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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Farmers tackling phosphate runoffRobertLer on Sep 27
 *lol @ spam targeting stevemn on Sep 27
Challenge: Write a QB program that can do this...Pete on Sep 21
 *you need node.js for thatmn on Sep 21
You can get away with this bad coding in QuickBasic but not in QB64...Pete on Sep 21
 *Use vWATCH64 next time.FellippeHeitor on Sep 21
  It took me less time to spot it than it would have taken to run vWATCH.Pete on Sep 21
   *I'll just leave the product placement there anywayFellippeHeitor on Sep 21
    LOL. Hey I have the power to remove anything I don't want on the forum!Pete on Sep 21
     *Yeah, I was going to mention that--QB never had a problem with EXIT SUB from a GOSUB.TheBOB on Sep 21
     QBasic may have allowed it, but it's not good structured programming practice.Kewbie on Sep 22
      PB allowed it. I'm surprised. I *STILL* consider it a bad coding practice.Kewbie on Sep 22
      Re: QBasic may have allowed it, but it's not good structured programming practice.Pete on Sep 22
 * Would this be an example of some form of recursion?Solitaire on Sep 24
  *more like excursion... since gosub has a stack but is a glorified goto statementmn on Sep 24
A Lesson on QB64 PRINT commandSMcNeill on Sep 12
 c++ vs basicmn on Sep 12
  Re: c++ vs basicSMcNeill on Sep 12
   *fair points all aroundmn on Sep 12
Function PRINTDeco on Sep 11
 well you could try echo, but i dont think that would countmn on Sep 11
  *on the other hand, it rhymes with decomn on Sep 11
  Re:Deco on Sep 11
   Simple...Kewbie on Sep 11
    Re:Deco on Sep 11
     *theres an option (2 options) in settings to stop it changing from ?mn on Sep 11
      Re: ?Deco on Sep 11
   Try to add the print statements to the same lineSMcNeill on Sep 12
    and use a variablemn on Sep 12
     We don't need no stinkin' dollar signs...Pedro on Sep 12
   35kiB * 4 letters = 140kiB.lkt153 on Sep 12
    * not even 35kiB actually, just plain old 35kBlkt153 on Sep 12
     Re: lkt153 and othersDeco on Sep 12
      Aha!!!Aha!!! on Sep 12
       Re: Aha!!!Deco on Sep 12
        It's because you're UPARTY! :)Aha!!! on Sep 12
         Re: Aha!!!Deco on Sep 12
          *Nope, YOUR code doesn't work. And it uses PRINT alone, in the most inefficient way.Aha!!! on Sep 12
           Re: Aha!!!Deco on Sep 12
            *Guess I'll have to buy a ticket to Poland and sit next to this guy to make him understandAha!!! on Sep 12
         The reason why this works:SMcNeill on Sep 12
          Re: SMcNeillDeco on Sep 13
           Re: SMcNeillSMcNeill on Sep 13
            Re: SMcNeillDeco on Sep 14
             Deco, you need a carraige return between each print...Pete on Sep 14
              Re: PeteDeco on Sep 14
               *Especially such bad coding style.Not really Aha!!! on Sep 14
              Actually, Pete...Kewbie on Sep 15
             Something for you to test out, Deco:SMcNeill on Sep 14
              Re: SMcNeillChris on Sep 15
               Re: SMcNeillSMcNeill on Sep 15
                Re: SMcNeillChris on Sep 16
                 Re: SMcNeillSMcNeill on Sep 16
                  Re: SMcNeillChris on Sep 16
                   *Try in Polish, Steve. Short sentences. Don't concatenate much.Aha!!! on Sep 16
                    * Knowing me knowing you. There is nothing Steve can do..A-ha on Sep 19
                     *polish, not swedishmn on Sep 19
                      * Sorry, it's the best we can do.A-ha on Sep 20
               *Grabs popcorn*Aha!!! on Sep 15
 Make a print subSimmons on Sep 11
  your answer was probably the bestmn on Sep 12
LinuxMat on Sep 7
 Re:Mat on Sep 9
Wippy. I mean, Cliki. Ted, let's talk.FellippeHeitor on Sep 4
 NO, use our forum. ANY thing here will be tromped on by mn *Clippy on Sep 4
  Not the jolly programmer butFellippeHeitor on Sep 4
   My Rants are my ideas that you do not like or do not feel are necessary.Clippy on Sep 4
