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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Beta testers wanted. Simple WP app. (Edited: ADDED MOUSE))Pete on Dec 1
 Tested. Works as advertised. Cool wordwrapping.*- on Dec 1
 Works great...(edited for clarity)TheBOB on Dec 1
  I think I will try to simplify it more to resolve that...Pete on Dec 1
   Admittedly, it's a bit of a dilemma...TheBOB on Dec 1
    I did make a more complicated version long ago that saved spaces. Meanwhile...Pete on Dec 1
     *Neat! I love the stack of single red characters that gets generated at minimum width!TheBOB on Dec 1
 Bug report #1: Pushing words with spacebar- on Dec 1
  Dammit Jim, I'm a programmer not a behaviorist!Pete on Dec 1
   trying to convert to basica is "fun?"mn on Dec 1
 Editing doesn't work at all on Dec 1
 * Too slow at the default dosbox speed (cycles=3000) in original QBASIC on Dec 1
  That's why I never used a screen reader for QBasic.Pete on Dec 1
   Reading the VGA memory directly makes it fast enough- on Dec 2
    That would work in a function...(Code example included)Pete on Dec 3
     This code example implements the reading from memory function.Peter on Dec 3
 NEW NEW NEW! It's Version II.Pete on Dec 1
  *Haven't been able to fault it, but I'll keep trying from time to time.TheBOB on Dec 1
   * I found one delete/wrap error and corrected it in original post.Pete on Dec 1
    *Updated--thanks!TheBOB on Dec 2
  Not a bug, but not the expected behavior either (spacebar again)- on Dec 2
 fast enough in qbasic in 32 bit win7sm on Dec 1
 Found and (Fixed) a cursor bug this morning.Pete on Dec 2
  * Found another cursor/wrap bug and fixed it this evening.Pete on Dec 2
   Sorry, Pete, hit a snag almost immediately...TheBOB on Dec 3
    Re: Sorry, Pete, hit a snag almost immediately...Pete on Dec 3
     *You're welcome--I must admit I envy that you've got a project that interests you.TheBOB on Dec 3
      how about a collection of graphics routines, bob?mn on Dec 3
       *Not a bad idea. Short and sweet and somwhat instructive. Hmmm. Thanks.TheBOB on Dec 3
        * He likes to push characters... like us!Peter on Dec 4
Gdzie jest Cris?*Niezupełnie Polski on Nov 25
 *Nie ma Cris, który odwiedził tę witrynę regularnie.Not really Polish either (TheBOB) on Nov 25
 Re: ?Chris on Nov 27
  If the posts were removed it was for a good reason...TheBOB on Nov 27
   *more likely they are on page 2 and n54 is being obtuse "again" (or as always)mn on Nov 27
   Defamatory in nature?Clippy on Nov 28
    * Clippy. Don't make me put my carbon footprint in your ascii.Pete on Nov 28
 Re: Niezupełnie PolskiPrzyjaciel on Nov 28
  Chcę wiedzieć, czy mógłby naprawić swój kod.*Another Przyjaciel on Nov 28
   Re: Another PrzyjacielPrzyjaciel on Nov 28
Fibolisztfr on Nov 17
 *Is this just for curiosity/fun or is there something practical to it?- on Nov 17
  *Guess it was just curiosity/funKew on Nov 23
 If you're willing to forego QB and use UnixBrian K. on Nov 11
  thats a good one if you have awk, this one is more like cat data.txt | sort | uniq -Dmn on Nov 12
 Do you really want a second file of duplicates?Pete on Nov 12
The US of A has elected a new President: Donald T.* Rumpnot really Hillary Clinton on Nov 10
 That's irrelevant to the programmers community.*- on Nov 10
  And all of that crap in the next thread down IS relevant?doesn't really give a $#@ on Nov 10
   At least it was a little bit funny*- on Nov 11
    *In hindsight, it wasPun really not intended on Nov 11
It's a little bit funny- on Nov 8
 not today thoughmn on Nov 8
  - knows no politics, just love.*- on Nov 8
   *sorry, but thats a lot of wanknot really tina turner on Nov 8
    im your private dancer! dancin for money! lobbyists say what to donot really hillary clinton on Nov 8
 Well to be fair, we should include the version on the Spanish side..Not Really Elton John on Nov 9
Background Color changes in QB64Ray Carman on Nov 1
 its a guess, but i would look at the palette command: palette 7, nmn on Nov 1
  Palette commandRay Carman on Nov 1
 Like this:- on Nov 1
  Other possibilities...TheBOB on Nov 1
   Re: Other possibilities...Ray Carman on Nov 1
    *yw! Great thing about QB64 is most of the QBasic commands also work.TheBOB on Nov 1
how many basic dialects have people here tried?mn on Oct 21
 Wow! I had no idea there were so many...TheBOB on Oct 21
  oh there are way more than that-- wikipedia has list of over 200mn on Oct 21
   *And I can't resist adding PowerBasic to the listKewbie on Oct 22
   LogoWriterSolitaire on Oct 25
    * Lucky you. I was stuck with a Smith Corona typewriter. I still have nightmares.Pete on Oct 25
     That explains it! You meant STRUCK with a Smith Corona typewriter***Clippy on Oct 25
