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Message TitleAuthor and Date
how thebob learned programming from ontariotvmn on May 28
 thats tvontario, not ontariotv. HERE is the coolest programming environment evermn on May 28
Converting gw basic code to visual basicHelpless Programmer on May 18
 Most of it will run in QB64...TheBOB on May 18
  The OPEN file GW Basic method works in QB64! *Clippy on May 20
   *Thanks, Clipster.TheBOB on May 20
A question for SimmonsKewbie on May 13
 Interesting questionSimmons on May 13
Teaching programming without QB, using the Console.Solitaire on May 11
 the advantage of teaching console programmingmn on May 11
 *Do you have any lesson plans on Multithreading kicking around?Simmons on May 11
  Sorry, no. Basic introductory stuff only.Solitaire on May 12
   me too...mn on May 12
   Just curiousSimmons on May 12
    youve probably seen thesemn on May 12
     Haven't seen all of themSimmons on May 13
The Joy of Basic in Sixteen WordsPublic Domain on May 9
 *Now do joy of basic in HaikuSimmons on May 11
  Oh, the Programs You'll Run!Not really "Ted" Geisel on May 11
Teaching kids programming with QBSolitaire on May 6
 it has its advantagesmn on May 7
  it has it's disadvantages...Simmons on May 8
   re:mn on May 8
    Only you could respond with just the RE: partNot really a Mennonite on May 8
     im sure he can find it from the main page, but youve only made it worsemn on May 8
    Cheap sbcs and microcontrollersSimmons on May 8
     good stuff, ty. i figured a breadboard alone would be $20mn on May 8
brute force bachet's weighing problemMichael Calkins on May 4
 brute force bachet's weighing problemDeco on May 5
QB64 code not workingJ Coll on May 4
 *What part are you having trouble with?Simmons on May 8
QB64_LinuxDeco on May 3
 Re: QB64_LinuxLuke on May 4
  QB64_LinuxDeco on May 4
Can't DIM this Array Successfullyabrogard on May 3
 Re: Can't DIM this Array SuccessfullyMichael Calkins on May 4
Help with first text adventureZebura on Apr 15
 Re: Help with first text adventurePete on Apr 15
  Re: Help with first text adventureZebura on Apr 15
   a few things you could trymn on May 22
    *you could also use two arrays, so whatever is INVENTORY$(8) is counted in QUANTITY(8)mn on May 22
Scan code for 'insert' key, and how to apply itkanga85 on Apr 12
 Re: Scan code for 'insert' key, and how to apply itPete on Apr 12
  Re: Scan code for'insert' key, and how to apply itkanga85 on Apr 13
   Use our QB64 WIKI if you need help for QB here (link)Clippy on Apr 29
I'm probably the last one here to know this, however...TheBOB on Apr 11
 Wow! I didn't know that...Pete on Apr 11
  *Blindsided yet again! LOL!TheBOB on Apr 11
  Running a QB program in Notepad with F5 has done that many timesClippy on Apr 12
   * I agree, and it would be nice if it added a compliment on the elegance of your code!TheBOB on Apr 12
 One of the very few useful aspects of notepadLuke on Apr 12
 it took me years to find a replacement for notepad because of that featuremn on Apr 12
  You must be talking about smart people?Pete on Apr 12
   its a good program, i like everything about it exceptmn on Apr 12
    Windows 98 Notepad includes F5 time and date.Pete on Apr 12
     clarificationmn on Apr 12
      Ah, got it now...Pete on Apr 12
       at least they didnt tell you to break your windowsmn on Apr 12
        That's why we have to raise the min wage to $15...Pete on Apr 12
    A few bad things about notepadMichael Calkins on May 4
  *If Dos EDIT had F5 date shortcut, any QB'er would feel right at homeSimmons on Apr 14
   except why i used notepad in the first place...mn on Apr 14
 Re: I'm probably the last one here to know this, however...Michael Calkins on May 4
what does this program do?Keith on Apr 4
 *what it doesn't do is use the imaginary part of the complex numberSimmons on Apr 5
Come on Kewbie Doo...The Mystery Machine on Mar 27
 Pete, I'm touched...Kewbie on Mar 27

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