    ive never tromped, but ive trumped, but as long as ted says theres no reason to talk here:mn on Sep 4
     Not to worry BIPOLAR BEAR! Your ice is melting under you and you are doomed!Clippy on Sep 4
      *well im not a scientist, but i blame you and hillary and all the hot air from both of youmn on Sep 4
       This is true...gopus on Sep 4
        **he should know, he invented the internet, the environment, as well as tonsilscopymn on Sep 5
  * i saw my name. i dont know why you think i care about the wiki, but hey whatevermn on Sep 4
 lolstx on Sep 5
  no mn there-- yeah, confirmedmn on Sep 5
i finally read about the new version of qb64mn on Sep 3
 Galleon did not do that! What licensing?Quippy on Sep 4
  actually he didmn on Sep 4
Scroll barMat on Sep 2
 It depends on your program...TheBOB on Sep 3
  ReplyMat on Sep 3
   SampleFellippeHeitor on Sep 3
    *Use arrow keys, mouse wheel and click the scrollbar.FellippeHeitor on Sep 3
     Thank YouMat on Sep 3
      Send it inFellippeHeitor on Sep 3
       I just sent you one of my buggy 2 MB source programs. I expect it fixed in 15-min.Pete on Sep 3
        *The deadline is for sending it in, results not guaranteed ;)FellippeHeitor on Sep 3
         Well of course I'm kidding. Oh, I have some prograns that size...Pete on Sep 3
        Translation: Fellippe, please put lipstick on a shit for me.STx on Sep 3
         Bill, what's your shade?Pete on Sep 3
       I mean it, send it inFellippeHeitor on Sep 3
        What he means Mat, is post your code.Pete on Sep 3
        Respond: FellippeHeitorMat on Sep 3
         *Use Dropbox or TempSend or Google DriveFellippeHeitor on Sep 3
          * Just post it here.Pete on Sep 3
          DownloadMat on Sep 3
           Just trying to figure your goal hereFellippeHeitor on Sep 3
            Re: FellippeHeitorMat on Sep 3
             @Mat: Not what you wanted, but maybe what you neededFellippeHeitor on Sep 3
              He could get that, at your Thrifty Drug Store. Homework assignment in his hand...Mic Jagger on Sep 3
               hey you, get off of his cloudmn on Sep 3
                * satisfaction, perhaps?lkt153 on Sep 4
                 *nah, he cant get thatmn on Sep 4
                  MN ROBOTS are killing threads all over this place! Help! *Clippy on Sep 4
                   *its probably difficult to notice them over all your shoutingmn on Sep 4
                   I guess you could also jump then in a flash, jack.lkt153 on Sep 5
                    *ok, but this could be the last timemn on Sep 5
                    *Open a window when mixing blowdart chemicals. Do huts have windows or built-in Linux?Pete on Sep 5
              Re: FellippeHeitorMat on Sep 4
    Nice routine. Runs a little buggy on my Win 7.Pete on Sep 3
     Really rushedFellippeHeitor on Sep 3
So I asked myself, what would Steve do?Pete on Sep 2
 glad to hear youre going to have a different input command for each type of keyboardmn on Sep 2
 Spam...gopus on Sep 4
Hey Bill. What's left if the sun burned out 7 minutes ago?Pete on Aug 29
 *the sun!relativity on Aug 29
 what?STx on Aug 29
  1-minute!Pete on Aug 29
   thats some half-assedtronomy youve got theremn on Aug 29
    Sure, try and make it into a discussion on climate change.Pete on Aug 29
     thats some greek "comedy" youve got theremn on Aug 29
     *Actually, we're more likely to poison ourselves to extinction with our own garbage. :-(Kewbie on Sep 2
     *Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away....Solitaire on Sep 2
    * Only problem is that the closest planet is thousands of light years awayClippy on Sep 2
     * If you leave today, you should be able to arrive before you have an intelligent thought.Rocket Man on Sep 2
   * slow clap * (menn you heard him wrong slightly)STx on Aug 29
    yes i did, but i still thought it was years, not minutesmn on Aug 29
     sorry, .31 isnt 30 secondsmn on Aug 29