      * Sure, try your hand at humor. Just don't let Little Clippy get too lonely.Pete on Oct 25
     Portable typewriterSolitaire on Oct 29
      You should be tested for steroids...Pete on Oct 29
       Better than trying to lug around an office typewriter.Solitaire on Oct 30
        *Sure, plus these days we've been spoiled with everything being so miniaturized.TheBOB on Oct 30
         heres something to keep pete up at night (url)mn on Oct 30
          Well I give up. I've put in a little over 24 hours straight and...Pete on Oct 30
           *well-- some proctologist you turned out to be!mn on Oct 31
            * In all fairness, those ports are easier to locate.Pete on Oct 31
          A typewriter is also a printer.Solitaire on Nov 2
           inserting a paragraph without a middle man aint that funmn on Nov 2
            *a pen gets between you and the paper too! prick your finger and write it in bloodstubborn a** on Nov 2
             Well of course there's a joke for that. It would be on-top but too off-color to post.Pete on Nov 2
              yeah, all you have to do is move the words aroundmn on Nov 2
               Yes, word order can be VERY important. As George Carlin said...Kewbie on Nov 3
                * Funny, but I can't imagine you texting either of those last ones to Barb.Pete on Nov 3
                 *no, the one he sent her was "lets eat grandpa"mn on Nov 3
                  *LOLKewbie on Nov 4
                LOL!Solitaire on Nov 5
                 *Solitaire, we need more teachers like you!Kewbie on Nov 5
working on a translated version of fig -- thebobs name is now a fig commandmn on Oct 20
 *Wow! (Incidentally, you know that "genius" is an anagram of "seguin")TheBOB on Oct 21
  nice! incidentally, it was a coincidencemn on Oct 21
   *Even to be nominated is an honour!TheBOB on Oct 21
   * Just realized you're familiar with the language. Are you brazilian or portuguese?lkt153 on Oct 21
    * It's been rumored he gets Brazilians, but that's only true during swimsuit season.Pete on Oct 21
    *american-- lived in the uk for a little while... thebob is canadianmn on Oct 21
 I'll bite. Any particular reason for that being in something akin to Portuguese?lkt153 on Oct 21
  *No problem. Like I said, just to be nominated... (sob).TheBOB on Oct 21
  all feedback on the choices is incredibly helpful actuallymn on Oct 21
   *for grammar i lean towards consistency with the english keywordsmn on Oct 21
   *I giggled with "racha"A native speaker on Oct 21
    yeah, i read its also slang for something. you think i should pick another word?mn on Oct 21
     just found pt.wikibooks.orgmn on Oct 21
    update: a friend tells me use "separar" instead of racha :)mn on Oct 22
 Just to clarify...STx on Oct 21
  just to clarifymn on Oct 21
   * Thanks. Say, there a website for this yet?STx on Oct 25
    havent even posted the portuguese version online anywhere. there is this: (url)mn on Oct 26
     *A difficult language. I guess that's where the phrase, 'Hard to Portuguese!' came from.Pete on Oct 26
      *it might be a challenge, but its relatively "portuguesey"mn on Oct 27
       * You had the Portugal to post that?Pete on Oct 27
        the command list is almost complete-- ordconsole and console...mn on Nov 6
         *got it! that one should be the same as the english versionmn on Nov 6
          *Congratulations--I don't mind being collateral damage in such an honorable battle!TheBOB on Nov 6
           * Well all your collateral today is plastic, so...Pete on Nov 6
           hey, you still made the logo, besides-- if anyone asksmn on Nov 7
            *I appreciate it!TheBOB on Nov 7
         Regarding ordconsole...lkt153 on Nov 29
          to answer your questionmn on Nov 29
           Nice explanation :) thankslkt153 on Nov 29
            *great link-- many thanks for the complimentmn on Nov 29
why i never liked qb functions (until over a decade later)mn on Sep 30
 I always thought the func_name = <return value> looked awkward too.Kewbie on Oct 2
  so far there isnt a basic dialect that does it that waymn on Oct 2
   *theres a quote missing from sub call parameter... and the sub call doesnt alter xmn on Oct 2
   FreeBASIC uses RETURNnh on Oct 2
    * But you have to buy it dinner first.Pete on Oct 2
    *i guess score one for freebasicmn on Oct 2
 Bored so why not respond?Stx on Oct 3
  * 6 variables is all anyone should ever need.Not Really Bill Gates on Oct 3
   Never fear, Trump the genius who lost a billion on a gambling casino will fix it!Clippy on Oct 4
    PRINT "No, a real genius loses 6-billion of our tax dollars while heading the State Dept."Pete on Oct 4
     Drumpf pays no taxes ever since and dodged serving America. Don't need him now!Clippy on Oct 4
