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by David Chapman (no login)


Greetings. (hey Clippy!)

So, if you're active or lurking on some of the other QB forums you'll see an introduction post similar to this one--I'm joining up everywhere I can so I can connect with as many programmers as possible.

Brief Intro: I'm new to programming, and new to qbasic. Right now just getting a handle on the basic stuff--reading beginner tutorials and trying out a few programs of my own just for practice.

I took a peek at the archives, and just for fun just kept making the number at the URL bigger. There's 2006 pages of posts archived! After I get done with all the tuts I can find, I'll probably sift through old posts on the forums and see what gems I can uncover--you never know.

Happy Easter,


Posted on Apr 4, 2010, 12:43 AM

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Welcome to the forum.Solitaire on Apr 4
 Re: Welcome to the forum.David Chapman on Apr 5
 Re: Welcome to the forum.Zuwer on Apr 5
  * I've been here all along. When is the last time you were here?Solitaire on Apr 5
   * Uhm.... Wouldn't have a clue now, longer than a year I think, maybe more.Zuwer on Apr 5
sounds good dave...gopus on Apr 4

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