at 16 Dad spanked me for smoking.
They were so excited, when Dad spanked me real hard. And I cried with shame as they whispered and pointed. Then with my red butt I had to stand for 1 hour against the wall.

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Could they see everything

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April 23 2012, 1:49 AM 

Deb, Could the boys see your front also?

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Yes they could see all

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April 25 2012, 9:56 PM 

Mac, yes the boys saw my everything front and back.

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spanked nude

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June 10 2012, 9:41 AM 

i'm always spanked naked by mom or dad and sometime my granddad

corner time is also nude and lecturing also in nude, i've been nude in the home many times when my parents request it

granddad spends time alone with me when i'm at his house in his bedroom when he spanks me

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Woodshed cornertime

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April 29 2014, 3:34 PM 

When I was 14, my mom and I moved in with my aunt and male cousin, who was 3 months younger than me. They sent me to school, but I was quite a bit behind the other kids and was getting poor grades Back in those days males were thought tobe superior to females in all aspects. The female priciple of our school suggested that i be disiplined by a male family member, in order to shape up. My mother and aunt had both been disiplined by their father, bothers and husbands and thought this to be a good idea. My cousin Donny was a real dork. He had no friends and was a real loser. When they called me into the living room and told me what, was going to happen, i was mortified. I neverliked Donnie and he knew it. Now they were giving him complete control over me. He would get to see me naked, beat me with a belt and most likely make me humiliate myself and beg him for forgiveness.He was very excited. They suggested that we go to the shed so he would not be embarassed by his actions in front of his mother and aunt. I was more than humiliated. My aunt handed Donny a strap which was used on her numerous times. She asked him if he wanted me naked now or if I should strip in the shed. I could see the bulge in his pants as he said now. I was required to strip in front of them. I tried to cover up, but was told hands at your sides.I had to walk in front of him as we went to the shed. As we left, my mom said "remember, you are blood relatives, so no intercourse, I know this is very exciting to you Donny, so as it happened to us, oral

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Woodshed cornertime

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May 1 2014, 11:02 PM 

I don't think it was good idea. Of course, Donny could watch spanking of his cousin - the same as she his - but spanker had to be mother or aunt. At 14, girls are smarter and more developed than boys. It would be possible if girl punished boy - sometimes, babysitter do it - but no this situation.

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joel jones
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being spanked

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June 14 2014, 2:37 AM 

hi my name is joel i am 16 yrs old and i always get spanked in front of my friends and younger sister who is 15 and her friends present my parents inform of my spanking at least two days before it happens to enable my sister and my friends chance to come over to watch. i am told to take off my trousers and pants pull my teeshirt up to under my arms and stand there like that while i am told off for about 15 mins in front of everyone all this time my hands are by my sides they must not move or my spanking will be worse then mam starts the punishment firstly by smacking my bare bum hard about 10 mins whilst i am standing up this hurts as her smacks get harder and faster leaving my bum red and with every smack my willy flop back and forth for all to see i still am not allowed to move my hands from my side then next the embaressing part i have to lie on floor with my legs open very wide legs over my head and mam then brings hairbrush for next part with my bum cheeks wide apart my bum hole well opened up everyone can now see everything my rosebud my willy and my balls mam now starts spanking my already res bum at least 15 mins of hard spanking by now my bum is on fire and i am crying and begging her to stop but she loves to hear my screans and tends to smack harder and faster to make me bawl my eyes out like a baby my friends and sister and her friends love every minute of this as mam detects so she still keeps smacking harder when she finishes i must stand up and stand with my hands still down by my side for 1 hour corner time and everyone makes comments like nice red bum or not many pubes for 16 or little willy so the girls can if they want pull my willy to make it go up and mam said they can if they want make me cum so this day they did just thati was still not allowed to move my hands so my friends watched as one of my sisters friends pulled my willy till it was erect and kept pulling till i shot cum out all then laughing it was my first time a girl tossed me off but she said my willy is small for a 16yr old and her brother who is 13yr old is much bigger and lots more pubes then i must still stand there and anyone else can smack my bum for the next 30 mins and i must now go to bed and remain naked for at least a whole day no clthes for 24 hours unless going to school as soon as i come home i have to strip at front door completely and stay like that naked till next day no matter who was at the house

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Spanked naked

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September 6 2016, 9:54 AM 

Alison, I too was spanked totally naked. I have younger brother and 2 sisters, 1 older 1 younger. Also a neighbor lady often would watch us when parents weren't home and mom said she could spank me if I misbehaved, which she did often. She also spanked me with no clothes on and I had to stay naked until she allowed me to dress.

