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Message TitleAuthor and Date
FontChris on Jul 26
 FontChris on Jul 26
 why would you do this to the latin alphabet?Jim on Jul 26
  * Because QB64 is a dead language!L Ron Hubbard on Jul 26
  FontChris on Jul 27
* Well I finally found out that QB runs fine on Win 7 32 bit!Clippy on Jul 16
 * except for the sound and monitor size cuts off parts of screensClippy on Jul 16
RPG QuestionPete on Jul 15
 Seems to me you don't need much help...TheBOB on Jul 15
Website Redesign - Some QBasic content includedComputerGhost on Jul 14
 *Nice clean design, CG. Good luck!TheBOB on Jul 15
  I agree, and at least I am not the only one.Waltersmind - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Jul 16
   Thanks. Yours looks pretty nice, too.ComputerGhost on Jul 16
    Thank you and feel free to use what ever code you find on the pageWaltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Jul 17
     Isn't hypertext working here anymore either?Clippy on Jul 17
      * NOPE! Still waiting for STICKIES too!Clippy on Jul 17
       Stickies?Waltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Jul 17
        I see you got hypertext, musta been my computer not signed inClippy on Jul 17
     It's interesting that you mentioned color psychologyComputerGhost on Jul 17
      I am still trying to get the hang of "Color Psychology"Waltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Jul 18
       Re: I am still trying to get the hang of "Color Psychology"ComputerGhost on Jul 19
        The Canvas API is my favorite HTML5 technology and I only support the latest PC browsersWaltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Jul 19
         Site downloadComputerGhost on Jul 20
          Wonderful stuff. Thank you.Waltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Jul 20
           Re: Wonderful stuff. Thank you.ComputerGhost on Jul 21
            Code is cool, but Syntax Highlighting is kingWaltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer on Jul 21
             * Subject makes NO sense ^The umm Police on Jul 22
      Always love to be a gadfly ;-DKewbie on Jul 19
       Kewbie!!!ComputerGhost on Jul 19
SDL 2 would have solved the licensing problems.Pete on Jul 11
 I tend to agree! The GL keywords are harder than C anyhow!Clippy on Jul 12
  According to what I have found SDL2 does not have 3DClippy on Jul 12
   SDL 2.0 does have 3D supportWaltersmind - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Jul 16
Pattern moving circlealex88 on Jul 10
 Re: Pattern moving circleSMcNeill on Jul 10
  Yep, Steve's your guy if you want to spend your time going around in circles!Pete on Jul 10
   Both of you have to be pretty good at talking in circles too...*Clippy on Jul 10
    * Clippy's circles always come around to byte you in the ASCII.Pete on Jul 10
     That's an idea SCREEN 0 Hero, make me an ASCII circle! *Clippy on Jul 10
      Be careful what you wish for...Pete on Jul 10
       LOL, Pete would have been a lot easier, but would look like a box *Clippy on Jul 10
        * Any jerk that makes a crack about putting a square peg into a round hole gets banned.Pete on Jul 10
         I dance sometimes when the rhythm moves meGopus on Jul 14
 Re: Pattern moving circlealex88 on Jul 12
  I left you some CIRCLE info at your post on Pete's SiteClippy on Jul 12
file manager for DOSgoerge on Jul 6
What's up with Windows 7 and COM?Pete on Jul 6
 NT blocks COM port accessClippy on Jul 6
  Maybe Amusing Steve can make a QB64 _OPENPORT function...Pete on Jul 6
   You need a Library like INPOUT32/64Clippy on Jul 6
    I might have to look into port forwarding, too.Pete on Jul 6
     COM ports and Routers are two different worldsClippy on Jul 6
      Re: COM ports and Routers are two different worldsPete on Jul 6
  Is that you in the reflection, Ted?Luke on Jul 7
   No, that's my wife... *Clippy on Jul 7
    * Looks like someone needs to invest in a rainbow screen saver.Pete on Jul 7
     * Funny, I tried to hide the camera reflection and didn't see me...Clippy on Jul 7
      *Is that really you, or were you just channeling Joseph Stalin while replying to my post?Pete on Jul 7
    *Okay, sorry for the assumptionLuke on Jul 8
