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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Is OPTION _EXPLICIT still valid?Simmons on Feb 21
 *disregard my last. Got it in a dirty buildSimmons on Feb 21
Preview files (code)- on Feb 15
 Not working for me, dash...TheBOB on Feb 15
  You drag files onto the .exe in Windows Explorer so they can be previewed.- on Feb 15
   Screenshots (expire in 24h):- on Feb 15
   Let me get this straight...TheBOB on Feb 15
    Dragging onto a shortcut or onto an exe have the same result.*- on Feb 15
    I mean it literally.*- on Feb 15
     Yup, that did it...TheBOB on Feb 15
      If you drag text, image, sound or font, click it in the list to preview its contents.- on Feb 15
       * Well, works great. Not bad for a lazy morning.TheBOB on Feb 15
 More file formats; Pic preview fit the screen (aspect ratio preserved); Text doesn't trunc- on Feb 15
  fixed- on Feb 16
   Plus large image zoom with mousewheel:- on Feb 16
BallPopFellippeHeitor on Feb 14
 Pretty neat! ...TheBOB on Feb 14
  Thanks TheBOB!FellippeHeitor on Feb 14
7 year old coding for android in javamn on Feb 6
menn!! What the heck was this a response to? ...TheBOB on Feb 6
 *hopefully the "see alice" spam you took care of alreadymn on Feb 6
  Makes sense...TheBOB on Feb 6
   if you ever need to find a post, all you have to do is askmn on Feb 6
    * No need to bother--as long as I'm not the *one person* who can't find it :-PTheBOB on Feb 6
     Oh! I just got it! ...TheBOB on Feb 6
      youre actually billy van, arent you?mn on Feb 6
       * Yeah, I used to have a poster of Luba in a swimsuit... no wait, that was Farrah Fawcett.TheBOB on Feb 6
        I was poor when I was a kid and couldn't afford a picture of Fawcett in a swim suit.Pete on Feb 6
         i did an image search for: luba goy hot (it mustve thought i said "earl grey hot" instead)mn on Feb 6
          When I was young I was poor and couldn't afford Earl Grey tea...Pete on Feb 7
           that reminds me of "mennonites recipe for a perfect earl grey cuppa"mn on Feb 7
           * We had a grey dog named Earl once. Maybe we were neighbors.Dav on Feb 8
            * LOLKew on Feb 8
           (URL*)Docfxit on Feb 11
            * Fascinating! (and most relevant). Thanks, Doc!TheBOB on Feb 11
people dont know this is also the math forum, and ive got a question for billmn on Feb 5
 Related (*URL)- on Feb 10
  *nice, thank youmn on Feb 10
  Hey now. Cut that out!Pete on Feb 11
   *As I read the physicist's answer, Jupiter is 1/75th to 1/85th of a star.Kew on Feb 11
    * I only drink soda that can support itself. No Fizz-assist needed.Pete on Feb 11
     *Maybe you need to go to a fizz-chiatrist, Pete.Kew on Feb 12
      * I had a complete fizz-ical last year. My next fizz-it isn't until Fizz-mas so fizz-off.Pete on Feb 12
       * Alright, now I'm totally con-fizzed.TheBOB on Feb 12
        thebob, how old are you again?mn on Feb 12
         * 73--and incidentally, Solitaire, I have no upper body strength to speak of.TheBOB on Feb 12
          and hes not even smart enough to leave canadamn on Feb 12
           * Hey, c'mon, man! I told you that in confidence!TheBOB on Feb 12
            i know bob, i know. but everybody already knew-- its in your hair, there are syrup bottlemn on Feb 12
             geez, i guess you CANT make this stuff upmn on Feb 12
              *you notice they mention canada-- syrup addiction capital of the worldmn on Feb 12
               Yeah, but that's not a maple syrup addiction...TheBOB on Feb 12
                *im not judging, i like them with hp sauce.mn on Feb 12
Qb64.net down?SMcNeill on Feb 2
 do an nslookup and then type the ip into your web browsermn on Feb 2
  Re: do an nslookup and then type the ip into your web browserBorris on Feb 3
   shut up, borrisnatasha on Feb 3
    and by the way, heres how the rest of that joke goesmn on Feb 3
     *i LOLed at both versions admittedlystx on Feb 3
     I hope you'll put up with yet ANOTHER version:Kew on Feb 3
      Thank God he wasn't at the Linux Tower...Pete on Feb 3
       *LOL And if he was at T-Rump tower, Don would've just told him to @#^@&$ off!Kew on Feb 4
       *you need grep for thatmn on Feb 4
