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masturbating after a spanking

July 5 2009 at 2:17 PM
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Re: masturbating after a spanking

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July 5 2009, 3:09 PM 

Danny posted 6/29/09 5:45 PM

I wonder how many masturbate after they get spanked or see someone spanked like I do.

Spencer posted 6/29/09 6:06 PM

Mum started caning me after Dad left when I was twelve. The first time she caned me was the first time I masturbated, when she sent me to my room after cornertime. Now I do it after every caning. It helps you feel better and get over the pain.
Does anyone get punished for masturbating after a spanking?

Joe posted 6/29/09 7:36 PM

I always masturbate after a spanking, too. I get erect before my spanking and then in the corner afterwards, so when I am allowed to go to my room, I have to masturbate. I notice that following a spanking, I usually have to masturbate more often during the following few days. Is it the same for you guys? Do your parents know that you masturbate after your spankings? I got caught once a couple of months ago masturbating after a spanking. I got spanked again only longer and harder. Does that happen to you?

Danny posted 6/29/09 8:48 PM

After im spanked and corner time when im sent to bed I masturbate then, im also not allowed to masturbate so if mother sees me doing it she will also spank me, and if its dad who sees me I get a trip to the woodshed for the strap, my parents are born again christians who belive as dad says playing with yourself is a sin.

Spencer posted 6/29/09 9:09 PM

DANNY and JOE. I have been luckier than you. I've never been caught masturbating. I think Mum would cane me if she did see me. I masturbate every night, but it feels much better in the days when my behind is still sore after the cane.
How old are you Joe? I'm 16. When they spanked you for masturbating, how many did you get, and what with? I know Danny got the strap. SPENCER

Danny posted 6/30/09 9:45 AM

Well im posting to you with a very sore bottom, last night after I went to bed I got a boner so I masturbated well dad came in to ask me something and he caught me,he got angry and told me to get up and he took me to the woodshed he pulled my pjs down made me bend over and he took the razor strap to my behind, it was so painful I cryed like a baby, as we were walking back from the shed dad told me im grounded this weekend, I had a date this saturday with a new woman that I met at a dance, how do I tell her that I got punished at 28.

Danny posted 6/30/09 9:57 AM

I forgot to tell you that I wll be standing in the corner for 20min.after breakfast, it of coarce well be with my pjs down, hope nobody comes over.

Joe posted 6/30/09 10:35 AM

Spencer, I am almost 17. When I get spanked, I usually get both the paddle and belt. For normal spankings I get maybe 40 or so with the paddle and maybe 20 or so with the belt. There isn't any set number of spanks. When I get caught masturbating, I would guess that is just about doubled. Danny, sorry that you got punished like that. I am sure it was both very painful and embarrassing.

Spencer posted 6/30/09 11:26 AM

That is a lot. 40 with the paddle, then 20 with the belt. And double for masturbating. Here in England I get the cane, usually 6 strokes sometimes 8, at most 12. That is bad enough. I thought I had a strict Mum, but i don't get anything like as much as you. I have to bend over bare bottom. Is it like that for you?
I heard about the strict Christian parents, and I read they do the discipline for good reasons. I never get grounded, just the cane and the long, long cornertime after. I suppose all you can tell the young lady is that your parents want you to stay in.
You both get punishment for masturbating. Do you think that is right and fair? I've never been caught.

Stephen C posted 6/30/09 11:49 AM

Playing with myself after a spanking was the regular thing for me to do after the age of 11. My last spanking came when I was almost 15 and Gram caught me masturbating while rubbing my red bare bottom. I was not even aware that she was there watching until it was all over. That was the last spanking I ever got from her.

Danny posted 6/30/09 11:55 AM

Joe, yes it was and still very painfull, I guess I could tell the girl that dad wants me to stay home but that sounds worse then telling her that I got spanked, getting spanked at 28 is very embarrassing, well I got to go to the corner now dad is calling, my behind is still very red and sore, I wish dad would let me lock my bedroom door so I can masturbate without fear of being caught.

Joe posted 6/30/09 2:42 PM

Spencer I usually have to lay across the arm of the sofa in our living room for my spankings with both the paddle and belt. Of course I would never masturbate or even touch myself while either being punished or in the corner afterwards. So to answer your question, I don't really think it is fair to get punished for doing something that is normal. Especially when it is being done in private. The reason I get caught sometimes is simply because they barge in on me without knocking. I personally don't feel that masturbating is a bad thing, but unfortunately my parents feel it is. The last time I got spanked for it was just a few months ago and it was a very very severe spanking.
Danny, I take it that your parents feel the same way. Are your spankings more severe for masturbating?

