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I've been programming in Basic for 24 years, since my first Commodore 64, then DOS Basic, then QBasic. I gave VBasic a shot but blerggh too complex for me.

Anyways, I've been looking around your forum, and seeing lots of fun stuff, but much more accomplished than anything I've tried. Lots of coding that I don't understand.

My QBasic work must be comparatively simple I suppose. The discrepancy comes when I see how generally small and concise all your programs are.

My own personal program lovechild is an Australian Rules Football simulator called "Qooty". Its been a work in progress since about 1989 when I first made a similar sim in Commodore 64 Basic. These days, its used by various football fan forums for fantasy leagues around the web. One of the leagues is celebrating its 10th year of operation in 2011.

I am no established programmer, I have no training or certifications. I just got hooked on writing programs from an early age, and here I am, still doing it; tweaking the Qooty prog incessantly.

So, I look around your programs, and some are a few pages long, but, umm, I wonder if I'm doing it wrong. Qooty consists of a root directory with a menu and a game file. I have to be frugal with changes to the game file as otherwise QBasic tells me the module is too large, and won't run. The file is 86kb on disk.

In addition, there is a Utils sub-directory of Qooty, comprising 35 more basic programs (which are chained to the other two), the smallest being around 2kb, and the largest 40kb. The sum total size of the basic progs is 417kb. Is it overkill?

In addition, I provide OLDDOS.EXE and QBASIC.EXE & QBASIC.HLP with the program download for users ( I call them "Qusers" :D ), and I separately refer them to AUTOEXEC.NT so that it'll run under such platforms as XP.

Then there's a .BAT file to call in the prog, and an enormous number of various data files that either come with the program, or are created by it. Paths, global Settings, Match Results, all sorts of garb.

I have no concept of structure, and any sense of uniform format is completely awol. The program files in many cases still have line numbers from "back then".

What's got me weirded out is, umm I'm just a hack programmer, but I seem to have created one of the most extensive QBasic programs around. Am I right on this, or am I missing a lot of hidden stuff that you guys also have to code?

For obvious reasons, I am hesitant to actually paste the code here.

Is my obsession relevant to these forums, or am I on the wrong track?



Posted on May 16, 2010, 6:38 AM

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