At least tell him how to get Pi properly!

by Unseen (no login)

Pi = 4 * ATN(1)


Posted on May 24, 2011, 4:52 PM

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*Yes, but the specification said "Take 3.142 for II". I'd say follow the spec. on May 24
*A fair approximation of Pi: 355/113 on May 25
 that's only 7 digitsunclejed613 on Jun 22
  * You don't need to guess! ... PI# = 4 * ATN(1#) on Jun 22
   and the reason... on Jun 23
    Unfortunately Qbasic won't allow it to define a CONSTant on Jun 23
     * I don't see why not... C and C++ both allow it... on Jun 23
      Because Galleon seems to LIKE ERRORS! on Jun 23
     Re: Unfortunately Qbasic won't allow it to define a CONSTant on Jun 23
      I tried to get a Constant PI value for QB64 on Jun 23
       Don't really see the point of CONSTDavid on Jun 24
        * Um... Avogardo's number is 6.022e23 not 6.626e23...qbguy on Jun 24
         So that's why I get the wrong answerDavid on Jun 24
          * THATS THE REASON! You CAN FORGET THEM silly! on Jun 24
        Re: Don't really see the point of CONST on Jun 24
         a quick disclaimer on Jun 24
          Yes I think you're correctDavid on Jun 24
       _pi, perhaps... on Jun 24
  *welcome to the forum, unclejed. on Jun 23

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