        *Gah! regex: looks like a rat crawled around on your shift-key-jammed-down keyboardKew on Feb 4
         so true-- but optionalmn on Feb 4
          and just to be clear, i was saying your statement did NOT contain much hyperbolemn on Feb 4
 QB64.netChris on Feb 3
  * to be clear, .net is working but forums/wiki are notstx on Feb 3
   QB64.netChris on Feb 3
  QB64.netChris on Feb 3
 I contacted Galleon and he replied that he would fix QB64.NET soooo....Mr Obvious on Feb 5
  depending on the server, the easy (probably not best) way to fix this is...mn on Feb 5
 Forum is back up.*FellippeHeitor on Feb 5
QBASIC chess ported to Javascript- on Jan 28
*What is the RANDOMIZE seed max size?Simmons on Jan 21
 You'll need to ask Steve. He's our resident seed expert.Pete on Jan 21
 Double precision.*- on Jan 21
  * Fill my eyes with double precision. No disguise for double precision.Some damn Foreigner on Jan 22
 Well,FellippeHeitor on Jan 23
  *Which kinda bugs me. Why limit us to 65,536 possible seeds?Kew on Jan 23
   *dont forget that compatibility was a top priority in the design of qb64. thats my guess.mn on Jan 23
    I won't argue that point mn, but...Kew on Jan 25
  * FH? Does QB64 use the same look-up table for random numbers as QB does?TheBOB on Jan 24
   As far as I know, yes. Don't take it for certain, though.*FellippeHeitor on Jan 24
    No, QB64 does not use a lookup table for random numbersWaltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Jan 24
     Thanks...TheBOB on Jan 24
      That's what it is.FellippeHeitor on Jan 24
       Easy check:FellippeHeitor on Jan 24
        *until inkey$ = chr$(27)FellippeHeitor on Jan 24
         * Yes, I ran PRINT RND in both QBasic and QB64 (2 versions) and in all cases got .7055475TheBOB on Jan 24
      Your welcome & I never seen RND number gen...Waltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Jan 24
       *I agree it seems odd with memory at such a premium--and for just one command.TheBOB on Jan 24
 Some readingTom B. on Jan 25
  *Thank-you!!TheBOB on Jan 25
  Sometime in the Summer/Fall season of 2007, there was a discussion on the forum about...Kew on Jan 25
   Praise Galleon alone.*- on Jan 25
    I'll do one better. Let's offer him a sacrifice.... Oh Ted, how 'bout a trip to a volcano?Pete on Jan 25
     i still think he should call the new one "sixty-five"mn on Jan 25
      *I don't think qesic 64 would catch on but where he lives, basic is already upside down.Pete on Jan 25
Fibonacci NIM- on Jan 16
 There's an errorKew on Jan 17
  * Should be a backslash for integer-divides- on Jan 17
   It still doesn't seem to be working...Kew on Jan 17
   Backlash, why? What did integer-dividers ever do to you? Oh, backSlash! EDITED YOUR POSTPete on Jan 17
    Well, I'm interested in seeing - get this game working.Kew on Jan 17
     Fixed- on Jan 17
Euclidean distance (two points in a plane)FellippeHeitor on Jan 8
 *The last time I made two points in a plane I was playing basketball on United flight 117.Pete on Jan 8
  *I guess that counts :-)FellippeHeitor on Jan 8
   * You shouldn't set him up like that, FH! (Program works well!)TheBOB on Jan 8
 * Shortest distance between two points is a straight vine.Tarzan on Jan 8
 InconvenienceChris on Jan 9
  * Dammit Fell, you inconvenienced Chris. Fix it. Fix it now!!! :DPete on Jan 9
   ReplyChris on Jan 9
    * Thanks, I'm only 7!Pete on Jan 9
     ReplyChris on Jan 9
      * Well that's in dog years, so...Pete on Jan 9
       ReplyChris on Jan 9
        Woof!Pete on Jan 9
         ReplyChris on Jan 10
  That'd be more than my very limited math knowledge. Thanks for trying it though! *FellippeHeitor on Jan 9
   I am curious why you made this...Pete on Jan 9
    Well, sometimes the goal is to walk the path...FellippeHeitor on Jan 9
     This is how I intended the circles to beFellippeHeitor on Jan 9
     I like to fly over the path. On occasion, that can lead to flying into a mountain of...Pete on Jan 9
    *As to limited math skills, I'm the expertest!Kew on Jan 10
 Pro tips: Distance function and speedSimmons on Jan 9
  ^2 is very costly as well, better to use multiplication*Jim on Jan 9
   *why isnt ^ thus-optimized for integers? (in cases where integers are used)mn on Jan 10
