* OK del boy! Get my tutorial in the downloads section then.

by Clippy (Login burger2227)

Posted on Nov 30, 2009, 6:13 PM

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hope you dont find me too annoying but....UnseenMachine on Dec 1
 Never fear, SCREEN ZERO HERO's here!Pete on Dec 1
  Thats cool...butUnseenMachine on Dec 1
   Code update..UnseenMachine on Dec 1
    It doesn't matter what screen you use...Pete on Dec 1
     Nice Pete, but I fear the next hurdle will be multiple shots.Clippy on Dec 1
      Hip, hip, array!Pete on Dec 1
       What multiple firing ability would look like in SCREEN 0Pete on Dec 2
        *Nice job with the bullet timing!TheBOB on Dec 2
         Thanks, but handwriting is on the wall... And it's a Brick one!Pete on Dec 2
          * use mouse its smooth and you can move while shootingBen on Dec 2
           Ben, you're a genius! Mouse + alien movement added...Pete on Dec 2
            Cool Pete!Clippy on Dec 2
          Use INP(96) in a timer tick loop for multiple presses. LINKClippy on Dec 2
           Pete hates INP(96)...Pete on Dec 3
            The read loop does cancel the keypress when not used.Clippy on Dec 3
             Ah, the num lock is screwing up the results...Pete on Dec 3
              The number pad does not send two press codes like the arrow keys do.Clippy on Dec 3
  do i have to do it in subs?UnseenMachine on Dec 1
   Stupid question!Pete on Dec 1
    I cant find the callUnseenMachine on Dec 1
     Reasons to use GOSUB...Pete on Dec 1
   You don't even know what they are yet.Clippy on Dec 1

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