Tell your friend to try downloading 7-Zip

by Pete (Login The-Universe)


But if he can't open the archive with 7-Zip, then something went wrong with the QB64 download, and the file is corrupt.

What I wish Galleon would do is take my advice and make a stripped down version, without that darn example folder, which is freakin' huge and would take anyone on dial up forever to download, as I suspect happened in this case.

Maybe someone could zip the essential files and put them on a file share service like Send File?

Well, don't give up hope, the project is really worth having and if Galleon, the creator, doesn't respond here shortly, you can also post or link to this post at

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Posted on Dec 28, 2010, 2:02 AM

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* Maybe he should just post the Example download separately from the QB64 one.Clippy Clause on Dec 28
 * ExactlyPete on Dec 28
 *Clippy Clause? You must work in some cat grooming place :o)TheBOB on Dec 28

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