Ain't working..

by Lisztfr (no login)

n = 10049

Address = VARSEG(n) 'Get n's memory location.

DEF SEG = Address 'Add DEF SEG to the example

PRINT CVI(CHR$(PEEK(Address)) + CHR$(PEEK(Address + 1)))


The other examples are Ok, but not this one. Also i may need the offset :

n = 10049

Address = VARSEG(n) 'Get n's memory location. (or segment ?)
offset = VARTPR(n) 'Get the offset

DEF SEG = Address ' Go to segment

PRINT CVI(CHR$(PEEK(Address + offset)) + CHR$(PEEK(Address + offset + 1)))

But i don't feel it's working...

if i set only the offset it's not Ok too !

There is also a VARTPR$ which returns a string with lots of info....

Posted on Apr 20, 2010, 3:03 AM

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Don't mix segments and offsetsArtelius on Apr 20
 Does it make sens ?Lisztfr on Apr 20
  Because it's a floating point numberBen on Apr 20
   Ok !Lisztfr on Apr 20
    * Place the asterisks IN the empty message titles you two!Clippy on Apr 20

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