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A conversation on this topic from an old Voy forum

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March 22 2017, 11:57 AM 

There was a very interesting exchange of posts back in 2004/2005 on a now defunct Voy forum called "Daughters Spanked at Home" which is preserved on the Wayback Machine at https://web.archive.org/web/20080813163943/http://www.voy.com/135954/112.html>. Voy forums and Mister Poll both seem to attract a large number of fake posts, as well as a large number of younger posters who seem to be earnest. That forum was one of the earlier spanking forums on Voy, and seemed to attract some real conversation from girls who didn't like being spanked and were sharing their frustrations.

I believe the initial poster in the thread here, Lisa, was a troll. The same e-mail address also posted on car engine forums as a man. But the discussion among the girls that followed was very believable. Most of the links to e-mail addresses were fake. That forum evidently did not allow posts to be made without an e-mail address, so posters would put in something like a@b.com. I do remember finding that the girl named Kerri's e-mail address was also connected to a Myspace account of a Pennsylvania girl whose last name corresponded to a local insurance agent. The girls going by Misty Lynn C. and Kat both posted elsewhere on that forum fairly often for a period of time and seemed to be actual young girls. There are many more interesting posts from that forum archived, and a few are tantalizingly not.


Subject: naked punishment

Date Posted: 07:27:14 07/05/04 Mon
Hello my name is Lisa i am 17 and after i am spanked i have to stay naked all day no covering no crossing legs it is so humilating does anyone else have to do this or does anyone have to wear a punishemnt outfit if so let me know pontiac792001@yahoo.com



Subject: Re: naked punishment

Misty Lynn C.
Date Posted: 09:12:47 07/06/04 Tue
In reply to: Lisa 's message, "naked punishment" on 07:27:14 07/05/04 Mon
Hi, Lisa. I'm only 12 and I'm not allowed to just send people e-mail or give my e-mail address out to anybody at all! I even have to have my dad give it to my friends like if I meet somebody. On the being naked though I kind of know how you feel, but not really.

When you get spanked by my best friend's dad, which is pretty common, you have to keep all your clothes off for half an hour afer it and write an apology, and it's in the dining room usually and she has older brothers who will see stuff, and sometimes if they have friends over they will all tease me. But it isn't as bad as having to stay that way all day would be. That must really suck.

My dad always spanks me naked too, but he lets me get dressed right away unless it is just a break and he is going to spank me some more. I know I'm not very old but I do already have modesty about my body and my breasts have started to grow and everything so it IS embarrassing even if nobody thinks so. My best friend doesn't even understand because she is used to her brothers and other boys seeing her bare and everything and like after a spanking or a shower she will just walk around the house, even at my house or if we are at one of our other friends. I only have a little sister.


Subject: Re: naked punishment

Lori to Misty
Date Posted: 13:23:12 11/20/04 Sat
In reply to: Misty Lynn C. 's message, "Re: naked punishment" on 09:12:47 07/06/04 Tue
Did you also see your freinds brothers spanked at the house sometimes and did her brothers see the actual spankings you and her got? Did the boys get it bare as well at the house and how old were they?


Subject: answers to Lori from Misty Lynn

Misty Lynn C.
Date Posted: 11:19:47 11/29/04 Mon
In reply to: Lori to Misty 's message, "Re: naked punishment" on 13:23:12 11/20/04 Sat
Hi, Lori!

No, I never saw Jessica's brothers get spankings. She says she did when she was little sometimes. They are 15 and 17 and stopped getting spanked when they were younger than we are now, Jessica thinks 10 but she doesn't remember for sure, but she thinks they were all the way bare though.

I don't want to ask them about how it was because I get really embarrassed whenever I talk about spankings with them. One of the ways they like to tease me is just to have a regular conversation about spanking with me and ask me questions about how much different things hurt to be spanked with or about spankings from different girl's parents.

They do see the actual spankings of me or Jessica from their and her dad if they are around, and sometimes they will hear the spanks and me squealing and come in in the middle of an actual spanking to watch the rest of it.


