All available memory is not currently mapped.

by Clippy (Login burger2227)


ENVIRON$ works just like QB, but returns the Windows version of the value. So they are not identical in some cases.

The same is true in DOS SHELL returns. SHELL "ver" displays the Windows version in QB64 for example. Long path and filenames are often returned also.

Absolute and Interrupt are limited. For mouse only presently. The mouse functions above 3 are not currently supported. However QB64 has a simple setup for the basic functions including the mouse wheel. BYVAL is not supported yet.

INP, OUT, PEEK and POKE are limited or blocked by Windows itself. DEF SEG is limited also. Port access is not currently available. OPEN COM will be soon. LPT is still up in the air, but new PC's often don't have them anymore. USB is another issue.

VARSEG and VARPTR work with BSAVE and BLOAD. But now you can PUT # an entire array without them directly to a BINARY file. An 80K array can save the entire SCREEN 12 image with embedded colors.

There are work arounds for some of these things however.


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