Most languages?

by Artelius (Login Mikrondel)


"most languages require explicit variable type declaration."

Well, let's look at the top 12 languages according to:

Explicit type declaration doesn't feature much, if at all, in PHP, Python, Perl, Javascript, and Ruby.

Most (not all) versions of Basic and Visual Basic allow implicit variable declaration under some conditions.

C# and now C++0x offer a type inference feature (along these lines: ).

While C historically allowed implicit declarations, the language has moved away from this, so I wouldn't claim that implicit declarations have any realistic presence in C or Objective C. Nor, as far as I know, Java or Delphi.

So... some important languages require explicit variable type declarations, and it's an important (but not mandatory) feature of others, but there are several popular languages which don't make a big deal about it.

Posted on Feb 28, 2010, 1:06 AM

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Yes, I know about Option Infer On, but that's relatively recent.Solitaire on Feb 28

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