How to make a scroll bar

by Zack (no login)


Hi again. Thank you to all the people who helped me before. And I have another question. How do you make a scroll bar? I have a paragraph that is too large to display on a single screen and I dont wanna say PRINT "Press Enter to Continue" / SLEEP. I would like, if possible, to put a scroll bar on the right side and at the bottom. If you know how to do this could you please post some sample code and/or direct me to a place where I cqn figure out how do do this. Thanks in advance, and any help will be appreciated.

Posted on Nov 29, 2010, 7:48 PM

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lol - you certainly are ambitious for a beginner...TheBOB on Nov 29
 ...and btw, I totally understand...TheBOB on Nov 30
  I didn't spend good money on a sewing machine so that I could stop carrying Kleenex...Pete on Nov 30
   *Sure -- you learned how spines go together, a sewing machine should be a snap.TheBOB on Nov 30
    * No, a spine is a "snap." A sewing machine requires tools.Pete on Nov 30
  yesBen on Nov 30
 HiZack on Nov 30
Use SUBMarineDon on Nov 30

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