Pete hates INP(96)...

by Pete (no login)


Or it hates me. I think the feeling is mutual. If you take your program, which is really neat, by the way, and substitute in 77 and 75 for the arrow keys, you will see you get erratic results. First, the arrow keys need to be canceled after use, unlike the a d keys; otherwise, the motion will just continue when the key is released. That doesn't occur with the a and d keys, weird. Next, if you assign the space bar and press it as you hold down the arrow key to move, the spacebar will stop the motion and just as with INKEY$, you have to release and re-press the arrow key to get moving again.

To me, INP() is a lot like Sarah Palin, it goes rogue when you need to count on it and the next thing you know, you're on a bridge to nowhere.


Posted on Dec 3, 2009, 12:25 AM

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The read loop does cancel the keypress when not used.Clippy on Dec 3
 Ah, the num lock is screwing up the results...Pete on Dec 3
  The number pad does not send two press codes like the arrow keys do.Clippy on Dec 3

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