Why you using DOSBOX, LOL? Use QB64

by Clippy (Login burger2227)

QB64 can run that code! You should not need DOSBOX. Galleon is gonna update QB64 soon so that foreign computers should not have keyboard problems anymore.

Only Ben still uses that stuff!

Posted on Oct 1, 2010, 12:44 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
Zaurus C1000Lisztfr on Oct 1
 *Can't you find the codes on your PC?Artelius on Oct 1
 HERE, I hope you can use bitmapsClippy on Oct 1
  * That's purddy! :)Pete on Oct 1
   * It's purddy because it is in SCREEN 12Clippy on Oct 1
  Very nice :-)Lisztfr on Oct 2
   Can you use PEEK? You can read the CAPS, SHIFT, ALT, CTRL NUM LOCK etc.Clippy on Oct 2
    *Align ? (syntax error)Lisztfr on Oct 2
     i think thats clippys stupid text center routineAnonymous on Oct 2
      STUPID people post anonymously cause they have no guts!Clippy on Oct 2
       This is working !Lisztfr on Oct 2
       Looks like you want to run a forum, can I help?Pete on Oct 2
        * I considered that, but I didn't want you to be overwhelmed with posts from Phylo. :-)Clippy on Oct 2
         Just checking...Garry on Oct 6
         Are you under the impression that I've posted recently?PhyloGenesis on Oct 26

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