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Message TitleAuthor and Date
You're not a man until you implement tetrisNick on Jun 24
 Awesome work! So concise!FellippeHeitor on Jun 24
 * I think you meant impregnate.Confused Word Police on Jun 24
If you've got some time to killFellippeHeitor on Jun 19
 * If you killed time, 20 years to life would be irrelevant.Mr. Spock Meets Romulan Ale on Jun 24
Easy way to generate animated gifs out of your qb64 programsKeith on Jun 17
complex exponentiationVinecius on Jun 11
 examplesVinecius on Jun 12
  z' = z^z + c fractal, interestingVinecius on Jun 12
   neatVinecius on Jun 12
    Re: neatVinecius on Jun 12
  evolution of the multibrotv on Jun 13
 newton fractal, z^3-1v on Jun 12
 Burning ship zoomv on Jun 14
"Can't contain me" gameFellippeHeitor on May 31
 Problems, FH...TheBOB on May 31
  might just be the first and last line! on Jun 1
   First and last lines indeed. Updated code, anyway:FellippeHeitor on Jun 1
    Pretty neat little game, FH...TheBOB on Jun 1
     You can change the SCREEN _NEWIMAGE dimensions of you likeFellippeHeitor on Jun 1
      Will do! ...and on the subject of stretched full screen on 16x9's...TheBOB on Jun 1
       On a default non-fullscreen scenario, the X button :-)FellippeHeitor on Jun 1
        * Thanks!TheBOB on Jun 1
Snake againFellippeHeitor on May 14
 * Works fine! (more colourful than the original, but the sounds are familiar--LOL)TheBOB on May 14
  P.S. I created a graphical version called "Rattler" a few years ago *(URL)TheBOB on May 14
   Rattler looks and sounds amazing, TheBOB!FellippeHeitor on May 14
    Thanks! Actually, older versions did come with the original QBasic RATTLER...TheBOB on May 14
    Sorry, FH...TheBOB on May 15
     *Not an issue at all! :-)FellippeHeitor on May 15
 Screen 0 SnakeFellippeHeitor on May 17
  * Works great! I like the fact that you can't go off screen--but no Nibbles sounds! :-(TheBOB on May 17
   My bad... forgot to put them back in! *(URL)FellippeHeitro on May 17
    That's more like it...TheBOB on May 17
checkersعثمان غازى on May 13
 Works pretty good...TheBOB on May 13
UnicodeDeco on May 7
 Ps.Deco on May 7
 _MAPUNICODEFellippeHeitor on May 7
  _MAPUNICODEDeco on May 8
 you can do the first 3 using the the DOS encodingk on May 7
  Re: kDeco on May 8
   Are you reading a file or the keyboard?Michael Calkins on May 9
    Re:Deco on May 9
     by looking at the file in a hex editor.Michael Calkins on May 9
      Re: Michael CalkinsDeco on May 9
       I don't know what you're asking.Michael Calkins on May 9
     Sounds like the lyrics to one of my old songs...Billy Joel on May 9
      Re:Deco on May 9
       *Drat you Perry the Platypus! And I was sure sure my disguise was completely Scooby proof!Dr. Doofensmirtz on May 9
       Hi Chris!*Uparty Pal on May 9
     So,Michael Calkins on May 9
      * You should write computer text books. Every bit as good as the stuff on the shelves.Pete on May 9
      Re:Deco on May 9
       I'd rather reply on the forum for programming stuffMichael Calkins on May 9
        PSMichael Calkins on May 9
         cp852.biMichael Calkins on May 9
         utf16le2cp852.basMichael Calkins on May 9
         infileutf16le.txtMichael Calkins on May 9
         Re:Deco on May 10
          No disrespect meantMichael Calkins on May 10
           Re: Michael CalkinsDeco on May 10
            No.Michael Calkins on May 10
             ENDDeco on May 10
              Uparty means stubborn in Polish.Uparty Pal on May 10
        * I use Notepad++ and yes, it will accept those characters you posted.Pete on May 9
         *It would need to be able to save in the CP852 encoding.Michael Calkins on May 10
      PRINT with _MAPUNICODE and Lucida Console.Michael Calkins on May 9
 NOTE TO MICHAELPete on May 10
