Can be done.

by Artelius (Login Mikrondel)


The SCREEN 0 colours (0-15) each map to one of 64 DAC attributes.

In VGA, the DAC actually has 256 attributes but only the first 64 are available to SCREEN 0; furthermore all the DAC attributes can be reprogrammed to any 18-bit colour.

The 'OUT &H3C9' technique maps the DAC attributes to colours. Your two options are:
(If you want to change one colour): Find out which DAC attribute a SCREEN 0 colour maps to *by default*, and change that using OUT &H3C9, or
(If you want easy control of all colours): Remap the SCREEN 0 colours to DAC attributes 0-15 using OUT &H3C0, and then use OUT &H3C9 on these 16 attributes to get the results you desire.

Posted on Jun 15, 2010, 6:30 PM

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