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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Buffon challengeliszt1 on Aug 16
what galleon should do next (mostly joking)easylangs on Aug 15
 found the html for iteasylangs on Aug 16
Kudos on the new registration policy.*FellippeHeitor on Aug 14
 Thanks. It takes a jackass to make a policy...Pete on Aug 14
  Better here than at QB64.net where Galleon and all the other mods are missing...SMcNeill on Aug 14
   I used to remove a lot of spam at qb64.net before Rob made people register.Pete on Aug 14
Here's a strange string thing I just noticed in QB64: a$5Pete on Aug 13
 In other words...TheBOB on Aug 13
  * I won't accept that but it will accept a$100.Pete on Aug 13
   * Aha! Good to know.TheBOB on Aug 13
    It's probably an overlook by Rob. QBasic won't accept numbers after the dollar sign.Pete on Aug 13
     *No problem, anyway--I haven't used dollar signs in years in any QB.TheBOB on Aug 13
      Then you are probably not aware of how much a used dollar sign is worth.Pete on Aug 13
       * With the polymer bills Canada is now using, $ doesn't seem to apply anymore.TheBOB on Aug 13
     QB64 fixed length string type suffixes on Aug 13
      * Ah, not a bug, a feature! No more DIM a AS STRING * 5... needed.Pete on Aug 13
* InForm needs its own forum. InForum. Yw for that name.Anon on Aug 12
 ♥*FellippeHeitor on Aug 13
Is it time to require account registration yet? on Aug 9
 Even if you lifted it later on Aug 9
  * I agree. It's getting to be annoying. on Aug 13
 Would someone please explain what "this nuisance" refers to?Kewbie on Aug 14
  * LOL@"authorized to leave spam" :-DTheBOB on Aug 14
   * Really? I thought you would have lol at the occasional part.Pete on Aug 14
    * Well, sometimes at the stupidity of it.TheBOB on Aug 14
  Oh, Kew--in answer to your "nuisance" question...TheBOB on Aug 14
   I'm always grateful to avoid spam.Kewbie on Aug 16
(Qbasic) Nibbles in third episode of ReBoot Canadian kids show on Aug 8
QB64x64 (07-30-2017)SMcNeill on Jul 30
IN OTHER NEWS (*url)Luke on Jul 28
Wanna see what GREED can do to make America great again?WTF on Jul 24
 * Don't make me put my size 26 shoe in your ass!Major Clown on Jul 24
  Cool! Put it up somebody else's ass and do something great for America yourself*WTF on Jul 24
the time luke and bill (and many others) rewrote computing history on Jul 23
 honorable mention: smalltalk on Jul 23
  * And your use of all caps disturbs the rest of us.Pete on Jul 24
   * It's to compensate for the lack of capitalization in the original postLuke on Jul 24
    * Oh, like when people buy big cars to compensate for small off-road vehicles.Pete on Jul 24
 * 100% backwards menn. I'm a functional prog'ing guy. Better then OOP.STxAxTIC on Jul 24
  id ask how you and luke get along then... on Jul 24
   *shitposting begets shitpoasting. idgaf about this topic honestly.STx on Jul 25
    Why Bill had to give up his career in the cartoon industry.Not Really Hanna Barbara on Jul 25
     * I got fired (upon) for pitching The Illustrated Escapades of a Bi-Curious Mohamed.STx on Jul 26
      * Fortunately your humor came in handy in your next occupation, theoretical physics!Pete on Jul 26
       * his specialty is theoretical arguments-- the only ingredients are unsupported claims on Jul 26
UntitledHis true nemesis is Ted on Jul 23
QB64 BUG : Can't have SHARED and function parameter with same name- on Jul 17
QB64 BUG : Can't parse constant expression- on Jul 17
 It's not even a parsing problem...TheBOB on Jul 17
  not in front of QB64 right now, but...STx on Jul 17
   * Changing it to ScreenW and ScreenH gives the same error- on Jul 17
    Further testing...TheBOB on Jul 17
   *If they don't come prefixed with a _ they're valid namesFellippeHeitor on Jul 17
  *In the sample code above num is a variable anyway and will error even in QbasicFellippeHeitor on Jul 17
Don't panic!Galleon on Jul 17
 * Reminds me of the m&m candy commercial about Santa.... "He does exist!"Pete on Jul 17
  * And like Santa, he only shows up once a yearBut I don't blame him at all on Jul 22
 Phew!*FellippeHeitor on Jul 17
 Ok!commandvom on Jul 20

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