* I stand corrected. I had a space in between for some reason. Thanks!

by (Login burger2227)

Posted on Jan 24, 2010, 11:47 AM

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* No problem, Ted. Thanks to you.Moneo on Jan 24
 Found another problem Moneo. Pressing Enter at INPUT returns path as valid! on Jan 26
  You're right, Ted. Need to check INPUT variable.Moneo on Jan 28
   Oh, I made the routine into a FUNCTION that works on any OS. on Jan 28
    Nice job, Ted!Moneo on Jan 29
     One thing ....CMD /C does mess with fullscreen modes. Programs freeze on Jan 29
      Solution to screen skewing with SHELL in SCREEN 0... on Jan 30
       * That would be nice if Screen 12 could use it. on Jan 30

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