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by Pete (no login)

A lot of the members in college use C. I think PPGfan besides using C, might be programming in Python. He is a big fan of Linux. I've tried C, but I like QB a lot better. It's a simple language that can get a lot accomplished. I'm also the type that is happy calling pi 3.14 and being done with it.

I've discovered that QB members here are not moving on to QB64, as I had hoped. I think they have the programs they want made and as long as those programs and whatever future utilities they make still run in DOSBox or in another emulator, like NTVDM, they will probably stick with QB.

Regulars seldom have questions to post. We have had very good QB gurus here over the years and 99% of the time, they come to help others, mostly beginner ir intermediate programmers.

I'm happy that the forum isn't a post any unrelated thing to the forum or QB. I saw a very popular QB site ( go down by doing so.

I'm not sure how successful QB here or at other forums will be without newcomers and most newcomers come from schools, which no longer teach it. doubt enough starting programmers are out there eager to find a dead language to start learning with. Most these days will either go professional, C, C++ .Net (cough) etc., or use Ruby, Python, etc. and think they are programming. Libraries are key these days to newbie interest. When you can drag and drop your way to making a program instead of pounding it out letter by letter, well, I think you get the picture.

QB has been very very good to me, and I wish Microsoft still supported it, grew it into something greater, and that schools still taught it, but that wasn't the case in this universe.

So for now, I'm for keeping the forum open but preserved. Newcomers can still post without registering with this format but lets face facts, newcomers are not coming as often not because of anything that has been done to the forum, it's just the reality of the times and regulars are not posting because there are few people to help.


PS: Ben, you had a frown sad.gif face at the QB64 lnk thread. Why?

Posted on Oct 11, 2009, 9:00 AM

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