I didn't delete Ben's posts because:

by Solitaire (no login)

1- He only posted hints on getting started, not the solutions.
2- I'm on a different computer (with no editing privileges) and didn't feel like re-logging on to Network54 just to edit Ben's posts (and then having to relog again later).

Posted on Jun 30, 2010, 12:10 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
Makes good sense to me...Pete on Jun 30
 * They do seem to have an unatural "affinity" for each other. :-}> (my goatee)Clippy on Jun 30
  * More like a natural "infinity" but when it comes to infinity, who's counting? :)Pete on Jun 30
 My reasoning matched yours pretty much.PhyloGenesis on Jun 30
  * He meant yours/your'res. :)Pete on Jun 30
   *huh?PhyloGenesis on Jun 30
    It's/its one of those you had to be there thingies... URL*Pete on Jul 1
   * Note: Phylo used "yours" correctly.Solitaire on Jul 1
    * I'm OK with him using "mine" correctly, provided he gives/give's it back.Pete on Jul 3

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