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ChristoferLisztfr en Apr 16
 * Artmaker43 did this already I think.STx en Apr 16
  what it isLisztfr en Apr 17
   If your method is more important than your solution...Luke en Apr 17
    In fact it is...Lisztfr en Apr 19
Quick QB64 question (Clipster?)...TheBOB en Apr 12
 Don't know Bob, never seen that beforeClippy en Apr 13
  Can't even find those in the Wiki, Clippy...TheBOB en Apr 13
   Re: Can't even find those in the Wiki, Clippy...SMcNeill en Apr 13
    *Finally dug up a working SDL version -- it's a SDL issue and not a GL one.SMcNeill en Apr 13
     *That's great, Steve--I appreciate it :-)TheBOB en Apr 13
      I got a letterbox with that code too. Must be a PAINT problem *Clippy en Apr 14
       I get the same results with a LINE (Box) statement...TheBOB en Apr 14
 Here's an ideaWaltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer en Apr 13
  *Thanks, Walter. See my response to Clippy, above.TheBOB en Apr 13
Now NEW TOPICS here are not found in Forum list.Clippy en Apr 8
 I don't get it, Clipster.Kewbie en Apr 9
  Naturally it works for this postClippy en Apr 10
256/1024 colors in CGAb en Apr 8
 How it is done* en Apr 8
Interesting thread at QB64...Pete en Mar 21
 Re: Interesting thread at QB64...SMcNeill en Mar 21
  Hi Amusing Steve. Must I optimize everything you do?Pete en Mar 21
   Re: Hi Amusing Steve. Must I optimize everything you do?SMcNeill en Mar 21
    Nice to see two Tea Party Republicans getting along...*Clippy en Mar 21
My current email addressMoneo en Mar 14
How to eliminate the GOTOs from this codea en Mar 8
 Your code as written won't work, but you can get rid of the GOTOs like this...Pete en Mar 8
  Re: Your code as written won't work, but you can get rid of the GOTOs like this...SMcNEILL en Mar 11
Library routines and "type safety"cantide5ga en Mar 4
 * I like QuickBasic code underdoneJames Cook en Mar 6
get exact time **:00 from excel filefakhteh en Mar 3
 Export data from Excel as CSVClippy en Mar 3
  * You could also try doing it within Excel, with VBALuke en Mar 4
Search the forum for posts by a specific personSimmons en Mar 1
 London, is that you?Pete en Mar 2
  Yes and No...Simmons en Mar 2
QB64 clipboard. This is interesting...Pete en Feb 21
 Re: QB64 clipboard. This is interesting...SMcNeill en Feb 21
 Yep, they're definitely thereLuke en Feb 21
 Thanks for bringing the clipboard to my attention Pete.Kewbie en Feb 28
  Welcome. Also, null character won't transfer to _clipboard$Pete en Feb 28
   That makes sense Pete. Try this:Kewbie en Mar 1
    Re: That makes sense Pete. Try this:Pete en Mar 2
Found a .091 SDL bug that was fixed in the .094 version...Pete en Feb 20
 Sooooooooooo?Clippy en Feb 21
Updated the WP program.Pete en Feb 18
 Sorry to have to report this, Pete...TheBOB en Feb 18
  * Yep, easy fix... re-updated. Thanks!Pete en Feb 18
   *Whew! Glad to hear it--will keep checking. Incidentally, love the font!TheBOB en Feb 18
 * Sorry for being ignorant, but where can we find this program?STx en Feb 18
  *Click 'Subforums and Chat Room' (above), 'QB Code Forum', then 'Word Wrap'.TheBOB en Feb 18
 Finished new paragraph routine...Pete en Feb 24
  *Neat!TheBOB en Feb 24
  * Finally ran this prog. Nicely done so far.STx en Feb 25
Steve's SIN/COS Math TutorialBen en Feb 17
 That would be great.Pete en Feb 17
  Here's your repetitive graphics...Luke en Feb 18
   Don't forget my modified version!Waltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer en Feb 18
 Usually I save this for July 4th, but since it's relevant...STx en Feb 17
  * On second thought, my flag program doesn't use trig. Call it a vector tutorial.STx en Feb 19
 tutorial 1: the spiralBen en Mar 1
  Trig is fun! (*code)Luke en Mar 8
   WOW! Cool design!Kewbie en Mar 11
  weird syntaxLisztfr en Apr 3
   *Okay, don't learn it. Goodbye.Luke en Apr 6
 tutorial 2: wavesBen en Mar 3
My wish for QB 2015Solitaire en Feb 17
 Re: My wish for QB 2015SMcNeill en Feb 17
  Steve you ignorant GLUT...Weekend News Team en Feb 17
   Thank you, Pete,Solitaire en Feb 19
    No, many things would need to be emulated 16 bit for that to workClippy en Feb 20
     OMG, I agree with Clippy for once!SMcNeill en Feb 20
      OMG, the QB challenge was over with 32 bit XPClippy en Feb 20
      QB64 vs. The Nostalgia of QB45Waltersmind - a.k.a. The Joyful Programmer en Feb 20
       Granted: All your statements are valid.Solitaire en Feb 20
        I have 3 XP machines that still have QB on themClippy en Feb 20
         * No music - too distracting. I prefer silence.Solitaire en Feb 21
          *Now, now, Solitaire. Your New Year's ball drop program plays Auld Lang Syne!TheBOB en Feb 21
           * ...and that was done in screen 0 - no audio files needed!.Solitaire en Feb 21
            *Fair enough--LOL.TheBOB en Feb 21
            ...and she composed it herself so neener! *Clippy en Feb 21
             * She's Scottish?Luke en Feb 21
              * No. What's a neener?Solitaire en Feb 22
             Auld Lang SyneSolitaire en Feb 22
              An array and loop is kinda silly as it could just PLAY *Clippy en Feb 22
               Not silly at allSolitaire en Feb 23
              And a version with harmony (*code)Luke en Feb 22
               *Invalid expression on line 2Kewbie en Feb 23
                * I don't think it copied/pasted properly. It's nothing but an x$, without even a PLAY.SMcNeill en Feb 23
                 *I see c++ looking stuff in the codeKewbie en Feb 23
                 You're right, it completely butchered the codeLuke en Feb 23
                  alt+255Pete en Feb 24
                   nbspClippy en Feb 24
                    No, no, no!Pete en Feb 24
 Re: My wish for QB 2015Moneo en Mar 14

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