Yes, I had to run out of the kitchen and up to the school...

by Pete (no login)


A woman's work is never done, and now I've burnt the brownies, oh well.


I didn't translate the statement back to a file statement.

PRINT "XCOPY "; MSTD$; ":\"; NEW$; " "; PSPMS$; ":\*.* /E"

Should be:

PRINT #1, "XCOPY " + MSTD$ + ":\" + NEW$ + " " + PSPMS$ + ":\*.* /E"



Posted on Nov 20, 2009, 1:09 PM

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* Not a bad idea to print it before you run it though.Clippy on Nov 20
 * Thanks. Yeah, running bat files with FORMAT and /q, what could go wrong?Pete on Nov 20
  Fixed and workingUnseenMachine on Nov 21

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