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Spanked by Babysitters

July 5 2009 at 2:19 PM
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Spanked by Babysitters

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July 5 2009, 2:29 PM 

Billy posted 7/2/09 2:59 PM

How many on this forum were spanked by babysitters while growing up?
Also do any women or girls here babysit boys and are allowed to spank them?
And do parents approve of their boys being spanked while under the care of babysitters?

Christine posted 7/2/09 3:12 PM

I never did any babysitting, but I used to go on babysitting jobs with my older sister. I was about 11 or so at the time,my sister was 15. I can remember her spanking some of the boys she babysat for. They were mostly little boys 4 and 5 years old, but I can remember a few times she had to spank 8 or 9 year old for not listening to her. And before you ask, lol, yes it was on his bare hiney, lol..

Jonathan posted 7/3/09 2:41 AM

Yes, from age 7 to 11, after my mom and dad separated, we had a college girl who lived with us -- babysitting and general help in return for room & board. She spanked me on quite a few occasions as did a few other babysitters during the summer when Mary wasn't there.

Ray posted 7/3/09 3:45 AM

From age 6 to 11 I can remember being spanked by sitters. I can also recall my Mom telling the sitters that if I "got out of hand" they should take down my pants and use the paddle or strap in the closet. Many babysitters took her advice and my Mom seemed OK with that.

Billy posted 7/3/09 10:23 AM

Thanks Christine, Jonathan, Ray.
Could you give a description of these spankings, like how they were done, how you felt about it, if the spanker did it out of enjoyment or anger, whether cornertime was employed etc.?

Christine posted 7/3/09 12:44 AM

Billy, the spankings my sister gave were for not listening to her usually when it was time for bed. Their moms had set times when they wanted to go to sleep. The boys knowing that their moms weren't around would take advantage of my sister, at least they thought so, lol. She would give them 3 warnings, after that they would go over her lap and get a spanking and then put to bed. After the 3rd warning, she would find me if I was watching TV in another room or doing something else and tell me she was going to give the boy a spanking and to come and watch if I wanted to. Lol, I always would go and watch, I was only 11 - 12 years old at the time and as you can guess was very interested. Some of the boys really put up a struggle, especially the 7 and 8 year olds, but my sister was pretty strong and was able to get thier pants and underpants down. They would cry and after the spanking my sis brought them to their room and told them to get their pajamas on and get to bed or else they would get more. Don't know if my sister enjoyed spanking them or not, but I surely liked seeing the boys get spanked and their nudity, lol.

Megan posted 7/3/09 4:12 PM

I never gave permission for babysitters to spank my Steve, however, if babysitter had real complains about his behavior, I spanked his myself in front her. Last times, Steve got in front babysitter, when he was about 14.

strict gram posted 7/3/09 7:30 PM

I babysit my grandkids with cp privileges.I don't have to spank often as a session over my knees is not something a child wishes to repeat. My kids, now grown, were sometimes supervised by their granmothers who had cp privileges. I would be reluctant to allow a sitter to spank unless she was a relative or I knew her very well. Gram

Jonathan posted 7/3/09 9:00 PM

Mary, the live-in college student, was reluctant to spank. I'm sure she didn't enjoy it and pretty sure she really didn't like it at all. She did, however, spank the way my mother did when she spanked. That is, underpants down followed by time in the corner still bare bottom.
Gina was a somewhat younger girl, 15-16 I'd say, who sat sometimes during the summer when Mary wasn't there. Gina, I'm pretty sure did enjoy it. She would spank for minor things, but not very hard at all. I think she just enjoyed getting my pants down and having me in her lap. On at least one occasion, she spanked me during the commercials on a whole half hour TV show so I was in her lap the whole time. If I did something really wrong, she would spank harder. I never told my mother about the spankings, because Mom's rule was if I was spanked at school or by a sitter, she gave me a second one.

Ray posted 7/5/09 4:40 AM

Billy, there were a number of these since my Mother usually allowed a sitter to spank who had sat for me before and had earned her trust. So we are talking 4 or 5 different sitters over 5 to 6 years that spanked me one or more times. All were bare bottom because my mom's advice included the phrase"take down his pants". I tended to argue a lot and was not quick to obey if I did not feel like it. This tendency probably lead to most spankings in one way or another. The implements ranged between a yardstick to a paddle a strap and a cane.

Danny posted 7/5/09 7:55 PM

My parents made me have a babysitter till I was 17,mother would always tee the sitters if I did not obey them they could spank me, the most embarrassing time when I was 15and mother hired a 19yr old collage student, and just before my bedtime she told me she was going to give me a bath I told her I can tske my own bath, she told me mom told her to give me a bath, mom meant that I should take a bath when I would not let her do it she put me over her knees and spanked me and gave me the bath, the next morning dad took me to the woodshed and whipped me for not doing what the sitter told me to even if she was wrong.

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