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is it just me or does n54 log you out faster lately?easylangs on Nov 18
 I haven't noticed a difference. I did experience one strange thing a few weeks ago...Pete on Nov 18
hypothetical advantages of using dimeasylangs on Nov 16
 Re: hypothetical advantages of using dimSMcNeill on Nov 16
  re: Honestly, I'd love to see STRICTER array definitions requiredeasylangs on Nov 16
   No one ever heads /towards/ JavaLuke on Nov 16
   I'm probably just not getting the whole picture here, but...Kewbie on Nov 19
    well the only problem with that is if you change enough statements and compatibilityeasylangs on Nov 19
     compatibility is the point of the language, until you deprecate iteasylangs on Nov 19
      and then the best parteasylangs on Nov 19
       there are people that expect snippets to work the same way year after yeareasylangs on Nov 19
why i dont like teacherseasylangs on Nov 12
 Re: why i dont like teachersPete on Nov 13
  good cop bad cop wouldve been interesting back theneasylangs on Nov 13
   * :DPete on Nov 13
So I'm looking at the QB64 wiki for MOUSE examples and redid one...Pete on Nov 10
 Working on a drag routine to highlight text.Pete on Nov 11
  Just out of curiosity...TheBOB on Nov 11
   Re: Just out of curiosity...Pete on Nov 11
    Thanks! ...TheBOB on Nov 11
Hope to get a little more accomplished on the new WP today...Pete on Nov 8
 Sounds interesting, but do me a favour...TheBOB on Nov 8
  i half-agree with bobeasylangs on Nov 8
   * Thanks for the ctrl+z tip. For some reason it never occurs to me--or clicking "Undo".TheBOB on Nov 8
 hey pete, did you have any luck with that iso?easylangs on Nov 8
  Sorry for late response, menn. Still not feeling well...Pete on Nov 10
   no worries-- and yes you can make a usb. here is the easiest/most reliable wayeasylangs on Nov 10
 A bit more progress on my new WP...Pete on Nov 14
  * Works fine, as advertised. Starting my novel again, today.TheBOB on Nov 14
  * now just make it so that if you hit f5 it runs the text in qb64easylangs on Nov 14
  Thanks for taking it for a spin, guys. Next part, files...Pete on Nov 14
   is that necessary?easylangs on Nov 14
    Re: is that necessary?Pete on Nov 18
     theres a lesson from donald knuth that could be informative hereeasylangs on Nov 18
      the snipe about the code editoreasylangs on Nov 18
 Well this is what happens when you get on in years.Pete on Nov 19
  * Lots of fun and your text sample rules! (hope you feel better).TheBOB on Nov 20
whats with pc-basic (high-quality gw-basic clone) and how it can be extendedeasylangs on Nov 1
 * Do you really trust exec() that much?Bobby Tables on Nov 1
  * of course not, especially in a loop. but,if you translate an entire program then run iteasylangs on Nov 1
i actually never assume an issue with a program is a bugeasylangs on Nov 1
 It really depends on which side of things we areFellippeHeitor on Nov 4
  actually i agreeeasylangs on Nov 4
Hey Fell. Watch me make a variable disappear!Pete on Nov 1
 im guessing theyve made null a constanteasylangs on Nov 1
  Actually no*FellippeHeitor on Nov 1
   * like i said, "bug" was the other guess. that was some fast work fixing it.easylangs on Nov 1
 FixedFellippeHeitor on Nov 1
  * I'm still curious. What caused it to be erased in the IDE?Pete on Nov 1
   It had to do with how Rob made the check for sub argumentsFellippeHeitor on Nov 1
    In a DIM declaration or as null = ### it wouldn't be eaten.*FellippeHeitor on Nov 1
    * Cool. Thanks for fixing it; otherwise my code was null and void!Pete on Nov 1
     * don't mention itFellippeHeitor on Nov 1
 Also, not a new issueFellippeHeitor on Nov 1
  * Yes, I saw it was in older versions of QB64 before I posted about it.Pete on Nov 1
The BASIC DividePete on Nov 1
 funny, we were both just writing about oop, mines "found a simple solution to measuring"easylangs on Nov 1
  gotta clarify one thingeasylangs on Nov 1
working on a language based on pc-basiceasylangs on Nov 1
 ps i found a simple solution to the measuring complexity thingeasylangs on Nov 1
everything digital is becoming a computereasylangs on Oct 31
 your sdcard and hard drives are already computerseasylangs on Oct 31
Hi Michael. You had a member at QB64 ask a question about one of your libraries...Pete on Oct 31
 *ok. thanks.Michael Calkins on Oct 31
the end of network54 :(easylangs on Oct 31
 It amazes me they have hung on this long...Pete on Oct 31
  if youre interested, you can probably get it for $150keasylangs on Oct 31
   If you want real horror...Pete on Oct 31
    actually proboards is crap, and will probably go the same way but...easylangs on Oct 31
     * Well you know Steve's motto: Why buy the milk when you can get the cow for free?Pete on Oct 31
hey pete, if you make a thread stickyeasylangs on Oct 31
 *ive set it that way for you to check on it, i can change it backeasylangs on Oct 31
  I was just about to test one...Pete on Oct 31
   nah, i hate iteasylangs on Oct 31
 One you go sticky you never go wiki...Pete on Oct 31
  no, no, no-- please dont use frames of any kindeasylangs on Oct 31
   probably the best way to do it is with the forum headereasylangs on Oct 31
    Edit as in remake the html page...Pete on Oct 31
     let me create a forum later so i can figure out what you meaneasylangs on Oct 31
      * OK. Have fun storming the castle!Pete on Oct 31
       * Oh wait, editing the header. Yes, that can be done...Pete on Oct 31
        Re: * Oh wait, editing the header. Yes, that can be done...Pete on Oct 31
         meh, in a year or so n54 will be gone anywayeasylangs on Oct 31
          more info (url)easylangs on Oct 31
   See my other post above before you nix it but why don't you like iframes?Pete on Oct 31
    i never use themeasylangs on Oct 31
the "pybasic" dialect is not too impressiveeasylangs on Oct 30
 * If I had a computer named Steve, I'd unload it.Pete on Oct 30

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