      *Yeah, buddy! Draft dodgers are scum!Not really Hillary Clintons husband on Oct 18
       Read his letter presented back in 1992. Nixon's Lottery exempted him anyhowClippy on Oct 18
        *which party can you vote for if youre anti-war? clinton bombed iraq to slow impeachmentmn on Oct 19
         WRONG AGAIN DOG BREATH who repeats lying GOP history rewritesClippy on Oct 19
          always fun how your (totally unbiased) media quotes instantly even out your tourettesmn on Oct 19
           Poem of the MassesClippy on Oct 19
            *oh you little clown;voting in a corporate criminal in the name of "the masses," roflmn on Oct 19
             *ted to the masses: vote for corporate hillary or just die or somethingmn on Oct 19
              * How about "Poem for a basket of deplorables," Ha! Or "Poem for less than 1/2 of votNot really the Donald on Oct 19
Challenge: Write a QB program that can do this...Pete on Sep 21
 *you need node.js for thatmn on Sep 21
You can get away with this bad coding in QuickBasic but not in QB64...Pete on Sep 21
 *Use vWATCH64 next time.FellippeHeitor on Sep 21
  It took me less time to spot it than it would have taken to run vWATCH.Pete on Sep 21
   *I'll just leave the product placement there anywayFellippeHeitor on Sep 21
    LOL. Hey I have the power to remove anything I don't want on the forum!Pete on Sep 21
     *Yeah, I was going to mention that--QB never had a problem with EXIT SUB from a GOSUB.TheBOB on Sep 21
     QBasic may have allowed it, but it's not good structured programming practice.Kewbie on Sep 22
      PB allowed it. I'm surprised. I *STILL* consider it a bad coding practice.Kewbie on Sep 22
      Re: QBasic may have allowed it, but it's not good structured programming practice.Pete on Sep 22
 * Would this be an example of some form of recursion?Solitaire on Sep 24
  *more like excursion... since gosub has a stack but is a glorified goto statementmn on Sep 24
  *Perhaps a better question would be "Could this be better handled by recursion?"Kewbie on Sep 29
 I can C++ why you never learned C! You still use GOSUB instead of real SUB's *Clippy on Sep 30
  not that theres anything wrong with gosub unless youre an elitist & somehow against basicmn on Sep 30
   *LOL @ "ted-end"Kewbie on Oct 1
A Lesson on QB64 PRINT commandSMcNeill on Sep 12
 c++ vs basicmn on Sep 12
  Re: c++ vs basicSMcNeill on Sep 12
   *fair points all aroundmn on Sep 12
Function PRINTDeco on Sep 11
 well you could try echo, but i dont think that would countmn on Sep 11
  *on the other hand, it rhymes with decomn on Sep 11
  Re:Deco on Sep 11
   Simple...Kewbie on Sep 11
    Re:Deco on Sep 11
     *theres an option (2 options) in settings to stop it changing from ?mn on Sep 11
      Re: ?Deco on Sep 11
   Try to add the print statements to the same lineSMcNeill on Sep 12
    and use a variablemn on Sep 12
     We don't need no stinkin' dollar signs...Pedro on Sep 12
   35kiB * 4 letters = 140kiB.lkt153 on Sep 12
    * not even 35kiB actually, just plain old 35kBlkt153 on Sep 12
     Re: lkt153 and othersDeco on Sep 12
      Aha!!!Aha!!! on Sep 12
       Re: Aha!!!Deco on Sep 12
        It's because you're UPARTY! :)Aha!!! on Sep 12
         Re: Aha!!!Deco on Sep 12
          *Nope, YOUR code doesn't work. And it uses PRINT alone, in the most inefficient way.Aha!!! on Sep 12
           Re: Aha!!!Deco on Sep 12
            *Guess I'll have to buy a ticket to Poland and sit next to this guy to make him understandAha!!! on Sep 12
         The reason why this works:SMcNeill on Sep 12
          Re: SMcNeillDeco on Sep 13
           Re: SMcNeillSMcNeill on Sep 13
            Re: SMcNeillDeco on Sep 14
             Deco, you need a carraige return between each print...Pete on Sep 14
              Re: PeteDeco on Sep 14
               *Especially such bad coding style.Not really Aha!!! on Sep 14
              Actually, Pete...Kewbie on Sep 15
             Something for you to test out, Deco:SMcNeill on Sep 14
              Re: SMcNeillChris on Sep 15
               Re: SMcNeillSMcNeill on Sep 15
                Re: SMcNeillChris on Sep 16
                 Re: SMcNeillSMcNeill on Sep 16
                  Re: SMcNeillChris on Sep 16
                   *Try in Polish, Steve. Short sentences. Don't concatenate much.Aha!!! on Sep 16
                    * Knowing me knowing you. There is nothing Steve can do..A-ha on Sep 19
                     *polish, not swedishmn on Sep 19
                      * Sorry, it's the best we can do.A-ha on Sep 20
               *Grabs popcorn*Aha!!! on Sep 15
 Make a print subSimmons on Sep 11
  your answer was probably the bestmn on Sep 12
LinuxMat on Sep 7
 Re:Mat on Sep 9

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