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QB64.net is back online. QB.org and Wiki mirror links here... sticky (1 reply) Pete on Feb 20
QBash?Simmons on Apr 18
New Gallery open for contributions at QB64.orgPete on Mar 12
 Re: New Gallery open for contributions at QB64.orgSMcNeill on Mar 16
 And I thought this was the birthplace of QB64....Sigmund Freud on Mar 17
And speaking of St. Patty's Day; hey Bobtender... You have a customer at QB64.org!Pete on Mar 7
 Beautiful B+! ...and thanks for the plug, Pete...TheBOB on Mar 7
  Nice! I'll pop that link over at .org, too.Pete on Mar 7
   * LOL--probably shake a few people up! Thanks for the added link.TheBOB on Mar 7
QB64.net is back up!*FellippeHeitor on Mar 2
bot-a-bing. A screen reading chat bot for QB64 IRC.Pete on Feb 25
Fell, Luke or Bill...Pete on Feb 24
 I'm for itFellippeHeitor on Feb 24
  Re: I'm for itPete on Feb 24
   "Everyone is entitled to my opinion."B+ on Feb 24
*FYI: The latest version of QB64 will run QB code saved in tokenized form.Pete on Feb 23
 response to tokenizedbplus1 on Feb 23
  NopeFellippeHeitor on Feb 23
   *OK thanks FellippeB+ on Feb 23
    Token?B+ on Feb 24
     *LOL That's TolkienKewbie on Feb 25
      :-))B+ on Feb 26
Oh BTW - This forum is back open for business. Just bag it after you're done with yours.Pete on Feb 22
 Thanks for welcomebplus1 on Feb 23
Hi Petebplus1 on Feb 22
 bot-a-boom-bot-a-bingbot-a-bing on Feb 22
Hey menno. You missed Newk in the chatroom tonight...Pete on Feb 19
 Update: Opened The QB Code Forum and Linux Forum for posts.Pete on Feb 13
  New Update on Forums open here now for posting...Pete on Feb 14
Forum Status Update...Pete on Feb 1
 Migration has started... IMPORTANT for sub-forum mods...Pete on Feb 1
  Do as you please with the Graphics Forum, Pete...TheBOB on Feb 2
   * Same here.Solitaire on Feb 3
 I'll take a shot at getting this done tonight or tomorrow morning...Pete on Feb 4
  * Done.Pete on Feb 5
This forum going forward...Pete on Jan 28
 i have a suggestion, but it has limited meriteasylangs on Jan 28
 Future usage plans...TheBOB on Jan 28
  wow, pete (or someone) even took down the downloads page. about that...easylangs on Jan 28
   Not me. Apparently part of the "migration" process.Pete on Jan 29
    * or downgrade, or whatever they want to call iteasylangs on Jan 29
    Actually what is missing is things in the "Realm" folder. For instance...Pete on Jan 29
     * Huh? The biggest loss there is the homework link! We're in deep borscht now!!Crimea River on Jan 29
 No one has used my VB forum for a couple of years.Solitaire on Jan 29
  programming changes, the fundamentals do a littleeasylangs on Jan 29
   It's the business angleSolitaire on Jan 30
    youre not wrong...easylangs on Jan 30
 Pete, how about this...TheBOB on Jan 29
  Bob! That's an amazing idea, and here's why...Pete on Jan 30
   Great idea, Pete! And I'm willing to admit that you might have thought of it first--ish...TheBOB on Jan 30
   i like it, the best part of it will beeasylangs on Jan 30
 Well, it was fun while it lastedLuke on Jan 30
called it!easylangs on Jan 28
 fig forumeasylangs on Jan 28

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