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by Michael Calkins (Login MCalkins)
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Did you read the Homework Help link Clippy gave you?

We won't do your homework for you. You need to show the initiative to do it yourself. This is not a very difficult assignment. The only difficulty is that they want the result on paper. I would say output it to a file, and then print it with Notepad...

I believe it can be done correctly in 11 lines of code, including variable declarations (3 lines), variable assignment (3 lines), output to a file (3 lines), executing Notepad to print the file (1 line), terminating the program (1 line).

Actually, it doesn't even seem that the program needs to print it, only display it, and the user print it. In that case, 8 lines of code should suffice.

Try it, post your effort, and then we can help you...


Posted on May 24, 2011, 2:02 PM

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