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by MadDog Strangla


"Let's see sport's cock up's mmmm, I know down in Texas they still wont shut up about Romo's botched snap in the 2006 playoff game against Seattle. He straight up dropped it, cost them the game 21-20. Which really, they would've lost the bowl game so the loss in the play-offs meant nothing as far as I'm concerned. Still the move is right up there with Jackie's Smith's dropped passed in the end zone that cost an actual super bowl.

As far as racing and the topical start of the question. I don't really see what happened as costing just Lewis the win, racing is a team sport so it was a loss to a lot of people. Really who do you think feels the worst about what happened? Lewis is probably pissed and disappointed, same as owners and managers, but the crew members who dropped the ball, think about how shitty those guys must feel. They aren't even able to show their faces around the tracks right now, maybe out of jobs and for quite sometime with the reputation they've earned.

It's a snow storm of news because it happened in such a large, and professional branch of racing. What's better are win you get into the smaller leagues of racing, weekend warriors, and the like. Pit time hits they run through the drill and send the driver on his way, some where, some how, someone missed a couple of lug nuts and a wheel comes off. At one point there was a clip floating around the int-r-web where all four wheels spun off coming out of pit row, now that was a cock up if there ever was one.

More personally, the biggest I've been part of goes back to high school, and really I think it's a good one all the way around. It was homecoming week and it happened to be one of the few games of the season we had a chance at winning. We sucked, I won't deny the fact, it was a bad couple of years thanks to lacking class numbers. This year we had like six guys who could really play football and I was two of'em, so yeah we were bad. We're on our own forty yard line following a surprisingly decent kick return, tied 7-7 starting the third quarter. First play of the drive and the cock-ups as you call'em Mr. C started as soon as the ball was snapped.

We're running a play action pass with receivers set wide, they come with a full on blitz, we were no where near being set to guard against it. We bought the quarter back as much time as we could, but it was a horrible show of blocking. Not being prepared for what was an obvious blitz horrible fuck up, two was the pass we actually managed to get off, tumbled through the air like there wasn't any air in the ball. We actually caught it on the other side, for all of two seconds then BAM the receiver gets nailed and out comes the ball. Which is the biggest cock up because we never had control and the play should've been an incomplete pass. There's a stumbly fumbly of people trying to get the ball, I come flying in and completely lay waste to their Mike line backer. He would've had it, but I flattened the fool like a pancake under a steam roller, under a tank.

Around this point the receiver who dropped the pass had woozied back to his feet and spotted the ball. Laying right there on the opposing forty yard line and he yanks it up and was gone in a flash, the ball tucked safely under his arm. Everyone on the field hot on his trail as he ran, and ran, sixty yards clear to the end zone. It was a beautiful recovery, a fantastic run, and as he crossed the goal line he was left thinking what the hell....The whistle never sounded, three guys destroyed our receiver as he stood stupidly in the end zone. He was on the opposing forty and ran sixty yards the wrong way, everyone was on his trail, we wanted to stop him to turn him around. The safety was given away and the score went 7-9.

He had been hit pretty hard to knock the ball loose and had no clue where he was when he got up and ran it back. We all consoled Jay with the fact we would've lost the game with or with out his fuck up, the final score was 10-19. The two points he cost us didn't make a different, but really with the way it hit morale...It's hard to come back from a round of cock-ups like that. Scored a 60 yard touchdown on yourself for two points, after what should've been a 20 yard pass or incomplete pass, yeah pretty hard to rally after that.

In the end cock-ups are a part of the game, no matter what the game is. You win or lose, you can blame a cock up or even just a bad pass or a pit time one second two long. It's a nice excuse and if it helps you great, but guess what you still lost and it's still your fault. Then again I guess all cock-ups don't always lead to a lose, so guess what it's still your fault, and it's damn and I mean damn funny that it happened.

Now there Mr. C you got me wondering, how in the heck did I become the psycho of this panel?"

Posted on Aug 27, 2009, 8:01 PM

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