Reset program command?

by unseenmachine (no login)

Is there a command to reset the whole program?

I am using subs so i cant DO LOOP, and you lot have convinced me that GOTO's are wrong, so is there another way....UNSEEN

Posted on Dec 12, 2009, 9:10 AM

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Re: Reset program command?Laanan Fisher on Dec 12
CLEAR and RUNPete on Dec 12
 solved it a differant way but thanksunseenmachine on Dec 12
  An ideaArtelius on Dec 12 i would likeunseenmachine on Dec 12
    Detect available drives in pure QB...Pete on Dec 12
     Sort off butunseenmachine on Dec 13
      i did it...whoop whoop...d:-)unseenmachine on Dec 13
       * It's called a tildeqbguy on Dec 13
       A tilde is a valid file name character but not to many people would have it...Pete on Dec 13
    Progress bar...Artelius on Dec 12
     Funny story. A priest, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a progress bar...Pete on Dec 13
      M$!!!! How very dare you sir!!!!unseenmachine on Dec 13

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