Whatchu talkin' about Willis?!?!?!

by Rage


Rage's expression went from a gloat to a disbelievin' wtf?!? shake from his head, lost points again??? Instead he started to chuckle and leaned over to Nobody who was already on his cell tryin' to place a call to the Reverend Jesse Jackson himself for C's oppression of da black man, which was Rage, not really but in a private joke he as on the count that Rage was hung like a Clydesdale, a big black one.

"Man, hold off on the call"

"Joo sure?"

"Ya, all C needs is a few good porns to make him see the light"

"Joo goin' to buy him some? He stole your points! No jazzhands for Mr C! We ask Da Grate Kitteh to smite him"

"Haha naw man, i'm not gonna buy them, joo know how expensive they are"

"You're not goin' to give him yours"

"Fuck no man, i ain't crazy haha we'll stop by the Vp's office and get into his private stash, joo know, the one he keeps in that secret compartment beneath the area rug"

"Wait, is that where you've been gettin them from after shows?"

"Haha where did you think i was gettin' them from in less than 10 minutes"

"Hahahaha dude, only prob is most of them are about buttsecks and joo know the Grate Kitteh no want!"

"Those are the ones we gibs Mr C, we'll take the new Jenna Jameson and Jesse Jane ones he got"

Both men trailed off for a sec then grinned, both nodding "Mmmmmmmm Jesseeeeeeeeeee Janeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Posted on Aug 25, 2009, 8:49 PM

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