   On that note:Simmons on Jan 10
    QB64 uses mingw but just how optimized it is is up for debate.Pete on Jan 10
HAPPY NEW YEAR!Simmons on Jan 6
 *Really nice--and great cityscape, btw!TheBOB on Jan 6
  *I tried to give it a snowy Toronto feel.Simmons on Jan 8
   *I appreciate it. Made me feel right at home--on Canada Day!TheBOB on Jan 8
 * I agree with Bob. Pretty city job!Pete on Jan 6
  *I've always been facinated by the orange glow over a city from the soduim vapor lightsSimmons on Jan 8
 That's very ellaborate!FellippeHeitor on Jan 7
  * That's not smoke in the app... It's your cpu over-heating.Pete on Jan 7
   Could it be because I'm still using a phosphor crt monitor?*FellippeHeitor on Jan 7
    *Aren't we all? Now back to my artwork. These cave walls aren't going to paint themselves.Pete on Jan 7
  if you can believe it, it took 25 years to figure out what PALETTE didSimmons on Jan 8
   Bet you never used OUT to do that either. Conservatives are slow to learn new thangs *Mr Obvious on Jan 8
    * Really? Because I hear Liberals can't even figure out what bathrooms to go in.Pete on Jan 8
     Spoken like a true Trump sympathizer who has not even tried graphics...Mr Obvious on Jan 8
      * Actually I worte a GUI in graphics. Not bad for a beginner, eh?Pete on Jan 8
       *And he did, too, Clippy--and I still haven't been able to blow it up!!TheBOB on Jan 8
        *it wasnt easy to make a screen 0 version of it either-- so petes come a long waymn on Jan 10
         *You mean Pete's gone astray, but I'm back baby! 40 SCREEN 0 programs since then!Pete on Jan 11
          Baby! Baby back ribs *Mr Obvious on Jan 11
    OUT still works in QB64?Simmons on Jan 8
     * I code, don't know how stuff works. That didn't stop me from getting married, either.Pete on Jan 8
   * I hope I'm still around when you finally discover QB64 RGB statements.Pete on Jan 8
    *Hey, come back in another 25 years, and we'll seeSimmons on Jan 8
 *Beautiful!Kew on Jan 8
 nice workJim on Jan 8
 Late, but very nice!*- on Jan 12
StarfieldFellippeHeitor on Jan 4
 I mean, Starfield:FellippeHeitor on Jan 4
  *You can make GUI controls in QB64?Simmons on Jan 8
   Now you canFellippeHeitor on Jan 8
    I imagine the overhead.*- on Jan 12
     There is some, of course. However,FellippeHeitor on Jan 12
Sudoku game (playable)- on Jan 2
 *Really works well--nice job!TheBOB on Jan 2
 Hey, nice animation in the end!FellippeHeitor on Jan 2
  Oh, shit.FellippeHeitor on Jan 2
   Are you going to tell us, or do you want us to guess?Kew on Jan 3
    Question mark, Kew. Question mark.*FellippeHeitor on Jan 3
     Mark isn't here, so we have to question you.Pete on Jan 3
      It's a cheat key.FellippeHeitor on Jan 3
       Yep, that's what I thought you meant.Pete on Jan 3
        My pleasure? *FellippeHeitor on Jan 3
     So you didn't know that a '?' could be used in place of PRINT?Kew on Jan 3
      I thought that was what he meant too, until I checked the code and couldn't find it.Pete on Jan 3
    *Geat emoticon Kew--looks just like you!TheBOB on Jan 3
     I didn't recognize him at first. But then I have his motorcycle emoticon...Pete on Jan 3
      LOL--keeps the bugs out of one eye, too, apparently...TheBOB on Jan 4
       # %#%#$^ &%@!$&^$% YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kew on Jan 4
        * You left out the horses we rode in on. Well, Reindeer in Bob's case. :)Pete on Jan 4
        * I interpret that as "I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!" (We love you, too, Kew, obviously).TheBOB on Jan 4
         * {:-D>Kew on Jan 4
          Sudoku, uh?*- on Jan 5
           * lol--well, we're all old friends and tend to go off topic from time to time.TheBOB on Jan 5
            *If he wants no friends, he can try FB because friends don't let friends try FreeBASIC!Pete on Jan 5
             *I tried it once when I was friendless... I *STILL* have nightmares {:-(>Kew on Jan 5
              Had just downloaded FreeBasic when the above occurred.- on Jan 12
Make big textsd on Jan 1
 *That'll do it! HNY to you, too, sd!TheBOB on Jan 1
 Very simple, yet very effective.*- on Jan 2

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