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Message TitleAuthor and Date
QB64 BUG : Can't have SHARED and function parameter with same name- on Jul 17
QB64 BUG : Can't parse constant expression- on Jul 17
 It's not even a parsing problem...TheBOB on Jul 17
  not in front of QB64 right now, but...STx on Jul 17
   * Changing it to ScreenW and ScreenH gives the same error- on Jul 17
    Further testing...TheBOB on Jul 17
   *If they don't come prefixed with a _ they're valid namesFellippeHeitor on Jul 17
  *In the sample code above num is a variable anyway and will error even in QbasicFellippeHeitor on Jul 17
Don't panic!Galleon on Jul 17
 * Reminds me of the m&m candy commercial about Santa.... "He does exist!"Pete on Jul 17
 Phew!*FellippeHeitor on Jul 17
Officially Announcing QB64.orgOdin on Jul 15
 More censorship over at TheJoyfulProgrammerSTx on Jul 16
  i was actually surprised it was deletedmn on Jul 16
  also no one cares if tjp is censored. its pointless to post there. shut up and code.mn on Jul 16
   * Yeah it musta been Walt. Would he ban Ron Weasley from Harry Potter for saying hell?STx on Jul 16
    Yeah, it was me.Waltersmind A.K.A. The Joyful Programmer on Jul 16
 You can lead a sheep to water but you can't make him think...Pete on Jul 16
  Pete's title is a paraphrase of Dorothy Parker's quote:Kewbie on Jul 16
   *lol.Michael Calkins on Jul 16
   * lolz. missed that.STx on Jul 16
   Actually Kew, it's from an awful joke I made up as a kid...Pete on Jul 17
Othello (Reversi) : Alpha-beta searching AI- on Jul 13
 * Keep getting an error for the CONST brx expression (not sure why).TheBOB on Jul 13
 I think the forum ate some < symbols.Michael Calkins on Jul 14
  Github link (*URL)- on Jul 14
   I tried a different mouse routine.Michael Calkins on Jul 14
    Rules- on Jul 14
Othello (Reversi) : 2-player, mouse- on Jul 13
 Othello : simple computer play- on Jul 13
 othello, simple computer play, alternate strategy- on Jul 13
* QB64 forum has been down for a couple of days again.Pete on Jul 8
 Re: QB64 forum has been down for a couple of days again.Tim on Jul 8
  * It's been down 3 or more days a couple of times in the past two years.Pete on Jul 9
On this 4th day, don't act like a flag.STx on Jul 4
 Cheap flag made in China... All the stars are already washed out!Pete on Jul 4
You're not a man until you implement tetrisNick on Jun 24
 Awesome work! So concise!FellippeHeitor on Jun 24
 * I think you meant impregnate.Confused Word Police on Jun 24
 This is some tight code. Would be fun to impregnate*STx on Jun 25
  Yes, and it's optimized for your pleasure...Pete on Jun 25
   I'm not sure what's supposed to happen when it reaches the topNick on Jun 25
    I feel that burn*FellippeHeitor on Jun 25
    Well I'm not much at putting square pegs in square holes. Clippy should give it a try...Pete on Jun 25
 * Nice code!Dav on Jun 30
If you've got some time to killFellippeHeitor on Jun 19
 * If you killed time, 20 years to life would be irrelevant.Mr. Spock Meets Romulan Ale on Jun 24
Easy way to generate animated gifs out of your qb64 programsKeith on Jun 17
complex exponentiationVinecius on Jun 11
 examplesVinecius on Jun 12
  z' = z^z + c fractal, interestingVinecius on Jun 12
   neatVinecius on Jun 12
    Re: neatVinecius on Jun 12
  evolution of the multibrotv on Jun 13
 newton fractal, z^3-1v on Jun 12
 Burning ship zoomv on Jun 14
"Can't contain me" gameFellippeHeitor on May 31
 Problems, FH...TheBOB on May 31
  might just be the first and last line! on Jun 1
   First and last lines indeed. Updated code, anyway:FellippeHeitor on Jun 1
    Pretty neat little game, FH...TheBOB on Jun 1
     You can change the SCREEN _NEWIMAGE dimensions of you likeFellippeHeitor on Jun 1
      Will do! ...and on the subject of stretched full screen on 16x9's...TheBOB on Jun 1
       On a default non-fullscreen scenario, the X button :-)FellippeHeitor on Jun 1
        * Thanks!TheBOB on Jun 1
Snake againFellippeHeitor on May 14
 * Works fine! (more colourful than the original, but the sounds are familiar--LOL)TheBOB on May 14
  P.S. I created a graphical version called "Rattler" a few years ago *(URL)TheBOB on May 14
   Rattler looks and sounds amazing, TheBOB!FellippeHeitor on May 14
    Thanks! Actually, older versions did come with the original QBasic RATTLER...TheBOB on May 14
    Sorry, FH...TheBOB on May 15
     *Not an issue at all! :-)FellippeHeitor on May 15
 Screen 0 SnakeFellippeHeitor on May 17
  * Works great! I like the fact that you can't go off screen--but no Nibbles sounds! :-(TheBOB on May 17
   My bad... forgot to put them back in! *(URL)FellippeHeitro on May 17
    That's more like it...TheBOB on May 17
checkersعثمان غازى on May 13
 Works pretty good...TheBOB on May 13

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