Here I go again...White Snake (Artist formly known as Galleon) on Aug 29
 its a shame that we mock him at allmn on Aug 29
  More like roast. Mocking is for the birds.Pete on Aug 29
   those guys are d*cksmn on Aug 29
    *Perhaps it was a mocking jay (or is it mockingjay?)Kewbie on Sep 2
They why of metacommandsSimmons on Aug 29
 I'm no rocket scientist, but if I was, we would have really landed on the moon.Pete on Aug 29
  REM must stayFellippeHeitor on Aug 29
 oh, tell me about itmn on Aug 29
  Its nice to have them in codeSimmons on Aug 29
   all good pointsmn on Aug 29
 I used to use '$DYNAMIC in QBasic to save space.Pete on Aug 29
  haha, i think you meant "to save ram."Not really smarter than you on Aug 29
   * Pete's out saving space, while you're ramming things where they don't belong.Captain Kirk on Aug 29
  My 2 centsSimmons on Aug 29
   My 2-cents are worth more...Pete on Aug 29
    Too badSimmons on Aug 29
     What scares me more is when all of us agree...Pete on Aug 29
      yeah pete but the passion is gone, like an old married couplemn on Aug 29
       Hey, I'm an old married couple and the passion is still here!Pete on Aug 29
        pics or it didnt happenmn on Aug 29
     at least you seem to get the pros and cons of doing it petes waymn on Aug 29
   call me a skepticmn on Aug 29
    I think I may have stepped into the middle of somethingSimmons on Aug 29
     no worriesmn on Aug 29
QB64_LinuxChris on Aug 28
 Re: QB64_LinuxLuke on Aug 28
  Re: QB64_LinuxChris on Aug 28
   Wanna write for Linux, gotta be prepared to adaptFellippeHeitor on Aug 28
    Re: FellippeHeitorChris on Aug 28
   You're missing the point. Linux was never meant to be compatible with Windowslkt153 on Aug 31
    No Linus was made to be cheaper than Windows and it succeeded. *Clippy on Aug 31
     *it was actually made so that linus could do more from home without trekking to schoolyeah i know, we have a subforum on Aug 31
    Extract C code from a 2MB source conversion and build on it. Are you on drugs? If not...Pete on Aug 31
     "... And build on it"? Are you mad! Well, rethorical question, I guesslkt153 on Aug 31
      *lol, Until suckling reflex is outgrown, blow dart training's definately contraindicated.Pete on Aug 31
  I don't drink, because I don't run on Linux, I run from Linux...Pete on Aug 28
 Re: QB64_LinuxChris on Aug 28
  Knows, yes; able to help, now we are talking slim odds indeed...Pete on Aug 28
   qb45 is for dosbox, qb64 is for qemu!mn on Aug 28
    I blame Baskin...Pete on Aug 28
     *would you call the present state of affairs Neapolitan?simmons on Aug 28
      * More like Rocky Road.Pete on Aug 28
     oh dont blame that-- blame whoever made it possible to write YOUR OWN programsmn on Aug 28
      I've committed to the Microsoft ecosystem.simmons on Aug 28
       i would say youre doing it wrong, but thats not helpfulmn on Aug 28
        I am actually interestedSimmons on Aug 28
         im here to helpmn on Aug 28
          * Gee, if only we had a Linux Club for posts like this one. Oh wait, WE DO!Pete on Aug 28
           that trick never works! (you know?)not really rocky (balboa or j. squirrel) on Aug 28
            *you dont "thing" vhat? hmm...not really sigmund freud on Aug 28
             *hey just because youre the original quack doesnt mean you have to be a duck about itmn on Aug 28
            Seems like it has been picking up a little latelySimmons on Aug 29
             * It's Bob's fault. He keeps putting out chips behind my back.Pete on Aug 29
              *darn those canadians and their hospitality, keep this up and itll be like a forum here!mn on Aug 29
               *Posting for the very first time!Not really Madonna on Aug 29
             that sounds greatmn on Aug 29
           Point takenSimmons on Aug 29
        Re: mnChris on Aug 29
   Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
    Well that's a first...Pete on Aug 28
     Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
