by Rick Astin

"Well I'm going to have to use my good ole standbye rant....and rant against my cable company...first they get me in with a smooth talking phone operator who promises that my cable bill will be 80$ more....naturally it was a bit more then often comes out to 200$ a month....and that's not even including the box which I had to buy because I didn't want to pay rent on it...and the fun thing is the more time goes on...the more features they cut...what's even better is they charge us big city prices...and we don't even get 1/3rd of what they're offering in those big cities...We're supposed to have TMN on demand free with TMN subscription....nope...instead they only have super ecran on demand with the subscription to that...funny thing..the parent company owns that channel...TMN has even gone as far as to issue a statement that it's good to go...and it's just videotron that doesn't want it....same deal with the WWE 24/7 I order all these big payperviews every month..and when it got to summerslam the feed crapped out...they patched in the HD feed and pretended like nothing happened....I want a rebate or something for missing part of the show...and they're all "Nothing happened"....big freaking HD in the corner and the guy is like "I don't see anything"....I say I taped it...dude shits a brick and says he'll call us back...never did....I ended up getting my rebate...but I decide I'll switch cable companies...only problem...there ARENT I decide to try out satellite tv...only landlord refuses any dishes...flat out..he comes and takes them Im stuck with videotron..but then I notice something else....I got the internet, cable and phone all with them....I can leave when my contract is done right....but the contracts all end at different times despite my taking them all at the same no matter what I'd have to pay a breach of contract fee....and don't get me started on the customer service....I very much believe they expect you to hang up before you ever get to a customer 2 hours in and you finally get a human on the phone...and they can't even speak english or French...they're speaking in tahili or whatever and talking to me like Im an idiot...."R as in Rich, I as in insane...C as in car...K as in kill" WHAT THE FUCK!....and they pass it through the office from person to person as none of them want to actually admit fault....BAH...HUMBUG!!"

Posted on Sep 15, 2009, 1:08 PM

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