DATA statement question

by mike (no login)

do DATA statements HAVE to be in the main sub of a program or can we place them anywhere within program?

Posted on Jan 16, 2010, 9:00 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
DATA statements MUST appear in the main program.Solitaire on Jan 16
 thats a bummer....mike on Jan 17
  * I suggest you place the data into text files and load them into memory as needed.Solitaire on Jan 17
   i would but...mike on Jan 17
    Files would work better than DATA. DATA consumes valuable space.Clippy on Jan 17
     i know DATA will take up space.mike on Jan 17
      i forgot to add..mike on Jan 17
       Let me save you a lot of hell...Pete on Jan 17
        few QB64 questionsmike on Jan 17
         Yes to both. You can also continue to program in the QB IDE.Pete on Jan 17
         32 bit is good. Try it and see. It should work!Clippy on Jan 17
      *You could put all the files in a folder and ZIP them up to send to people.Solitaire on Jan 17
       My hunch is, Solitaire, (and an alternative for Mike) is that since it is a game...Pete on Jan 17
        exactly petemike on Jan 17
         You could use ASCII encryptionClippy on Jan 17
          If you use that, just be sure you don't have a CHR$(26) in your data...Pete on Jan 17
           I normally only change letter\number codes from 48 up. I leave lowers alone.Clippy on Jan 17

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