Violetta posted 6/30/09 2:53 PM

If my son has erection after spanking, he ought to stand in the corner with hands on the head. He has no my permission to masturbate after spanking.
Danny posted 6/30/09 3:12 PM Joe, id dad catches me t a trip to the woodshed like I got last night, if mom catched me she puts me over her knees and spanks me with a hairbrush, my parents don't let me lock my bedroom or bathroom door thay think that will stop from masturbating, dad had a talk with me aftr corner time and tryed to tell me why its wrong to masturbate, he said that the bible says you should not spill your seeds, dad told me when I get married I will have intercoarce with my wife that the only time my seeds should be spent, he also said the next time he catches doing it I will get the spanking of my life and I will have to move he said that he and mom don't want that kind of behavure in their home, so I will have to be more carefull.

Spencer posted 6/30/09 3:33 PM

Joe thinks it is unfair, but if your parents think it is wrong to spill the seed then maybe they are right to punish you.
I have no doorlock either. I kneel over the side of the bed to masturbate - the far side where I am facing my bedroom door but my genital area is hidden by the bed. If the door opens I can get up quickly and pull my jog pants up. Mum never realises. Danny could say he was praying.
If Mum caught me I think she would cane me, and I think she would be right because it is disrespectful in her house.
But it's easy for me to say. You are the ones getting double the punishment.

Zack posted 6/30/09 5:13 PM

Danny, Why don't grow some balls and become a man. For God's sake, you are 28 and if you can't live without mommie and daddy at that age, you have a real problem!!

Joe posted 6/30/09 5:45 PM

Spencer, you are right when you say that my parents are right to punish me for masturbating. Just because I think it is unfair, doesn't mean they are wrong. They make the rules and I have to obey them. I have no lock on my bedroom door either and if I ever try to lock the bathroom door then they will punish me because they will think I am doing something that I shouldn't be doing - no questions asked - I will be punished. Zack, chill out - Danny has accepted his situation and has the courage to live with it. From reading other posts in other forums there are many older guys and girls who live at home and have to accept their parents punishments - like my Mom and Dad say - Our house, our rules!

Danny posted 6/30/09 6:20 PM

Zack, I like living at home and the price I pay is I have to obey my parents rules or get punished, I thought that I could post and tell you and the others about my life, I know that at my age I should not be spanked but I accecpt it as the price I pay to live here.

Spencer posted 6/30/09 6:32 PM

To DANNY. I read about a man who got the strap at home until he was eighteen. Then he went to work in a bank in another city. He got behind with his banking exams and got into bad ways in the city. Then a deacon from his church movement in the new city took over disciplining him with a cane. The man is twenty now and says the cane helps him. I think Mum's cane helps my conduct. Spencer.

Spencer posted 6/30/09 6:55 PM

My comment above belongs to another topic so I have posted it there as well.
JOE You say above that you masturbate more often for a few days after a spanking. How often is that? I just do it every night, once before bed. But the masturbation feels much better in those days when my behind is still sore and welted after a caning. I can not wait to do it after the cane it just feels so good. Do you agree?

Joe posted 6/30/09 8:10 PM

Spencer, yes I totally agree. Right after a spanking it feels so much better. Normally, I masturbate every day, too, but for a couple of days after a spanking I usually do it 2 or 3 times if I can. Like I said, I have to be real careful so I don't get caught.

Joe posted 6/30/09 8:16 PM

Danny, I think that most of us (maybe except for Zack) appreciate hearing about what happens to you. I think that Zack just doesn't think that guys and girls can find situations like your acceptable. I have read in other forums about people who had to move back home because they lost their job or whatever and they had to again agree to let their parents punish them for breaking the house rules. Your situation is not so unique that anybody should make a judgement about you. I hope you still keep posting. There are lots of us who do understand and wish to continue to share our stories with you.

Zack posted 6/30/09 10:02 PM

Oh, I understand. I was spanked hard and often Over my mothers knee, bare bottom and she used a wooden hairbrush. I was spanked till I left home at 19. Getting caught masturbating got me a lot harder spanking than normal.

Danny posted 7/1/09 2:51 AM

thanks Joe, my parents only spank me when I break the rules, I have been spanked all my life and I don't see why it should stop just because im 28, I still live with my parents at their home and such I must obey them, I only wish that they could ease up on some of my rules like my 9oclock bedtime on work nights, I told my girl friend that im being punished, she said she was about to call me and break the date becauce her mother punished her too, I asked her if she also got spanked she said yes she got spanked because she did not call yesterday when she went out after work with the girls her mother also grounded her Judy is 26 she says her mother just go home and she is not to be on the phone when she is grounded.

