"LOF should be able to handle files up to 2GB"?... try 9223372036GB

by Galleon (no login)

The GFS update changed a lot of things, including the capabilities of QB64. The LOF size is now returned as a 64 bit integer value.

Posted on Jun 23, 2010, 4:48 AM

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* Good to know! Will adjust WIKI accordingly.Clippy on Jun 23
*Clippy had problems in QBasic, not QB64, as far as I understandArtelius on Jun 23
 *You're right Artelius (PS. All hail Julia Gillard...rofl)Galleon on Jun 25
  *Yes, congratulations to all down under on your new female prime minister!TheBOB on Jun 25
   *P.S. We Canadians had one, but only briefly (Kim Campbell).TheBOB on Jun 25
   So what you're stating Bob is that (you're/your) in favor of having a female down under?Pete on Jun 25
    My proposal on the your/you're debate...TheBOB on Jun 26
     The trouble is, when it comes to being P.C., I'm a M.A.C.Pete on Jun 26
  *Julia Gillard, Australia's new alpha male. Bleh.Artelius on Jun 25
   * Couldn't posibly be any worse than America's fairly new alpha mule.Pete on Jun 25

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