Another Brick in the Wall. x and y...

by Pink Floyd (no login)


Bob, it should be locate ypos, xpos because the y represents the rows or vertical axis.

Of course I do it the same way you do... locate xpos, ypos and I think we should have our method used, because everyone knows that x comes before y. It's just more righter that way.


Posted on Nov 30, 2009, 4:09 PM

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*Valid point in SCREEN 0, but this is graphics x/y, Pink (or is it Floyd?).TheBOB on Nov 30
Why not just use C for column and R for row? Text is backwards!Clippy on Nov 30
 Bob taught me something about graphics I didn't know.Pete on Dec 1
  * Except for today.........lolClippy on Dec 1

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