by Rage


After hearin' the question, Rage shot a glance over at Nobody who looked back, sharin' the seven footer's wth? expression. The question was loaded and Rage knew as did everyone watchin' the show that his answer could cause dissension amongst the stable but goin' in, he also knew that the show and it's host were controversial. Whether dissension was the goal was irrelevent, he'd been asked to step up and Rage was not one to back down.

It had only been a few seconds since Mr. C asked when a grin broke across the nWo monster's face and reachin' into the cooler Nobody had brought, twisted the cap off another longneck and took a swig.

"Out of all the nWo, I am the number one in the faction---at bein' the Enforcer"

The audience let out a sigh of relief then cheered the 7 footer who slid back in his seat and reached out with his left arm to high five Nobody who went for a high five.

"Nothin' beats the sound of skulls crackin' together or the feel of buryin' my fist into some peon's face, nothin' Mr. C. It's never personal just business, good business. If some asshat flaps his gums at someone in the group, i'm the first one to shut his piehole then kick his cornhole haha. You'll never meet another motherfucker like me C, never. Let me ask you something. Have you ever just wanted to rail some loser that looked at your woman at the bar or at a party or parked in your personal parkin' space? That's what I do and it feels good. I'll tell ya what else C Man, if anyone loves their job, it's me. Fightin' drinkin', women, money, more fightin', more women and good times man, that's what it's all about"

Posted on Sep 23, 2009, 7:01 PM

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