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by TheBOB (Login qb432l)


The OUT statement works in SCREEN 0. Run this little program and it will turn the screen (background zero) to brown. Increase the second line number (45) if you want the brown to be more reddish, and the third line number (20) if you want it to be more yellowish. Once you have the color you want, change the zero in the first line to a 6 and paste/copy the code into your program.

OUT &H3C8, 0
OUT &H3C9, 45
OUT &H3C9, 20
OUT &H3C9, 0

Results will depend on your computer/OS; also DOS emulators may respond differently. This, however, is your best bet. Good luck.


Posted on Jul 20, 2010, 6:15 PM

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