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There are times that CMD /C is required like when using the newer /X command to pipe Long File Names to a file. You also need CMD /C to open Notepad or another program. START can be used also.

CMD /C will always minimize your program unless you use a SCREEN 0 program window. Fullscreen(graphics) screens will also be lost and the program may freeze.

To avoid a locked fullscreen program, use SCREEN 0: SCREEN ? AFTER the SHELL! You will have to make a new screen anyway. IF SCREEN 0 is fullscreen just use another screen mode for the first one.

Are you spacing the parameters correctly in the SHELL? It worked fine for me without CMD /C.

PS: You can also SHELL to a website by placing the link in the shell.


Again, change screens or it may lock the program when your default browser opens.

Posted on Mar 12, 2010, 4:27 PM

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No joy as of yetunseenmachine on Mar 12
 * Use count% MOD 20 in a LINE INPUT # file reading loop. Wait for a click or keypress.Clippy on Mar 12
 * QB64 should be able to run your SHELL without worrying about the program screen.Clippy on Mar 12
  Got that bit cracked thanks folks!!!unseenmachine on Mar 12
   Simple MOD demoClippy on Mar 12
 That's a lame way to do itBen on Mar 12
  * In QB SUBs are DECLARED when used and program is saved. QB64 ignores DECLARE.Clippy on Mar 12
   *Yes, but I meant variable declarations like dim dta as x or dim regs as yBen on Mar 12
    Why is it lameunseenmachine on Mar 12
     * Don't mind Ben, he always is a critic. Just ignore him because he is depressed!Clippy on Mar 12
      *hahaBen on Mar 13
    * All I posted were specific SUBs, not a full program!Clippy on Mar 12
     got the list loaded now butunseenmachine on Mar 13
      Use DO UNTIL EOF(#) LINE INPUT loop to count the number of files, then DIM array.Clippy on Mar 13
       Okunseenmachine on Mar 13
        Don't allow clicks on rows above the count value.Clippy on Mar 13

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