    "Not that there's anything wrong with that."Kewbie on Jul 8
     * Careful, Clippy carries a lot of influence. His AIDs may be contacting you soon!Pete on Jul 8
      Pete, if YOUR wife looked like that...Kewbie on Jul 8
   Re: Is that you in the reflection, Ted?Michael Calkins on Jul 9
    My XP laptop is an E1505, almost same thin I guessClippy on Jul 12
What's up with ENVIRON?Luke on Jul 5
 Just a thought...TheBOB on Jul 5
  For the recordLuke on Jul 5
   *Ah, right. You get the error message even before the program runs.TheBOB on Jul 5
 What's up is that newer Windows versions do not allow changes.Clippy on Jul 5
  Re: What's up is that newer Windows versions do not allow changes.luke on Jul 5
   Well you can't use EVIRON without Windows or MSDOS either.Clippy on Jul 5
    * What on earth are you talking about?Luke on Jul 5
     * Oh sure, limit the conversation to Earth.Pete on Jul 5
      *LOL--yes, on Pluto, Clippy makes perfect sense.TheBOB on Jul 5
       Ah yes, Pluto, where Canadians go to get away from the harsh winters.Pete on Jul 5
        *Those students must have been from Vancouver--never gets very cold there.TheBOB on Jul 5
         * Sure clown around with Pete, your healthcare isn't threatened by anybody?Clippy on Jul 5
          *Sheesh! Give it a rest, Clippy.TheBOB on Jul 5
           * Yeah why put it on your shoulders when almost everybody else has it too?Clippy on Jul 5
            *What on earth (and Pluto) are you talking about?TheBOB on Jul 6
   That's the case both in Windows and DOS.Michael Calkins on Jul 9
    proof of conceptMichael Calkins on Jul 9
Billy Mays here for CLS 3!Billy Mays on Jul 4
 Re: Billy Mays here for CLS 3!SMcNeill on Jul 4
  Pete says 'Amusing' you say 'Amazing' so I'll put my 40 yrs of experience to work...Mr. Trump on Jul 5
Amusing Steve and his _FILEINUSE-LESS statementPete on Jul 4
 Re: Amusing Steve and his _FILEINUSE-LESS statementSMcNeill on Jul 4
  Use FREEFILE, fool!Mr. T on Jul 4
   Re: Use FREEFILE, fool!SMcNeill on Jul 4
    Make OPEN a function,Michael Calkins on Jul 9
     Re: Make OPEN a function,Luke on Jul 9
      because then you have to have a seperate FREEFILE.Michael Calkins on Jul 9
       No, no, no!Pete on Jul 9
        You don't need no stinking FREEFILE ARRAY! Just number them consecutively. *Clippy on Jul 9
         You're wrong about that, but you can lose the array as in this example...Pete on Jul 9
        * Your title implies that you're contradicting me, but your post doesn't seem to.Michael Calkins on Jul 9
         Yeah, remember, I love stirring the pot.Pete on Jul 9
          The developers of FREEFILE didn't have any problemsClippy on Jul 9
           Re: The developers of FREEFILE didn't have any problemsPete on Jul 9
            LMAO, duplicate variables will tend to make all kinds of errors SkippyClippy on Jul 9
             * I already posted a better example of unique variables, fool.Mr. Pete on Jul 9
The QB version of Kobayashi Maru...Pete on Jul 3
 Glad QB64 was compatible...*Clippy on Jul 3
anyone an expert at RANDOMIZE?Dave on Jun 30
 You can use most any value as a seed for RANDOMIZE...TheBOB on Jul 1
 Re: anyone an expert at RANDOMIZE?Michael Calkins on Jul 1
  Still not quite sure...Dave on Jul 1
   RND random values are determined by a special formulaClippy on Jul 2
   Re: Still not quite sure...Michael Calkins on Jul 2
    thanks...Dave on Jul 2
    got itDave on Jul 3
Hmm, seems someone found that STATIC forces uppercase in IDE. Just goes to show...Pete on Jun 28
 LOL, welcome back FOO fighter! *Clippy on Jun 28
  Thanks, I wasn't getting enough sleep, so I visited the QB64 forum...Pete on Jun 29
   Visit my forum and you might actually stay awakeWaltersmind - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Jun 29
    Well, it's shiny. That makes it a little harder to nod off...Pete on Jun 29
     I have to polish it often to keep the dust offWaltersmind - A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Jun 29
      Wow, it's even shinier!Pete on Jun 29
KontaktMat on Jun 22
 * feel free to contact me via email: smcneill@swva.netSMcNeill on Jun 23
  * Or better still, send him $10 a month and get his daily corn report in your inbox!Pete on Jun 23

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