  *It's fine.Michael Calkins on May 10
 Several of those are not in CP852Michael Calkins on May 10
Qbasic pops up in the strangest placesSimmons on May 6
 * Interesting stuff, but can you understand what he's saying with that accent?!TheBOB on May 6
  I had to rewind a couple times to hear properlySimmons on May 6
   * Hey, no kidding about "trying your hand"--looks like fun.TheBOB on May 6
 Bisqwit usually lurks in the #qb64 room at freenode.netFellippeHeitor on May 7
  That was Qb64? That explains the speed*Simmons on May 8
   * Should've known--that's why all the comments are in a different colour!TheBOB on May 8
    Hey, I handle all the colorful comments around here... ah, or are those the off-color onesPete on May 8
QBASIC on iphone?MJ on May 4
 Quite a handful of DOS emulators for phones around.*- on May 4
  DOS emulatorsMJ on May 4
   On the iPhone, only if you jailbreak. On an Android phone you'll be more lucky.*- on May 4
 Side note: Act of Star Wars to make QB64 mobile. Good day to try. May the 4th be with you!Pete on May 4
Easter egg, step by step...TheBOB on May 1
 Silly TheBOB. Everyone knows you never STEP on an Easter Egg!Pete on May 1
  Yes, Pete, I do have other interests...TheBOB on May 1
   I get where you're coming from there, TheBOB.Kewbie on May 1
    *You might check your nutrition. I've heard certain proteins are vital for memory.Michael Calkins on May 1
     * Try some dark chocolate!Solitaire on May 2
      * The only thing that will get him to remember is he needs to go on a diet!Pete on May 2
    Exactly, Kew...TheBOB on May 1
     So you're saying if you were Florida...Pete on May 2
      * Have you seen my keys, by the way?TheBOB on May 2
   films (3 P.S.)Michael Calkins on May 1
 Very didatic, TheBOB!FellippeHeitor on May 1
  * LOL--Next time I'll try to include more in-between steps (great analogy).TheBOB on May 1
 adjusting the curve of the laceJim on May 1
  * I disagree--a definite improvement! Thanks!TheBOB on May 1
   A slight tweek...TheBOB on May 1
QBasic Books, Free to Good HomeDutinian on Apr 30
 Re: QBasic Books, Free to Good HomePete on May 1
  That would be great!Dustinian on May 2
   Done! (URL)*Pete on May 2
    They have been claimed!Dustinian on May 3
     * That was good of you, I'm sure Tim will make good use of them.TheBOB on May 3
     You're welcome and welcome to stop by anytime...Pete on May 3
     QBasic Games and More disk filesTim on May 11
      Re: QBasic Games and More disk filesPete on May 11
       Re: QBasic Games and More disk filesTim on May 11
        I posted a shout out on the QB64 board...URL*Pete on May 12
         Re: I posted a shout out on the QB64 board...URL*Tim on May 12
          Fingers crossed. Let us know if it works out.Pete on May 12
           RE: Fingers crossed. Let us know if it works out.Tim on May 20
            RE: Fingers crossed. Let us know if it works out.Tim on May 20
             RE: Fingers crossed. Let us know if it works out.Tim on May 20
              Tim, you're pretty amazing...Pete on May 21
Format$() functionFellippeHeitor on Apr 28
 Oops, buggy code. Fixed version here:*(URL)FellippeHeitor on Apr 28
  In a response to the post at that link, Petr says:Kewbie on Apr 29
   I kinda ignored that part of his comment and focused on the "thanks", especially because:FellippeHeitor on Apr 29
    btw, here's the function for QB4.5FellippeHeitor on Apr 29
    Well now you need an UNFORMAT$ function ***Clippy on Apr 29
     *I guess so! :DFellippeHeitor on Apr 29
DatesMateo on Apr 25
 Re: DatesMichael Calkins on Apr 25
  DatesMateo on Apr 26
   Re: DatesMichael Calkins on Apr 26
Pong- on Apr 23
 * Pretty neat! I like that it's easy to win (I'm terrible at real ping-pong).TheBOB on Apr 23

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