Subject: to Misty Lynn

Date Posted: 05:58:26 04/19/05 Tue
In reply to: Misty Lynn C. 's message, "answers to Lori from Misty Lynn" on 11:19:47 11/29/04 Mon
I understand how you feel about having your spankings watched by teen boys. I'm 13 and I get my spankings watched by boys too sometimes and even though I am used to it and am a little bit like your friend about not caring THAT much if people see my body (like I will normally skinny dip in my aunt and uncle's pool with boys watching when we are there, but then I will get dressed after), it is still embarrassing to have them watch you being spanked, or to just have to strip when you are told to and not because you decide to. And some are just my age, not older like your friend's brothers. None of them ever get spanked.

Also, I know EXACTLY what you mean about boys talking to you about your spankings. They do it ALL the time! My cousins are like, Katie, are you going to get spanked this visit? When was the last time you were spanked? Like when I first get there, that is the first thing they ask me. And they will swat you to see how tender your rump is. I SO hate it, not the spankings so much, although they really hurt, but just BEING spanked, having spankings like this major thing in my life that could happen any time. (And I do mean ANY time. I get NO warnings. The tiniest thing could have me naked and getting it, depending on my daddy's mood.)


Subject: I could not imagine

Date Posted: 18:39:21 04/23/05 Sat
In reply to: Kat 's message, "to Misty Lynn" on 05:58:26 04/19/05 Tue
I could not imagine having boys or anyone witness my spankings. I would just die. I know I would.

My spankings are given while I am naked or almost.

We live in an apartment above my dad's insurance and real estate offices and I live in fear that someone down in the offices will hear them yelling at me or hear me crying and begging.

When I was about 10 mom had given me a spanking and had me standing in the corner. I was naked. One of daddys business partners walked in looking for daddy but he never said anything to me and I never turned around or said anything to him but he had to have seen my red butt. For like 2 years I did everything I could to avoid seeing him because I was that embarassed. Even now I'm not comfortable around him. I'm always afraid he will say something.


Subject: Re: I could not imagine

Date Posted: 06:20:33 04/26/05 Tue
In reply to: Kerri 's message, "I could not imagine" on 18:39:21 04/23/05 Sat
Hi, Kerri! Thanks for responding to my posts.

I hope your mom or dad doesn't decide to spank you in front of any boys! If there was a boy (or anyone) over who was used to seeing you naked, like all your life, and you needed a spanking, do you think you would get it in front of him or would you get taken somewhere private to be spanked?

Are you even at all commonly seen by boys or even by anyone when you are naked not for being spanked? Like except for the locker room or someplace when everyone is naked. And are you an only child?

One of my friends who is an only child is WAY shy about her body. She doesn't even strip bare in front of me or other girls when we have sleepovers and gets uncomfortable when we undress in front of her. Her PARENTS don't even see her naked! She is too old for spankings in her family, and she like dries off and dresses in the bathroom, or wraps a towel around her after a bath. Even at school she tries not to be seen when we shower.

Maybe I made it sound more embarrassing the way I get spanked than it really is. The only boys who ever see my spankings are my 2 step-brothers who are like 4 & 6 years older and my 3 cousins who are my age and a little older, who have seen me naked since I was out of diapers. VERY rarely one of their friends will see one of my spankings. Like that has happened maybe 6 times my whole life that I got spanked in front of a boy who wasn't a relative. I have NEVER got spanked in front of any of my parent's friends or any boys from school or anything.


Subject: Re: I could not imagine

Date Posted: 16:24:01 04/26/05 Tue
In reply to: Kat 's message, "Re: I could not imagine" on 06:20:33 04/26/05 Tue
I am not an only child. I have a brother. He's 22 and doesn't live here at home anymore. He has seen me naked many times and spanked a few times. Neither mom or dad has never seen fit to spank me in private when he lived here at home so I doubt they would if there was someone else accustomed to seeing me naked.

I am not usually seen naked by others except for in the locker room and occassionally at a sleepover. I am not uncomfortable in the locker room like some are. Some do almost anything to keep from having to change or shower.


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Re: A conversation on this topic from an old Voy forum

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April 5 2017, 9:29 AM 

Thanks for this! Misty Lynn C. sounds very cute. I'm 29 so I figure I would have been just the right age to have been a friend of one of Jessica's brothers. That would have been so great. I never saw a girl that age naked, much less getting spanked. I spanked an 8-year-old girl cousin once and saw her naked a few more times when she was 8 or 9 and I was in high school. I wonder how long those girls kept having to strip naked in front of the boys. I hope it was a long time.

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