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How to highlight a word in a text line ?Lisztfr à May 26
 * I see i will need to redraw every part i want to hightlightLisztfr à May 26
 It depends on whether you want to use POKE.Michael Calkins à May 26
  * or _MEMPUT directly to the screen image as well in QB64.SMcNeill à May 26
  Re: It depends on whether you want to use POKE.Clippy à May 26
best language beside qb ?Lisztfr à May 25
 PythonLisztfr à May 25
1, 2, 4 encodingLisztfr à May 24
 Re: 1, 2, 4 encodingMichael Calkins à May 25
  Bitwise operationsLisztfr à May 25
   *Ok thanks MichaelLisztfr à May 25
   Re: Bitwise operationsSMcNeill à May 25
    -1Lisztfr à May 25
     Re: -1SMcNeill à May 26
      It works with any number.Lisztfr à May 26
       Re: It works with any number.SMcNeill à May 26
        *Yes but it's not a binary bit inversion....Lisztfr à May 26
         more logicLisztfr à May 26
          Re: more logicSMcNeill à May 26
          signed integers use "two's compliment"Michael Calkins à May 26
          * If you're using QB64, you can get around it with _UNSIGNEDMichael Calkins à May 26
           In QB64 I get 65536 for single and long. 0 for integerClippy à May 26
            Re: In QB64 I get 65536 for single and long. 0 for integerSMcNeill à May 26
         It is. Try the following code in QB64SMcNeill à May 26
          2^7 * 2^8 = 32768Lisztfr à May 26
           That's 2 ^ 15. GUESS what 2 ^ 16 gives you?Clippy à May 26
      *The initila title -1 suggest the result of NOT ALisztfr à May 26
   Use the QB64 WIKIClippy à May 25
    * 84? '84 was a good year. Reagan was President! :DPete à May 25
     *Sorry, Pete--I changed it to "QB64" before I saw your post.TheBOB à May 25
      * You're forgiven. After all, Reagan wasn't President of Canada.Pete à May 25
     May have been a good year for you but not America! Thanks Bob*Clippy à May 26
  * I said DOUBLE. I meant LONG.Michael Calkins à May 26
EXIT DO in a SUB or GOSUB ?Lisztfr à May 23
 *EXIT DO can occur in any DO LOOP, regardless of its location.TheBOB à May 23
  Just testedLisztfr à May 23
 Re: EXIT DO in a SUB or GOSUB ?SMcNeill à May 23
  Yes OkLisztfr à May 23
Vietnamese problemLisztfr à May 22
 further precisionsLisztfr à May 23
 *cutoff every combination with fractionnal resultsLisztfr à May 25
  *Since qb < 9 FOR loops, how solve a pb with more variables ?Lisztfr à May 25
QB and NTVDMBouval à May 22
 NTVDM is the only way QB can run on many PC's.Clippy à May 22
 Are you trying to go full screen? Using graphics modes?Michael Calkins à May 22
holy crapMagnaUnum à May 20
 *Hi! Some of us are--on occasion, anyway. How've you been?TheBOB à May 20
 *Hi Mags. How'z u?Kewbie à May 22
DEFLisztfr à May 19
 CINT()Lisztfr à May 19
  CLNG() will handle larger numbers...TheBOB à May 19
   Re: CLNG() will handle larger numbers...SMcNeill à May 19
 best round up routineLisztfr à May 19
  Only 1 statement is needed to round up to an integerSolitaire à May 19
   Roundup using decimalsSolitaire à May 19
   This is perfect !Lisztfr à May 19
    * Which one is perfect? I posted 3 different versions.Solitaire à May 19
     a = INT(a + .5)Lisztfr à May 19
 Re: DEFSMcNeill à May 19
  FunctionLisztfr à May 19
VALLisztfr à May 18
 *Interesting. Minus (-) is pretty numerical, but I find it odd that plus (+) works, too.TheBOB à May 18
 Re: VALLuke à May 18
QBASIC trick spell checka à Apr 28
 That works in QB64, but is different in QBasic...TheBOB à Apr 28
 Alternatively...Luke à Apr 29
  * I do the same, except on=offSTx à Apr 29
  Re: Alternatively...SMcNeill à Apr 29
   Re: Alternatively...Luke à Apr 29
    I use a similar system Luke.Kewbie à May 6
     Sounds like an interesting little project, Kew...TheBOB à May 7
      *Sorry Bob, there's a bit more to it than that. Answer on Saturday if no one gets it.Kewbie à May 7
       Quotes, maybe? ...TheBOB à May 7
        *Sooooooooooooooo close!Kewbie à May 7
         Ah! More commas...TheBOB à May 7
          * That's it. You're going for a ride in the van!Punctuation Police à May 7
           Yayyy! That's a good one...TheBOB à May 7
          Ok, this is how the English teacher punctuated it.Kewbie à May 11
           *Good one--if only life would make more sense by relocating a few commas.TheBOB à May 11
           * Duh, that requires a semicolon.Puntuation Police à May 11
           Re: Ok, this is how the English teacher punctuated it.SMcNeill à May 12
     Mr. Good had a dog he named Lucky...., D Central à May 7
ChristoferLisztfr à Apr 16
 * Artmaker43 did this already I think.STx à Apr 16
  what it isLisztfr à Apr 17
   If your method is more important than your solution...Luke à Apr 17
    In fact it is...Lisztfr à Apr 19
Quick QB64 question (Clipster?)...TheBOB à Apr 12
 Don't know Bob, never seen that beforeClippy à Apr 13
  Can't even find those in the Wiki, Clippy...TheBOB à Apr 13
   Re: Can't even find those in the Wiki, Clippy...SMcNeill à Apr 13
    *Finally dug up a working SDL version -- it's a SDL issue and not a GL one.SMcNeill à Apr 13
     *That's great, Steve--I appreciate it :-)TheBOB à Apr 13
      I got a letterbox with that code too. Must be a PAINT problem *Clippy à Apr 14
       I get the same results with a LINE (Box) statement...TheBOB à Apr 14
 Here's an ideaWaltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer à Apr 13
  *Thanks, Walter. See my response to Clippy, above.TheBOB à Apr 13
Now NEW TOPICS here are not found in Forum list.Clippy à Apr 8
 I don't get it, Clipster.Kewbie à Apr 9
  Naturally it works for this postClippy à Apr 10
256/1024 colors in CGAb à Apr 8
 How it is done* à Apr 8
Interesting thread at QB64...Pete à Mar 21
 Re: Interesting thread at QB64...SMcNeill à Mar 21
  Hi Amusing Steve. Must I optimize everything you do?Pete à Mar 21
   Re: Hi Amusing Steve. Must I optimize everything you do?SMcNeill à Mar 21
    Nice to see two Tea Party Republicans getting along...*Clippy à Mar 21

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