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embarrassment 4 boys

January 21 2010 at 9:09 PM
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I'm soorry to see that the other FD forum has been closed. I hoped that when it was still open on the 15th that candie had relented. Lets hope that this one stays.
In my youth I was subject to many embarrassing spankings. Untill Iwas 15 I found myself bare bottomed over Mom's knees wailing like a 2yo. at least twice a month. As the only male (Dad passed when I was 6) I was outnumbered 4 to 1. My three sisters (1 older, 2 younger) were all spanked in their rooms but I got in front of everyone (my sisters friends were often witnesses).
I once complained that it was embarrassing and Mom retorted that I had embarrassed her and my sisters by my behavior. She threateaned to have Ellen (my youngest sister) spank me on the front porch next time. Thank god that never happened but when I was 12 she gave Janet(2yrs older) spanking privledges. She used them twice.
I deserved both spanking (and was happy to get them from her not Mom) but resented her for years. But to this day I still dream of being on the front porch with my bare bottom over Ellens little knees!

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Brings back memories

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January 25 2010, 10:22 AM 

I found myself in a similar situation. I have 4 sisters (1 older, 3 younger), and all of us were spanked frequently, even when we were in high school. Both Mom and Dad spanked my sisters, but usually in private. Mom spanked me (Dad said it wasn't right for a guy to spank another guy, even if he was his son -- Dad was more than a little homophoebic), but almost always in the den in front of whoever was there, and always bare bottom. Mom would get me bared from the waist down, then make me stand there with hands on head while she lectured and scolded me. My sisters and their friends were eager witnesses, as were Mom's lady friends and their daughters. I was horribly embarrassed, but also found it arousing that the girls were looking at me, which just made me more embarrassed. Occasionally one of my sisters would be spanked in the den and I was allowed to watch them be bared and spanked, but my friends were never allowed to witness their spankings.

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My sorry state

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April 13 2012, 5:28 PM 

My family was strict when it came to modesty. Like walking around in pyjamas without a morning coat was not on. But with spanking all changed. Always this was done on Friday nights. I had 2 younger brothers, 9 and 11 and one sister 5, anyone who lived or came to our place could watch a spanking. I recall when I was 13 and just going into puberty, that I wrecked my Dad’s typewriter. This earned me a major spanking; a moderate spanking was hard spanks on my trousered boy bum, a serious spanking on the undies.But a major one meant all clothes off even socks and singlet. Amazingly, for some unknown reason all my boy cousins came over that night and there was a festive atmosphere. At about 8 that night my father said this is a very sad night because I have to spank Kenty tonight. Anyone who does not like to see a spanking leave. I blushed when Dad said Kenty come here. My Dad placed a chair in the middle of the room and sat on it. Kenty you wrecked my typewriter, do you deserve punishment. I agreed. Kenty this will be a major punishment.
Dad I pleaded, please in my room not with everyone watching. My Dad said no that is part of your punishment. You know what to do, my cousins who were no older then 12, were sniggering. Slowly I undressed until in undies. Take them down to, my dad snapped. No Dad, no I pleaded. So he ripped them down. I covered my package, but Dad snarled Kenty hands on your head. He lectured me for 5 minutes. I noticed my brothers and cousins smiling and whispering, I was well developed with hair and all. I nearly died when I felt my penis stiffening. My Dad pointed and said for your dirty thoughts extra spanks Kenty.
He made me stand hands on heels legs wide. I could see some cousins shift to get a better look at my very intimate areas. They were whispering excitedly. My Dad spanked me very hard. Then made me stand for 1 hour against the wall.

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Oh Boy

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April 14 2012, 2:24 AM 

You sure copped it mate. I can imagine your misery, with young leering cousins, getting a closer look at your very private boy areas when you bend over for your clobbering.

At any rate you survived. and best of luck!

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