Wow I am sooo offended.....

by First time caller long time listener



Mister C blinked as everyone looked confused when they went to the phone lines.

" I take it we have a caller!" Mister C said.

" Yeah, my name is Conner, big fan of the show and huge fan and endorser of the panelists. But I heard the mention of Awesome Kong and had to call in right away cause I just finished reading his post I'm just now repl...." reciever is covered up, muffling voices in the background can be heard.

' I know I'm not suppose to mention that stuff! But how else can you get a comical effect in a reply thats all text based and.... no they can't I'm covering the mouth piece! The ear piece?'

" Anyways back to that scarey dude Awesome Kong. Thats one big dude who kinda reminded me of that one other old man-chick Nicole Bass. I mean that guy had pock marks that looked like someone used her face like a dart board and caught on fire and was later stomped out with kleets. Then again with the amount of weight training they do and all the ,quote, mucle suppliments, unquote, they tend to start looking the opposite of their gender. And thats a shame really because even athletes aren't excluded from that gender confusion mess. On the DWF's last pay per view we had Hillary Swank come out and prove to the World that she was really Matt Damon!

" And with that said I'll just let the returning champ take all my points if it's okay." laughs and hangs up.

Posted on Aug 25, 2009, 12:00 AM

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