Zack posted 7/1/09 11:48 AM

Danny, What part of the world do you and Judy live in?????
Christine posted 7/3/09 4:56 PM Read my post under "Spanking Babysitters"..I would go with my sister on her babysitting jobs and sometimes get to watch her give a boy a spanking. When I got to be about 11 or 12 watching the spankings became sexual for me. When I got home later that night I would bring back what I had seen in my mind and masturbate while doing so. It may sound kinky now, but at that age it was a genuine turn on. What can I say?

Logan posted 7/3/09 5:40 PM

Hi, Christine,
how old were boys who were spanked by your sister then? Were they embarrassed, when you watched spanking?

Emilie posted 7/3/09 9:54 PM

me too, sometimes

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Patrick Ryan
(Login patryan330)

Spanking teen boys can cause them to masterbate

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September 14 2011, 1:12 PM 

I seem to disagree with many on the subject of masturbation. While I do not condone masturbation I find that Kevin my 16 year old son very quickly gets an erection usually after about 20 smacks of the belt on his naked spread-eagled youthful body. In the past he has ejaculated during his spanking in front of his sister, a year younger, and her two girl friends. After that I do allow him to relieve himself as often as needed during his punishment. I don’t think it is fair to inflict more punishment for something that is caused by the intense heat generated in his well rounded buttocks by my belt giving him a constant hard and I remember I was the same when I was spanked during my teenage years.

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Masturbating rest of my life

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September 16 2011, 12:06 AM 

I got my bare ass spanked as a teen and masturbated during the spanking humping the couch arm...It's become uncontrollable such that I get my bare ass spanked now as a grown man, hump the couch arm or leg I'm bent over till I cum....and then spanked harder....yeah spanking males causes them to masturbate more than oncE!

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Re: Masturbating rest of my life

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April 24 2012, 7:49 PM 

I always got sent to bed early after a spanking so from around age 11 onwards I always masterbated when I was in bed early. Once when I was still in the sitting room my mother caught me masterbating after a spanking. I was in my pjs and without thinking I started to pleasure myself. She caught and gave me a fearsome spanking.

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What a shame

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April 25 2012, 3:15 AM 

Mark how sad that your mum does not understand that masturbation is a normal boy reaction to a spanking.

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Re: What a shame

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April 25 2012, 10:31 AM 

I suspect that spanked me again because I was doing it in the main family room rather than in private .

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Better by my Dad

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April 25 2012, 9:59 PM 

I like spanking better by my Dad because Im 12 he understands boy things better then my mum

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Masturbating after spanking.

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October 7 2016, 9:59 AM 

I would get spanked a lot by both my parents when I was younger. Especially by my mom, she always seemed ready to take me over her knees for something. She worked in an office job an always went to work dressed up in like dress an heels. Well it always seems I did something wrong when she got home from work and she would yell at me and take my jeans and underwear off an make me lay over her knees. The first few times she started doing this I was like 9 I think and while she was spanking my butt, she always used a sandal or slipper by the way, I was wiggling and rubbing on her thigh. well I got a hard and she started yelling at me for that. and she spanked me even harder. As I wiggled around and looking at her legs and shoes I had a dry cum. Not to go on to long, but everytime I got spanked and a hard, she made sure I came on her thighs so she could spank even harder. Then I would get hard again and when she was done, I had to go to my room and relieve myself.

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Re: masturbating after a spanking

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May 26 2012, 2:20 PM 

My mom would often handle me whilst bent over, her hand would my erect penis as she spanked me, often resulting in my ejaculation.

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Would she on purpose grab your penis

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May 27 2012, 4:10 AM 

Daniel, how old are you, Im 13 Does your mum really grab your penis? Anybody would then ejaculate, how exciting!

I ejaculate also, but that's because of the spanking no grabbing here! I just can't hold it man!

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May 28 2012, 5:01 AM 

I think its amazing how many of these posts come from the same IP address.

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Erections Ejaculation

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June 10 2012, 9:31 AM 

yes she frequently touches me, including stimulation whilst im standin in front of her

i'm 14 now

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June 4 2014, 2:44 PM 

Who doesn't get excited seeing someone naked, spanked or not?
Walking around naked is good.
Getting excited is also good.
Touching is exciting.
And ejaculating is great.
At any age!

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