      * Why can't the code be converted to work on a 32-bit system?Pete on Aug 28
       Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
        * So what is stopping it from running on a 32-bit system? Just the size?Pete on Aug 28
         Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
          What does "as well" mean?Pete on Aug 28
           Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
            Re: PeteChris on Aug 28
             * What is your native language?Pete on Aug 28
              The bottom lineLuke on Aug 28
               why do I keep hitting myself in the head with a hammer?simmons on Aug 28
               it almost sounds like someones saying that linux cant cross-compile to other archsmn on Aug 28
                * Well thank God this is BASIC or it would be really complicated!Pete on Aug 28
                 luke IS doing this the BASIC way...mn on Aug 28
                  Time for a lessonLuke on Aug 29
                   i dunno, lets see if i can guess how this relates to... ?mn on Aug 29
                    Re: i dunno, lets see if i can guess how this relates to... ?Luke on Aug 29
                     charming as usualmn on Aug 29
                      Let's get this straight once and for all. If we are talking Apples and Oranges...Pete on Aug 29
                       and if we need it straight from the horses ass...mn on Aug 29
                   Re: LukeChris on Aug 29
                Re: QB64_LinuxChris on Aug 29
              Re: PeteChris on Aug 29
               I don't know of any Polish coders who could help translate.Pete on Aug 29
                *you must have an old calculator that can do reverse-polish. just use it in a mirror!mn on Aug 29
                Re: PeteChris on Aug 29
                 Have you tried to break up your old program?Pete on Aug 29
                  Re: PeteChris on Aug 30
                   PODZIEL SIĘ KODNie jest członkiem on Aug 30
                    * Uhura, get Scotty up here to fix the Universal Translator!Kirk on Aug 30
                    Re: ?Chris on Aug 30
                     Re: ChrisWciąż nie jest członkiem on Aug 30
                      Re: ?Chris on Aug 30
                       Współpracę z namiWciąż nie jest członkiem on Aug 30
                        Re: ?Chris on Aug 30
                         You are very stubborn. UPARTY!Wciąż nie jest członkiem on Aug 30
                          the problem is he wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the timemn on Aug 30
                          Re: ?Chris on Aug 31
                           Nie wkleić kod Twój przyjaciel on Aug 31
                            Re: ?Chris on Aug 31
                            Re: ? Kod DropboxChris on Aug 31
                             Dobre i złe wieści (Good and bad news)Twój przyjaciel on Aug 31
                              Re: PrzyjacielChris on Sep 1
                               Zanim przejdziemy dalejZnowu ja on Sep 1
                                Re: PrzyjacielChris on Sep 1
                                 Re: Chris- on Sep 1
                                  Re: PrzyjacielChris on Sep 1
                                   Reka reke myjeGiving up - poddawać się on Sep 1
                                    Re: ?Chris on Sep 1
                                     Obudź się, ChrisZmęczony on Sep 1
                                      Re: ?Chris on Sep 1
                                       ...Zmęczony on Sep 1
                                        Last entryChris on Sep 1
                     The original post said SHARE CODE (maybe we can help) Heres is the reply:Universal Translator on Aug 30
How to arrays of STRING work in QB64?Simmons on Aug 26
 Re: How to arrays of STRING work in QB64?Luke on Aug 26
  makes senseSimmons on Aug 28
   * I see no reason why it wouldn't have them; QB45 has the idea of a string descriptor tooLuke on Aug 28

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